Counter Wild Rift

Author: Son Acton

Lux, with her dazzling spells and long-range lasers, might seem like an unstoppable force in mid lane. But fear not – I've cracked the code to dimming her brilliance! Countering Lux means understanding her reliance on skillshots, baiting her key abilities, and shutting down her teamfight potential. Let's turn those dazzling spells into a weak shimmer!

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How to counter : in Wild Rift

How do you counter Master Yi Wild Rift?

Laning: Outmaneuver the Light

  • Choose Your Champion Wisely: Fizz and Zed dance around those spells, ready to punish her if she gets close. Xerath outranges her, forcing her to huddle nervously under her own tower.
  • Bait the Binding: Feint aggression to force her to throw out that blinding Q (Light Binding) defensively. With her main threat neutralized, strike back with a stinging trade or call for a gank!
  • Dodge the Laser: Practice sidestepping her Final Spark ultimate – it's like a dance move for survival! A missed laser is a missed kill opportunity and leaves her frustratingly vulnerable.

Teamfights:  Dim Her Impact

  • Engage Early, Engage Often: Lux thrives on poking and picking from the shadows. Don't let her play her slow, methodical game! Force those decisive battles before she whittles your team down.
  • Focus the Mage: Lux might have her shields, but underneath, she's as fragile as a burst of light. If you can get to her, focus fire, especially after she burns her shields and snares.
  • Ambush the Roamer: Lux loves to sneak around, setting up vision or seeking those solo kills. Deny her! Use your own vision, predict her paths, and catch her isolated before a big teamfight.

Exploiting Lux's Weaknesses

  • Skillshot Dependent: If Lux can't land her spells, she's a lamb amongst wolves. Force her to fire defensively, then pounce on those clumsy whiffs.
  • Immobile Mage: Gank-heavy junglers like Lee Sin or Jarvan IV punish her lack of escapes with brutal efficiency. Engage supports can lock her down before she gets her combo off.
  • Squishy Target: Lux has embarrassingly low base health. Early aggression or focused burst can eliminate her before her shields become oppressive.

Counter-Building Lux's Burst

  • Early Magic Resist: Grab a Spectre's Cowl or a Null-Magic Mantle to blunt her early damage. Suddenly, you can be bolder in lane!
  • Banshee's Veil: This glorious item blocks her root OR her ultimate, denying her crucial setup and saving yourself or a teammate from an untimely demise.
  • Stay Nimble: Boots of Swiftness or items that boost your movement speed transform you into a slippery target, making her spells that much harder to land.

Remember: Lux relies on landing her skill shots and controlling the pace of a fight. Play aggressively when her spells are down, force her to react to YOU, and watch her carefully-crafted plays crumble into glittering dust!