Darius Counter Wild Rift

Author: Son Acton

Easily counter champion Darius in League of Legends: Wild Rift with the help of Kicdo's counter guide. Choose stronger champions, build items. Understand Darius' weaknesses.

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How to counter Darius: in Wild Rift

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How to counter Darius Wild Rift?

Don't make long trades with Darius because Darius' "Hemorrhage" passive will deal great damage if he adds up to 5 passive points.

The skill "Decimate" before launching will appear in front of the circle. Just make sure you're not standing at the edge of the axe. Maximum damage will be avoided.

Darius is strong in the early game and gradually weakens towards the end of the game. There's no reason to constantly attack Darius early in the game. Instead, look for ways to poke and call on Jungle champions to gank at the appropriate time.

If you're not sure you can defeat Darius if he's standing close to his tower, don't get too close. Because the "Apprehend" skill can pull the enemy back and you will definitely suffer more damage from the tower.

In case you have been hit with 4 points of "Hemorrhage", the thing to do is to step back to avoid Darius's attack range in the final skill "Noxian Guillotine". All his tricks are just waiting until he accumulates 4 stacks to swing his ax at you.

Items that counter Darius

Build "Quicksilver" to escape the skill "Apprehend". "Mortal Reminder" to destroy armor. "Thornmail" if you play as a tank. "Stasis" to avoid ultimate attack.

Basically, you need to prepare equipment for deep wounds.

Champion Counter Darius

Darius has slow movement speed and short attack range, so choose champions with high mobility. Long attack range for kite flying, hit and run. For example Teemo, Vayne, Jayce....

What is Darius' biggest weakness?

Movement speed is the biggest weakness.

In conclusion, the best way to counter Darius Wild Rift is to choose a champion with long attack range and mobility. Short trade. Fly a kite and stay away from Darius when he has 5 stacks. Champions with low health do not stand next to each other.

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