Fiora Counter Wild Rift

Easily counter champion Fiora in League of Legends: Wild Rift with the help of Kicdo's counter guide. Choose stronger champions, build items. Understand Fiora' weaknesses.

Fiora Wild Rift

Fiora Wild Rift

Update 4.4

Assassin Assassin - Lane:

Damage: Physical

Power Spike







Tier A-
Win rate 49.92%
Pick rate 6.9%
Ban rate 18.2%

How do you counter Hecarim Wild Rift?

Fiora counter Wild Rift>

Facing Fiora is really difficult. There is also true damage, health regeneration, slowing, critical strike, and terrible mobility. Do you feel helpless when Fiora uses "Lunge" to continuously attack weak points?

It is extremely difficult to farm minions. Every time Fiora rushes to target your weak point, the hit rate is almost 100%, immediately losing 1/5 of your health tree.

It's very difficult to solo 1vs1 with Fiora. However, after 20 confrontations, I have concluded an effective way to counter Fiora as follows.

How to counter Fiora Wild Rift?

The beginning of the game is when Fiora is at her weakest. Fight continuously and put all the damage you have into this phase.

"Riposte" is a skill that can outplay Fiora's opponents, but it is not easy to use if Fiora has already used it. Use her CC control skills. Guaranteed you will win.

Don't do the opposite because if you get "Riposte" while you are using a control skill, you will not only be stunned but will also receive more damage.

"Grand Challenge" how to avoid this skill. It's actually quite easy if you're targeted by her, just back away and run as fast as you can. The duration of this skill is 8 seconds.

In case you can't retreat in time, stay close to the terrain. So how can Fiora attack the weak point?

If in the early levels you can't do anything to Fiora, the solution is to freeze the minions and stand near the tower. And call on Forest to gank to support.

Fiora is often known as a good laner and good soloist. Push the tower quickly. But in combat it's not very useful.

Items that counter Fiora

Build items for deep wounds. The purpose is to reduce the ability to restore blood. If you don't know Fiora's passive allows her to heal 45 health.

Can buy armor items such as "Thornmail", "Plated Steelcaps"

Champion Counter Fiora

Choose champions with quick access and good damage output like Malphite, Renekton, Teemo

What is Fiora' biggest weakness?

If exposed to CC, the death rate is very high due to very poor resistance.

In conclusion, the best way to counter Fiora Wild Rift is to choose champions with acceleration to avoid damaging weak points. Build items for armor and deep wounds. Using CC skills correctly will definitely defeat her.

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