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Update 4.4 Wild Rift will be the Meta of mage generals. Specifically, most magical generals have increased movement speed. Although it only increases by 5 points, it is a very valuable 5 movement speed points. When switching lanes, mid lane mages' ganks will appear faster.

Next are 3 new equipment that will definitely be built regularly for Wild Rift mage generals"

In addition, for gladiators, there is "Chempunk Chainsword" equipment suitable for champions like Aatrox and Fiora.
Gunners have "MAGNETIC BLASTER" which is a combination of "Rapid Firecannon" and "Statikk Shiv".

Strongest Meta Ranking: Wild Rift 4.4

Top 4 Marksman Meta thanks to the appearance of the item "MAGNETIC BLASTER" and the changes of "Mortal Reminder" and "Bloodthirster".

Top 3 Assassin Meta due to the heavy editing of lethality items. For example: "Boots of Dynamism", "Duskblade of Draktharr", "Chempunk Chainsword".

Top 2 Meta mage. Thanks to the current super hot item: "Crown of the Shattered Queen". And the items are changed: "Cosmic Drive", "Oceanid", "Riftmaker".

Top 1 Meta Mage Assassin. Previously, there was no assassin champion that had the ability to defend. But with the new item "Crown of the Shattered Queen". Names like Diana, Fizzz, Evelynn, Akali, Vex are almost impossible to control.

Discover the best builds for every champion

Kicdo is the site with the best builds for all champions in League of Legends: Wild Rift. The reason is because the instructions built on Kicdo have been tried and tested based on many matches, on many servers. Especially on Chinese servers. The place where Wild Rift matches take place is very harsh

Kicdo is probuilds for Wild Rift mobile. The article provides detailed instructions on what equipment to build for this type of champion, what spells and runes to choose to best suit that champion's playstyle. That is, carefully analyze the strength of the general and then come up with the strongest build for that general.

Basic knowledge such as which items to build in which situations. When you meet a tank general, you have to get armor piercing, when you meet a champion with too much magic power, you have to build magic resistance.

Each champion in Wild Rift has a role. Specifically, there are 6 groups of generals in Wild Rift which are:

Fighter in Wild Rift: 

This group of generals is very strong when possessing both attack power and resistance. Especially the strength increases over time. Often used to confront a group of assassin generals and block attacks. However, the movement speed is slow and easy to hit and run by generals like gunners and mages with long range attacks.

The playing position of this group of champions is in Baron, also known as top lane.

Items commonly built for Wild Rift Fighter champions are Trinity Force, Black Cleaver, Death's Dance, Sterak's Gage, Youmuu's Ghostblade, Guardian Angel, Maw of Malmortius, Dead Man's Plate.

Marksman in Wild Rift:

This is a group of generals who take on the role of destroying the enemy in the total combat phase. Because possessing the largest amount of damage of all champion groups, has a very long range and a very fast rate of fire.

If you play a lot of generals in this group of champions you will realize that gunner champions mostly deal damage with normal attacks, so building items for attack speed is very beneficial for this group of champions.

The weakness of this group of generals is that they are less mobile, have low HP, are afraid of encountering assassin generals, the loss rate is almost 100% when caught oddly. And you also need to avoid confronting the whole group of magical champions. Let's focus on gladiator champions.

Marksman is played in the bottom lane or named Dragon (Duo). And will combine with the support champion.

Assassin in Wild Rift:

True to its name, this group of generals is extremely mobile. Can stealth and quickly approach enemies. Pours all critical damage at once on the enemy. Damage stacks after each consecutive single hit. However, the amount of HP owned is not much. Therefore, the favorite targets of assassin generals are gunners, generals with low health. Avoid fighting with gladiators, tankers, and tank champions.

Assassin champions are played in the mid lane or jungle.

Mage in Wild Rift:

This group of champions owns no less damage than ADC generals. However, the damage from this group of generals comes from the skill set. Building items for quick cooldown is an important key to ensuring damage output from this champion. The skills of this group of champions are very useful, for example, they can reduce damage, CC, slow, knock up. It is very easy to combine with other champions to create wombo combos in teamfights. Of course, there are also weaknesses that are low HP and especially skills that consume a lot of Mana.

Mage is played in mid lane

Support in Wild Rift:

This is an indispensable champion in every squad. Has the effect of buffing health, armor, speed, or even control effects for the whole team, especially ADC. Responsible for vision control reading the match. The weak point is that it doesn't deal any significant damage.

Support is played in bot lane.

Tank in Wild Rift:

Lots of health and armor. Can be huge, damage increases with level. Usually stands at the forefront of teamfights. Take responsibility to block the attack for the whole team.

League of Legends Wild Rift - Wild Rift is the mobile and console version of the game League of Legends [LOL] PC. Moba style 5v5 full of strategy. Wild Rift will be available to all regions by the end of 2020.

Initial release date 2020
Mode Android, IOS
Price: Free
Genres: MOBA
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In short, at Kicdo you will find the best way to build Wild Rift for each champion. The way to become a better Wild Rift player is simply by viewing instructions on how to build Wild Rift for that champion on Kicdo. You will clearly understand your role and how to coordinate with teammates. Customize item construction according to circumstances.