Graves Counter Wild Rift

Author: Son Acton

Graves, with his booming shotgun and that outlaw swagger, might seem like a force of nature in the jungle. But fear not – I've cracked the code to breaking this bandit's hot streak! Countering Graves is about understanding his explosive but limited reach, denying him early jungle dominance, and punishing those predictable shotgun blasts. Let's turn that cocky grin into a whimper!

Graves Counter Wild Rift>
How to counter Graves: in Wild Rift

How do you counter Wild Rift?

Outlasting the Early Duel

Choose Your Champion Wisely:  Picture this: Shyvana matching his blazing clear speed, then leaving him in the dust as she grows stronger.  Or Malphite, chuckling at Graves' puny pellets, while Kennen zaps him from across the map.

Respect the Burst: Graves is a terror in the early game. Don't get caught in a drawn-out brawl unless he's low on health or missing a key ability.

Count Those Shots: That shotgun of his might be intimidating, but it only holds TWO blasts before a painfully long reload. Keep an eye on those shots, then strike back while he's fumbling!

Teamfights: Contain the Chaos

Spread Out: Graves craves a nice, tightly packed group to blast apart with his buckshot.  Deny him those satisfying kills by maintaining good spacing.

Focus Him Down:  Underneath that tough exterior, Graves is surprisingly squishy if you can reach him.  Coordinate a focused burst, especially after he burns his dash to get aggressive

Deny the Reset:  He thrives on a whirlwind of smoke grenades and shotgun blasts.  Scatter a bit, and you'll see him struggling to keep the rampage going.

Exploiting Graves's Weaknesses

Range is King: Graves hates champions who outrange and outmaneuver him. Champions with slows or ways to close the gap quickly make him sweat.

Jungle Control:  If your jungler can out-duel him early, start invading aggressively. Stealing those scuttles and camps leaves him reeling.

Ward Up, Win Fights: Cover those jungle paths! Vision robs his gank attempts of surprise and makes them harder to pull off.

Counter-Building Graves's Aggression

  • Stack that Armor: Graves' damage is almost entirely physical. Imagine his frustration as Thornmail, Randuin's Omen, or even just an early Cloth Armor turns his shots into mere stings.
  • Grievous Wounds:  If he starts stacking lifesteal, his healing becomes a nightmare. Executioner's Calling or other forms of the debuff will keep him in check.
  • Slow Him Down:  Items like Frozen Mallet or abilities that slow him let you turn the tables by denying his escape.

Remember: Graves bets on early aggression to snowball out of control.  Weather his opening storm, outscale his damage, and expose that short shotgun range. Master these tactics, and this outlaw will be begging for mercy!

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