Kindred Counter Wild Rift

All the ways to counter Kindred Wild Rift: choose the counter champion, build the items, weaknesses. How to face him from the laning phase to the team fight.

Kindred counter Wild Rift>

Kindred has increased attack range and attack speed when collecting more Eternal Marks. Facing Kindred is very difficult because of his fast movement speed and high damage.

After a week of research, I found out the following ways to counter Kindred:

How to counter Kindred Wild Rift?

The early game is the best stage to invade, attack and kill Kindred. Don't let Kindred stack as many Eternal Marks as possible. In case you can't get to the target with Eternal Mark before Kindred, you can either use the Eternal Mark as a bait to catch Kindred or take advantage of Kindred being busy eating the Eternal Mark to steal other more important objectives.

From my personal experience, most Wild Rift Kindred players will try to get the Eternal Marks as fast as possible. And when they get the Eternal Marks, they are the most vulnerable.
Or when the Eternal Mark appears, it is also a way for you to predict where Kindred will be in the area.

When facing Wild Rift Kindred, be proactive. Approach, control and don't let Kindred use his long range and mobility to kite you.

The items to counter Kindred in Wild Rift

Thornmail, Randuin's Omen to counter Kindred's attack speed and high damage.

What is Kindred' biggest weakness?

Kindred's biggest weakness is having to collect enough Eternal Marks. If they are stolen, he will not have enough damage to face other champions. And he is very afraid of hard crowd control.

Champion Counter Kindred

Choose the champions with high speed and good burst damage. In team fights, choose the tanky champions to block the damage from Kindred. Or the champions with knockback abilities. To push the low-health enemies out of the Lamb's Respite area.

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Author: Son Acton