Malphite Counter Wild Rift

Author: Son Acton

Malphite might look like an unyielding mountain, a force of nature destined to crush his foes. But don't lose hope – I've unearthed the secrets to chipping away at his defenses! Countering Malphite is about exploiting his early vulnerability, shattering his shield like fragile stone, and denying those earth-shaking ultimates. Let's turn this rock-solid menace into a pile of rubble!

Malphite Counter Wild Rift>
How to counter Malphite: in Wild Rift

How do you counter Olaf Wild Rift?

Laning: Chip Away the Stone

  • Champion Advantage: Pick champions who can whittle down his defenses. Fighters like Darius or Fiora bring the relentless pressure to outlast his shield, turning his rock-hard exterior into a brittle shell. Mages like Kennen or Orianna can harass him from afar, a constant thorn in his side.
  • Manipulate the Shield: Force short, sharp trades, then retreat to deny his precious shield regeneration. It's like a relentless sculptor, chipping away at that rocky defense. Once it's down, pounce for the extended fight and send him scrambling!
  • Call for Backup: Malphite's weakness in those early levels screams for attention. Whisper to your jungler – together you'll make him regret ever stepping into lane.

Teamfights:  Scatter His Engage

  • Don't Clump Up: Malphite's greatest dream is landing that devastating, multi-person ultimate. Spread out just enough to make him think twice. Think of yourselves as nimble birds, too quick and clever for a lumbering boulder.
  • Poke Him Out: Malphite craves close quarters combat. Don't give it to him! Pummel him with relentless ranged attacks before teamfights erupt. It's like weathering a mountain, slowly turning it to dust. Force him into desperation or out of the fight entirely.
  • Melt the Armor: The rock-lover stacks armor like it's going out of style. Counter his defenses with the fiery sting of magic! Liandry's Torment and Void Staff turn his bulwark into paper in the late game.

Exploiting Malphite's Weaknesses

  • Early Game Bully: Those first few levels are his worst nightmare. Press your advantage, make him pay for every minion, and watch his power crumble before it ever takes shape.
  • AP All-Stars: Malphite naturally gravitates towards stacking armor. Dazzle him with an unexpected double-dose of mages – one top lane and one mid. He'll be left reeling, unsure where to turn for protection.
  • Jungle Troubles: Champions like Elise or Lee Sin can feast on his slow early clears, leaving him starving for resources. Show him a jungle ambush he won't forget.

Additional Tips

  • Watch the Map: Once Malphite hits level 5, those cross-map ultimates become his go-to move. Ward up and watch for his grand teleport entrance!
  • Don't Fear the Poke: His Q poke (Seismic Shard) is a nuisance but outlast his mana with a bit of sustain. Think of it as a pebble against the unyielding mountain that is your resolve.

Remember: Malphite thrives on intimidation, catching his opponents unaware. Fight back with calculated aggression and watch as his confidence crumbles with his defenses. Stick to these tips, unleash a few well-timed counter-ults of your own, and soon enough it'll be your team sending his flying!

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