Fiddlesticks Counter Wild Rift

Author: Son Acton

Easily counter champion Fiddlesticks in League of Legends: Wild Rift with the help of Kicdo's counter guide. Choose stronger champions, build items. Understand Fiddlesticks' weaknesses.

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How to counter Fiddlesticks: in Wild Rift

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How to counter Wild Rift Fiddlesticks:

I have played Fiddlesticks for 30 matches so I can confirm that Fiddlesticks is only strong when it is proactive. If suddenly attacked, Fiddlesticks will certainly not be able to escape. Because Fiddlesticks are extremely mobile and have poor resistance.

Maybe you have many times encountered a situation where the whole team is together in a team fight. Suddenly Fiddlesticks appeared with the ultimate move "Crowstorm" that scared the whole team. And easy to get pentakill.

In fact, a champion only needs one of the following skills to stun, knock up, knock up, or silence to be able to interrupt Fiddlesticks' attack circuit.

Even if the team does not have any champions with the above skills, there will definitely be champions with great attack speed and damage. A champion with weak health and extremely poor mobility like Fiddlesticks will die very quickly if exposed to damage.

In case Fiddlesticks uses his ultimate move and also uses a clock to avoid damage. The only thing you can do if you are suddenly attacked is move far away or flash.

Ward constantly and don't gather too many people in the same place to go into the dark area of the map. Just need to know Fiddlesticks' location. Whenever you see Fiddlesticks about to use his ultimate move, the whole team just needs to step back quickly. Placing wards to control vision and avoid Fiddlesticks activating internally causes panic.

You can use mobile champions that use scanners to check dark areas of the map or even tank champions with lots of armor. Fiddlesticks can only quickly defeat champions with low health.

Without the ultimate move, Fiddlesticks is nothing, so if you plan to team up, choose the right time.

Items that counter Fiddlesticks

You can get on the "Stasis"

Anti-magic equipment such as "Spirit Visage" "Force of Nature" etc

Champion Counter Fiddlesticks

Based on our analysis of 1200 matches since wild rift patch notes 4.4 released, the best counters for Fiddlesticks Jungle are Kha'Zix and Diana. And conversely, the following champions have a much higher loss rate than Fiddlesticks: Shyvana, Gragas, Nunu.

What is Fiddlesticks' biggest weakness?

When vision is controlled, the enemy team wards important positions, leading to Fiddlesticks not being able to attack suddenly and losing the huge advantage of the ultimate move that causes panic.

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