Wild Rift Build Guide 2024: Best Builds for Every Champion

You don’t know which item build is the strongest for your champion in the current Wild Rift meta. So let’s take a look at the latest item build guide at Kicdo below.

Discover the best builds for every champion

Imagine you're a new Wild Rift player, staring down a whole roster of unfamiliar champions.  Kicdo steps in like your own seasoned teammate, ready to hand you the perfect battle plan for victory. Their item builds aren't just random suggestions – these guides are forged in the fires of countless matches, especially on those super-competitive Chinese servers.

Kicdo is like having a Wild Rift pro in your pocket. They don't just tell you what to buy for your champ – they break down exactly why each item, spell, and rune makes a difference to how you play. They analyze your champion's strengths, then give you a custom-built loadout to make them shine.

The best part? Kicdo knows the battlefield isn't static. They teach you how to change your build on the fly. Tank giving you trouble? Get the right armor penetration! Mage melting your team? Time to stack some magic resistance.

Wild Rift is all about mastering specific roles. Kicdo helps you understand them with clarity:

  • Fighters: The scrappy brawlers.
  • Support: Your team's backbone.
  • Mages: Sling powerful spells from afar.
  • Assassins: Deadly ambush predators.
  • Tanks: The frontline shield.
  • Marksmen: Sharpshooters dealing relentless damage.

Fighter in Wild Rift: 

Fighters in Wild Rift are the brawlers of the battlefield! They're built tough, pack a mean punch, and get even stronger as the match drags on. They're your frontline against sneaky assassins, ready to shut down their attacks. But watch out – those lumbering giants sometimes struggle against mages and marksmen who can poke and kite them from afar.

Marksman in Wild Rift:

Marksmen are the damage dealers of Wild Rift, capable of shredding enemies from afar with a hail of rapid-fire attacks.  They're all about building up their attack speed to unleash blistering barrages. But be warned: marksmen are often squishy and vulnerable. An assassin catching them alone spells near-certain doom, and getting swarmed by mages is a nightmare scenario. Stick with your support champion!

Assassin in Wild Rift:

These champions live up to their name – they're swift, stealthy, and capable of bursting down even the toughest targets in a flash.  Their attacks land with frightening intensity, stacking critical damage with each blow. But with power comes a tradeoff: assassins have a sliver of health, forcing them to dance on the razor's edge.  They feast on squishy marksmen and fragile mages but should steer clear of the hulking tanks and brawny fighters who can shrug off their strikes.

You'll find assassins lurking in the shadows of the jungle or dominating the mid lane.

Mage in Wild Rift:

Don't let their unassuming appearance fool you! Mages pack a devastating punch, rivaling even the sharpest marksmen with their potent spells. Their true power lies in the rapid-fire use of their abilities. Build them for quick cooldowns, and they become relentless forces of magical mayhem. Their skills add a dash of chaos to any battle, slowing enemies, knocking them sky-high, or shielding allies from harm.  Just be wary – spells burn through their mana pool quickly, and their low health makes them vulnerable to a well-timed counterattack.

Mages are a staple of the mid lane.

Support in Wild Rift:

Supports are the unsung heroes of every team, the watchful guardians who empower their allies. They infuse their squad with bursts of speed, protective shields, and even mind-bending crowd control, all with a focus on keeping their damage-dealing carries safe. While they might not secure kills themselves, a skilled support can shift the tide of battle.

Seek out supports in the bottom lane, constantly supporting their marksmen.

Tank in Wild Rift:

These towering behemoths are built to last. Boasting mountains of health and thick armor, they're the front-line warriors who soak up enemy fire.  A tank's true strength lies in their disruptive potential – they plow into the fray, scattering foes and shielding their vulnerable teammates.  Their damage might not be the highest, but it steadily grows throughout the game.

League of Legends: Wild Rift

Wild Rift brings the strategic intensity of League of Legends to mobile and console – think of it as a pocket-sized version of the MOBA titan. True to its 5v5 roots, victory hinges on outsmarting your opponents and teamwork. Expect to see Wild Rift conquer the globe by the end of 2020.

Initial release date 2020
Website https://wildrift.leagueoflegends.com/
Mode Android, IOS
Price: Free
Genres: MOBA
Download: App Store & Google Play
Developer and Original author: Riot Games
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Who is the best champion Wild Rift?

Are you eager to dominate the lanes of Wild Rift? The first step is finding a champion that sparks your competitive fire! Luckily, Kicdo's got your back. Their breakdown of champion win rates, organized by role, is a treasure trove of strategic insight.  Picture yourself conquering the jungle, dominating the mid-lane, or becoming a legendary support – Kicdo's got the roadmap.

Key Points (keeping the important stuff!)

Kicdo: Your go-to source for the best Wild Rift builds for each champion. https://en.kicdo.com/wild-rift

Wild Rift Discussions: Dive deeper on the official Wild Rift subreddit: r / wildrift

Beyond the Basics

Kicdo's not just about builds! It's about understanding your champion's unique strengths and how they fit into your team's dynamic.  Think of item builds as adaptable –  mold them to the twists and turns of each match for ultimate success!