Blitzcrank Counter Wild Rift

Author: Son Acton

Blitzcrank, with his menacing rocket grab and disruptive presence, can feel like a force of unstoppable metal. But fear not – I've cracked the code to short-circuiting his rusty rampage! Countering Blitzcrank is all about denying his hook, baiting his aggression, and shutting down his attempts to control the fight. Let's turn this clanking contraption into a pile of scrap!

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How to counter Blitzcrank: in Wild Rift

Best Picks vs Blitzcrank

Worst Picks vs Blitzcrank

Best Lane Counters vs Blitzcrank

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Laning: Outplay the Grab

  • Champion Advantage: Nimble ADCs like Ezreal and Vayne dance around his hook with their slippery moves, while supports like Janna or Nami negate his clumsy attempts to engage.
  • Mind Games: Fake a dash forward to bait out his Rocket Grab (Q), then sidestep the rusty relic and punish him during its long cooldown.
  • Use Terrain: Hug those walls and hide in the brush! Force Blitzcrank into risky, unpredictable hooks or deny him the chance altogether. Smart positioning turns his greatest asset into a useless hunk of metal.

Teamfights:  Contain the Chaos

  • Focus the Golem: When Blitzcrank's grab whiffs into thin air, he's exposed and vulnerable. Collapse on him with a burst of focused damage, exploiting his lumbering form.
  • Ambush the Flanker: Blitzcrank loves to lurk in the fog of war, his gears whirring with the promise of an unsuspecting pick. Ward up and turn the tables – ambush HIM when he overextends for a taste of his own medicine.
  • Dodge the Power Fist: Watch for the telltale wind-up of his Power Fist (E). A quick sidestep or a well-timed dash denies him the knockup that fuels his deadly follow-up.

Exploiting Blitzcrank's Weaknesses

Immobility is Key: Once his hook is wasted, Blitzcrank is a slow-moving target, easily kited and outmaneuvered. Engage on him when he's out of position and watch him creak under the pressure.

Ward Up, Win Fights: Blitzcrank thrives on surprise and chaos. Vision around objectives robs him of his lurking potential and turns his surprise attacks into predictable failures.

Early Pressure: Don't be fooled by his metal exterior - Blitzcrank's early game is surprisingly weak. Bully him off the wave, deny his power spikes, and he'll malfunction sooner than you can say "system overload".

Counter-Building Blitzcrank's Burst

Stay Nimble: Phantom Dancer or Protobelt Rocket add an extra burst of speed for ADCs, allowing them to weave and dodge those crucial hooks.

Block the Combo: A well-timed Edge of Night can shatter his entire setup, denying him the initial hook and his chance to wreak havoc.

Mitigate the Magic: If Blitzcrank opts for a burst-heavy Ability Power build, early magic resistance items like Spectre's Cowl make his attacks feel more like a tickle than an overload.

Additional Tips

  • Respect Level 2: Blitzcrank's early all-in attempts can pack a surprising punch. Stay alert, and don't be caught off guard by his aggressive plays.
  • Watch the Buff: That whirring menace might try to steal your jungler's start. Ward defensively to prevent a nasty, early-game surprise.

Remember: Blitzcrank thrives on fear and catching you unprepared. Play with confidence, force him to fumble those hooks, and you'll send this steam golem back to the junkyard, broken and bewildered!

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