Gragas Counter Wild Rift

Author: Son Acton

Gragas, with his belly flops and explosive barrels, can feel like a force of nature – a drunken, disorderly force of nature. But fear not – I've cracked the code to deflating this boisterous bruiser! Countering Gragas is all about outsmarting his clumsy plays, exploiting his long cooldowns, and denying him those earth-shattering team fight ultimates. Let's turn those drunken brawls into sloppy stumbles!

Gragas Counter Wild Rift>
How to counter Gragas: in Wild Rift

How do you counter Graves Wild Rift?

Laning: Outsmart the Brewmaster

  • Choose Your Champion Wisely: Xerath's long-range pokes make Gragas's life a living hell. Irelia or Camille stick to him like glue, punishing those lumbering engages with swift counterattacks.
  • Bait the Belly: Fake a little aggression to trick him into a defensive Body Slam (E). Then, while he's recovering, pounce and secure the trade.
  • Dodge the Barrel: Mastering the art of sidestepping his Barrel Roll (Q) is essential.  Without that slow and setup, Gragas's engage power withers away.

Teamfights:  Contain the Chaos

  • Spread Out: Don't clump up like a bunch of ripe grapes near Gragas – that's just begging for a game-winning ultimate! Deny him those easy, satisfying multi-knockups.
  • Engage After the Ult: Once Gragas blows his Explosive Cask (R), his threat level drops dramatically. Recognize that moment as your cue to counter-attack with a vengeance.
  • Poke Him Down: Gragas hates being whittled down before a fight.  A good poke mage or a long-ranged ADC can turn his enthusiasm for a brawl into nervous hesitation.

Exploiting Gragas's Weaknesses

  • Cooldown Reliant: Without his Body Slam or Barrel Roll, Gragas is surprisingly slow and clumsy. Jump on those opportunities and make him pay!
  • Predictable Plays: Gragas's setups might seem creative at first, but they're often telegraphed. Learn to read the signs - sidestep that barrel or scatter the moment he charges in.
  • Vulnerable to Ganks: Gragas's early game isn't as glorious as he'd like you to believe. Call for your jungler to pay him an early visit and knock this troublemaker down a peg or two.

Counter-Building Gragas

  • Magic Resist vs. AP: If Gragas has built for magic damage, an early Spectre's Cowl or even a simple Null-Magic Mantle will dull his burst considerably.
  • Block the Engage: Banshee's Veil is a party pooper – it completely negates either his Barrel Roll or his ultimate, making his fight initiation way less intimidating.
  • Stay Nimble: Boots of Swiftness or items that boost your movement speed will make dodging his abilities that much easier. He'll tire out trying to catch you.

Remember: Gragas thrives on catching you off-guard and forcing chaotic fights. Play smart,  capitalize on his mistakes, and soon this brawler will be the one nursing a splitting headache!

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