Caitlyn Counter Wild Rift

Author: Son Acton

Easily counter champion Caitlyn in League of Legends: Wild Rift with the help of Kicdo's counter guide. Choose stronger champions, build items. Understand Caitlyn' weaknesses.

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How to counter Caitlyn: in Wild Rift

How do you counter Fiora Wild Rift?

Do you feel quite helpless when facing Caitlyn? The long range makes it very difficult for you to trade dame with her. Even standing behind soldiers will still take damage from the skill "Piltover Peacemaker".

Especially when forced to farm minions in the tower, Caitlyn sets corner traps, making your laning phase extremely difficult.

Actually, how to counter Caitlyn Wild Rift is not too difficult. Below is how to counter Caitlyn after 69 matches against her.

How to counter Caitlyn Wild Rift?

Don't worry too much about farming minions without missing any. Because the early and late stages of the game Caitlyn is very strong.

To use the skill "Piltover Peacemaker" Caitlyn will have an aiming delay. And it's a golden time for you to change your position.

Next is the time when Caitlyn will release the skill "Piltover Peacemaker" when there are the most soldiers in a vertical line. And it's even better if you're standing in that vertical position.

By knowing the time and taking advantage of the delay, the evasion rate must be up to 90%.

Advice like standing behind soldiers to reduce damage (40%) from "Piltover Peacemaker" is just silly. Why can't we just avoid it and just have to take the damage?

Dust control. Try to stay in the bush at all times. Because if Caitlyn occupies a standing position, each attack counts as 2 passive points of "Headshot". The second reason is that Caitlyn aims to shoot "Piltover Peacemaker" in the bushes, so I don't know how to dodge.

In the early stages of the game, Caitlyn can only set 2 "Yordle Snap Trap" traps. Each trap lasts 30 seconds.

Force Caitlyn to use "90 Caliber Net" by having support constantly close to her. And when you lose the "90 Caliber Net" is the best time for you to attack. You can call on Forest to support ganking at this time.

Without "90 Caliber Net" Caitlyn is extremely slow.

If "Ace in the Hole" is targeted, standing behind the tank is fine.

The key here is two important parts during the laning phase. One is to avoid "Piltover Peacemaker", the other is to avoid the 7th shot "Headshot". Just pay attention to Caitlyn's passive bar below her health bar. If it's almost full, then step back, forcing her to use "Headshot" on the minions.

Items that counter Caitlyn

You will need to equip armor such as "Plated Steelcaps", "Thornmail". In particular, "Stasis Enchant" can interrupt Caitlyn's ultimate move "Ace in the Hole".

Champion Counter Caitlyn

If it's a champion in the same lane, see below. Statistics of champions with the highest win rate when facing Caitlyn. If you go to the jungle, just pick a champion that can close quickly and deal good damage.

What is Caitlyn' biggest weakness?

Poor mobility

In conclusion, the best way to counter Caitlyn Wild Rift is to attack Caitlyn in the middle of the match. Avoid damage from the 7th shot "Headshot". And allin when Caitlyn lost the skill "90 Caliber Net".

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