Annie Counter Wild Rift

Author: Son Acton

Annie, with her bursts of fire and surprise stuns, can feel like an unstoppable inferno, especially with Tibbers lumbering by her side. But fear not – I've cracked the code to defanging this pint-sized pyromancer! Countering Annie means understanding her predictable play patterns, exploiting her limited mobility, and denying her those explosive combos. Let's turn this terror into a tantrum!

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How to counter Annie: in Wild Rift

How do you counter Ashe Wild Rift?

Laning: Outsmart the Firestarter

  • Choose Your Champion Wisely: Xerath pokes her from a scorching distance, while Fizz, a slippery fish, can punish her once her stun is down. Tough tanks like Malphite simply shrug off her fiery temper.
  • Bait the Blaze: Feign aggression to provoke a panicked stun or shield (Molten Shield). Once she's defenseless, unleash your own attack or signal your jungler for a fiery ambush.
  • Push and Roam: Annie struggles to farm under the crushing weight of her own tower. Shove the wave hard and match her roams, or punish her tower while she's away spreading flames elsewhere.

Teamfights:  Scatter the Embers

  • Deny the Flash-Tibbers: Learn the terrifying range of her ultimate. Lightning-fast reactions and sidesteps can negate her combo, leaving her vulnerable and alone.
  • Spread, but Not Too Far: Spacing out makes it harder for Annie to land a devastating multi-person stun, but don't scatter so much you leave your carries defenseless against her fiery wrath.
  • Focus Fire: Underneath the rage, Annie is surprisingly fragile. Burst her down through Tibbers, denying her resets and stuns.

Exploiting Annie's Weaknesses

  • Immobility is Key: Champions with gap-closers can outpace her sluggish movement. Gank her repeatedly, and she becomes a flickering candle instead of a raging wildfire.
  • Ward Up, Win Fights: Annie loves to ambush from the shadowy depths. Vision around objectives nullifies her surprise factor.
  • Early Pressure: Deny Annie farm and kills early. Stunt her growth, and she'll struggle to reach her terrifying late-game power spikes.

Counter-Building Annie's Burst

  • Beyond Banshee's: Edge of Night blocks her initial spell, Mikael's Blessing removes her stun, and Locket of the Iron Solari shields your whole team from her scorching blast.
  • Mobility Matters: Items like Zhonya's Hourglass or Protobelt Rocket give squishy targets a desperate escape option if she lands the combo

Remember: Annie thrives on catching you out of position and landing her predictable stun-combos. Play with awareness, force her mistakes, and watch her burst damage fizzle out like a damp match. Master these strategies, and soon you'll be the one leaving Annie in ashes!

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