Hecarim Counter Wild Rift

Author: Son Acton

Easily counter champion Hecarim in League of Legends: Wild Rift with the help of Kicdo's counter guide. Choose stronger champions, build items. Understand Hecarim' weaknesses.

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How to counter Hecarim: in Wild Rift

Best Picks vs Hecarim

Worst Picks vs Hecarim

Best Lane Counters vs Hecarim

How do you counter Vladimir Wild Rift?

Every time the enemy team chooses Hecarim, it's like that. I get ganked constantly. Gank non-stop. One moment I feel like I'm at the top and the next I'm ganking the bot.

This Hecarim moves too fast. In particular, the skill "Devastating Charge" is extremely difficult to understand. Rushing out of the bush, I didn't have time to react, I was knocked back and that was it.

Not to mention the skill "Onslaught of Shadows" is too annoying in team fights. The important thing is that the speed is too fast to do anything.

Finally, after 20 confrontations, I have concluded the following experiences in countering Hecarim Wild Rift.

How to counter Hecarim Wild Rift?

Speed is the key to increasing Hecarim's damage. So the auxiliary spell "Exhaustion" will be used as soon as Hecarim is seen.

Or you can use skills like stunning or setting traps. In one match, I chose general Caitlyn. Traps have been placed around bushes and important corners so that Hecarim cannot suddenly rush out and gank me.

In case Hecarim avoids the trap. I used "90 Caliber Net" to move back quickly and limit Hecarim's speed very effectively.

And of course, getting CC is the fatal weakness for Hecarim.

In a team fight, don't stand too close to each other. Because Hecarim has too many skills that deal large area damage, especially the "Spirit of Dread" skill will drain 5 health from each nearby enemy. As a result, he will quickly fill his health tank if he is not targeted.

Not to mention the ultimate move. It's best to just stand in one corner. AD alone should stand in a place out of sight. Only when Hecarim initiates combat will he appear.

It's best to place wards around the combat area and stand at a distance.

In case you choose a champion to go to the Jungle. In the early game, don't try to solo Hecarim. At the beginning of the match, Hecarim was very strong. You can even solo with the Dragon.

Items that counter Hecarim

Build resistance equipment or equipment for deep wounds. "Mortal Reminder"

Champion Counter Hecarim

Xin Zhao, Lee Sin, Warwick, Olaf

What is Hecarim' biggest weakness?

Hecarim is weakest when hit by control skills that reduce damage. And especially when the "Onslaught of Shadows" skill is missing.

Conclusion, The best way to counter Hecarim Wild Rift is to use stun, slow, and hold skills. When slowed down, use a champion with long range to fly a kite. And equip deep wounds to reduce healing.

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