Garen Counter Wild Rift

Author: Son Acton

Easily counter champion Garen in League of Legends: Wild Rift with the help of Kicdo's counter guide. Choose stronger champions, build items. Understand Garen' weaknesses.

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How to counter Garen: in Wild Rift

How do you counter Sett Wild Rift?

How to counter Wild Rift Garen:

During the laning phase, attack Garen continuously to break Garen's passive healing every 5 seconds. This means you attack him once every 3-4 seconds to ensure Garen cannot activate his passive healing.

"JUDGMENT" is Garen's main damage-dealing skill and its weakness is its attack range. All you have to do is fly the kite, hit and run. Keep your distance or don't stand at the edge of Garen's sword.

Only when you are hit by the blade will you receive 135% critical damage.

And of course "DECISIVE STRIKE" is Garen's way to approach you. Try to avoid this move or try to choose a position as close to your tower as possible if you can't avoid it. You can use surfing or CC skills to always keep a safe distance when confronting Garen.

In case Garen is too strong, freeze the spirit. And call on the forest to support.

Important note: don't leave green Garen at the end of the match. He will be extremely strong and unstoppable.

If Garen reaches level 5 and has the skill "DEMACIAN JUSTICE" and your health threshold is in the danger zone. All you have to do is stay far away from Garen, then heal.

Items that counter Garen

Build equipment that penetrates armor, penetrates magic, and reduces healing. But focus on armor-piercing equipment like "Mortal Reminder", "SERPENT’S FANG", "The Collector", "Serylda's Grudge". Or items that deal magical damage

Champion Counter Garen

Choose champions with long attack range. The best champions to counter Garen are Teemo, Vayne, Tryndamere, Volibear, Kai'sa

What is Garen' biggest weakness?

Short attack range is Garen's weakest point. And there are no hard control skills. Therefore, if you are in the general combat phase or changing lanes. Garen will often poke you in the ribs. Ward to control vision and step back when Garen tries to approach you.

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