Akshan Counter Wild Rift

Author: Son Acton

Akshan, with his rope-swinging escapes and blistering ranged attacks, can feel like an unstoppable force. But fear not – I've unlocked the secrets to countering this charismatic but deadly marksman.  Countering Akshan is all about exploiting his early vulnerability, respecting his damage spikes, and denying those infuriating revive plays! Let's turn this duel into a one-sided fight.

Akshan Counter Wild Rift>
How to counter Akshan: in Wild Rift

How do you counter Kennen Wild Rift?

Laning: Outsmart the Grappling Hook

  • Champion Advantage: Mages like Lissandra shut him down with icy crowd control, while Xerath outranges him completely. Tough top laners like Malphite shrug off his early damage.
  • Force Him to Choose: When Akshan throws his Q, dodge sideways to make him choose between clearing the wave or poking you. Punish his greed if he tries for both.
  • Mind the Swing: After using his E (Heroic Swing), Akshan is left stranded if he doesn't reach terrain. This is your window to pounce and punish his daring escape!

Mid-Game:  Cut Off the Revives

  • Don't Chase Blindly: Akshan excels at luring you into jungle traps where his agility shines. Maintain good vision and coordinate with your team to collapse on him safely.
  • Deny the W: If Akshan marks a teammate, immediately pile on – focus them down or use crowd control on Akshan to cancel the revive.
  • Itemize Smartly: Early armor like Cloth Armor or Seeker's Armguard (for mages) makes a massive difference in surviving his burst damage.

Teamfights:  Shut Down His Heroics

  • Split Push Pressure: Akshan's ultimate finds its devastating power against grouped enemies. Pushing side lanes forces him to waste it or lose objectives.
  • Zone His Ultimate: Threaten to engage, or simply spread out, and Akshan will struggle to find a good angle for his ultimate. Deny him the impact he craves.
  • Punish Revives: His revive mechanic can snatch victory from the jaws of defeat – shut it down! Target the marked ally, or lock Akshan down while he tries to play hero.

Additional Tips

  • Respect the Range: Akshan's Q gains incredible range as it returns. Don't be fooled by a seemingly short first shot!
  • Early Ganks are Key: Akshan is vulnerable pre-level 3. Coordinate with your jungler to turn his aggression against him.

Remember: Akshan thrives on chaos and catching you out of position.  By playing smart, respecting his power spikes, and ruthlessly denying his revives, you'll send this flashy sentinel back to the shadows!

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