Top champions for ranked climbing

Do you want to climb the ranks quickly and effectively in patch 5.0A? Discover the strongest champions and the secrets to "conquering" from the masters! This article will provide you with: A list of the top ranked champions for each role

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Hello everyone!

Today, I want to share with you the top champions for ranked climbing in patch 5.0A, based on my own "battle" experience.

 Top champions for ranked climbing

Baron Lane:

1. Sion: The "overlord" dominating the top lane with his "buffalo" resistance and stable damage. Thanks to the buff of Heartsteel and Titanic Hydra items, Sion becomes even more "overpowered", snowballs well and effectively harasses turrets.

2. Mundo: Also benefiting from the item buff, Mundo becomes a nightmare for the enemy team. His "godlike" healing ability, percentage health damage, and simple gameplay make Mundo a safe and effective choice for new players.


1. Lee Sin: The "jungle god" Lee Sin continues to dominate the jungle with his strong ganking, soloing, and snowballing abilities. The buffed ultimate helps Lee Sin deal more damage and create breakthroughs in teamfights.

2. Aatrox: After combining with the Spear of Shojin item, Aatrox becomes more mobile and aggressive. The high burst damage and good damage stacking ability make Aatrox a trump card in the hands of skilled players.

Mid Lane:

1. Syndra: The female mage Syndra gets a late game power boost with Q buff. As a result, Syndra can combo deal massive damage, taking down the enemy team in an instant.

2. Aurelion Sol: The hot champion with a high win rate, Aurelion Sol makes it difficult for the enemy team with his AOE damage, good poke, and effective tank counter.


1. Kai'Sa: Still a perfect choice with a variety of items, true damage, and late game sniping ability. Kai'Sa is suitable for many playstyles and can carry the team in the hands of skilled players.

2. Lucian: Returning to the meta with a new item build style, Lucian becomes a trump card in the hands of marksman players. The strong snowballing ability and good damage stacking ability help Lucian create breakthroughs in teamfights.


1. Yuumi: After the rework, Yuumi is easier to play and becomes a powerful late game support. The good shielding, armor buff, and healing ability make Yuumi a "lifesaver" for teammates.

2. Pyke: An extremely annoying champion with the ability to pull, control, and finish off targets. The ability to earn money quickly and snowball makes Pyke a "terror" in ranked.

I wish you a successful rank climb and an enjoyable experience in Wild Rift!

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