Wild Rift Counters

Based on our analysis of the last 1000 matches. You will find in detail what the weakest point of a champion you are interested in is. How to counter that general. How to choose a champion that is weaker or stronger than the champion that needs to be countered. Other important information such as how to build items and situations to counter counter champions.

To counter Wild Rift champions, here are 8 ways:

1. Choose a counter champion. During the ban phase, pick before entering the match. Choosing a champion that is stronger than your opponent has helped you increase your win rate up to 80%.

2. Know your opponent's playing style and weaknesses. When is the enemy champion the strongest? When is the opponent weakest?

3. Coordinate with teammates. It's about having a strategy, when you enter the match, what do you do and what do your teammates do? Smooth coordination is the way to overcome it.

4. Choose the right item. Use reasonable items to counter enemy champions. For example, if the enemy champion has a lot of physical damage, you can build an item that increases physical damage resistance.

5. Control visibility. The dark areas of the map are always the scariest places because you will always be suddenly attacked without having time to react. Therefore, placing wards and buying scanners is a way to counter enemy champions.

6. Adapt to the pace of the match. Based on the situation to build equipment and change tactics.

7. Experience. If you look carefully at Kicdo's experience, you will know the appropriate time to attack and defend.

8. Psychology. Distracting the opponent is also a good way to counter it.

In short, to counter Wild Rift champions, just use Kicdo. All you need to know you will know.