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Hi guys, I'm Son Acton (born July 11, 1988) a content creator. Currently developing content for the Kicdo website. I come from Vietnam.

I love playing league of legends and League of Legends: Wild Rift games for the mobile version.

These are all Moba games developed by Riot. You've probably heard of Riot's 200-year champion balance. Yes, this is a game that is regularly updated to edit the strength of each champion. Leads to each update version will have a champion or more powerful.

And if you are a new player, start playing a champion in the game for the first time. You will have difficulty knowing how to build, strengths and weaknesses of this champion.

Me too, so I created the Kicdo website. Record all the information I research about a champion. From skills, strengths, how to play, how exactly to build a champion.

In each article on how to play a champion, there will always be a way to build in each specific case. This is very important because you cannot apply the same champion building method in all squads. When the squad needs to fight quickly, how to build, when encountering an enemy champion who is prone to magic, how to build.

Hope you enjoy the Kicdo website. And if you need to edit the tutorial, please email me.

Thanks for watching.

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Son Acton Founder Kicdo

Son Nguyen - Son Acton
Born: July 11, 1988
Residence: Hai Bà Trưng, Hanoi
Nationality: Vietnam
Citizenship: Vietnam
Alma mater: Vietnam Academy of Cryptography Techniques
Occupation: IT, programmer
Organisation: (CEO & Founder)
Home town: Hải Hưng
Known for : Founder Kicdo



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