Kennen Counter Wild Rift

Author: Son Acton

Kennen, the Heart of the Tempest, crackles with energy, ready to shock entire teams with those dazzling stuns and bursts of lightning damage. But don't let those shurikens leave you paralyzed – I've cracked the code to shutting him down! Countering Kennen isn't just about surviving, it's about outsmarting his every move, denying those glorious teamfight combos, and turning his electrifying power spikes into a faint spark.

Kennen Counter Wild Rift>
How to counter Kennen: in Wild Rift

How do you counter Malphite Wild Rift?

Laning: Outplay the Energy Bar

  • Choose Your Champion Wisely: Picture a hulking Malphite, shrugging off Kennen's pokes like a summer breeze, ready to slam down and shut down those flashy dives. Or, imagine a sly Lux, her lasers searing Kennen from afar, forcing him to cower behind his minions.
  • Dance Around the Stun: His power surges and fades with his energy bar. Watch for those sinister marks from his passive – three strikes and you're stunned. Be bold! Dodge those shurikens with a flash, or goad him into wasting a mark when he's desperate for energy.
  • Strike Back After the Rush: Kennen's a whirlwind with his Lightning Rush (E), but once that storm passes, he's vulnerable. Unleash a flurry of attacks or call upon your jungler – teach him that aggression has a price.

Teamfights:  Disrupt the Maelstrom

  • Calculated Spacing: Don't huddle like frightened sheep, ripe for a devastating ultimate. Yet, don't scatter to the winds, leaving your team without backup. Find that perfect, frustrating middle ground!
  • Protect and Punish: A mighty Leona can lock Kennen down, her sunlight piercing his storm. Or, Janna's gales can send him flying, his carefully planned engage blown away. These are the champions who make him tremble.
  • Wear Him Down: Kennen yearns for the fight, but he's fragile. Chip away at his health relentlessly before a showdown, forcing him into desperate plays to find an opening.

Exploiting Kennen's Weaknesses

  • Strike Before the Storm: Kennen's early game is surprisingly tame. Overwhelm him before he unlocks his ultimate, and he may never find his rhythm.
  • Adapt to His Build: Did he foolishly embrace the lightning, a Hexdrinker cuts through his burst. Or, did he choose the path of the ninja? A Thornmail or Randuin's Omen will leave him bruised and regretful.
  • The Perfect Gank: A Kennen without his escape is a sitting duck. Call upon your jungler, and send him scrambling back to his tower.

Additional Tips

  • The Dance of the Shuriken: Don't be fooled! Kennen's Q gains wicked range as it returns to him. Sidestep and strike back!
  • No Easy Dives: Deny those electrifying flanks with a well-placed ward. If he dares dive your tower, collapse on him like the walls closing in.

Remember: Kennen thrives on chaos, on catching you off guard. Counter him with precise movements, deny those dazzling stuns, and his power will fade like a dying storm.  Follow these tips, and the only thunder you'll hear will be your own, as you crush this overconfident ninja!

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