Akali Counter Wild Rift

Easily counter champion Akali in League of Legends: Wild Rift with the help of Kicdo's counter guide. Choose stronger champions, build items. Understand Akali' weaknesses.

Akali Wild Rift

Akali Wild Rift

Update 4.4

Assassin Assassin - Lane:

Damage: Mixed

Power Spike







Tier D-
Win rate 48.81%
Pick rate 7.2%
Ban rate 14.5%

How do you counter Caitlyn Wild Rift?

Akali counter Wild Rift>

Isn't it mad that every time Akali swipes, you lose a life? The ability to burst damage is too scary. Then in a team fight, Ad and the champions with poor resistance are always killed by Akali.

But Akali is too mobile and you can't grasp it. When approaching, Akali used "Twilight Shroud" to hide.

After more than 30 matches, below is how I countered Akali Wild Rift.

How to counter Akali Wild Rift?

The best stage to destroy Akali is right at the beginning of the game. The reason is that Akali's attack range is quite short, has poor resistance and the "Five Point Strike" attack consumes a lot of internal energy.

The two skills "Twilight Shroud" and "Shuriken Flip" have quite long cooldown times of 18s and 15s respectively.

In case the champion you choose is completely countered by Akali, you must keep minions close to the tower and ask the jungle to gank for support.

You just need to understand that if you don't have the skill to provoke Akali out of the "Shuriken Flip" haze, Akali's escape is very easy.

The skill "Five Point Strike" will slow you down by 50% if attacked at maximum distance. Therefore you have to move continuously whenever Akali intends to approach you have to deflect the direction.

I usually do everything I can to make Akali use the skill "Twilight Shroud". When losing that skill, only a standard combo will destroy Akali.

Always stand behind soldiers to avoid Akali's "Shuriken Flip". If there are no soldiers left, I will stand near my tower, simple, right?

When entering a team fight, the first thing to do is to grasp Akali's position, then lock her with CC and deal the first damage.

There is no other way, you must be the one to proactively destroy her first or force her to lose "Twilight Shroud".

Items that counter Akali

Anti-magic items, of course. I specifically built "Stasis Enchant" first to counter Akali's dash. At the beginning of the match, buy "Mercury's Treads" first. Then maybe "Spirit Visage", "Force of Nature"

Champion Counter Akali

Choose a champion with many controlling and taunting skills. Galio, Annie...

What is Akali' biggest weakness?

Difficult to play requires practice to master combos. Will definitely be defeated if hit by CC.

In conclusion, the best way to counter Akali Wild Rift is to choose a champion with many control skills and large area damage. Build magic-resistant items and must dodge "Shuriken Flip" to avoid Akali's burst damage.

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