Master Yi Counter Wild Rift

Author: Son Acton

Master Yi, with his flurry of blades and those frustrating resets, can feel like an unstoppable force of nature when he gets rolling. But fear not – I've cracked the code on how to cut through his illusions and put a hard stop to his mayhem! Countering Master Yi means ruthlessly denying him those early kills, cleverly baiting out his crucial abilities, and completely shutting down his attempts to take over a fight. Let's turn this would-be Master into a clumsy apprentice, shall we?

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How to counter Master Yi: in Wild Rift

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Laning: Deny the Farm, Deny the Power

  • Choose Your Champion Wisely: Lee Sin outduels him in those tense early moments, while Vi can make his jungle life miserable. Tanks like Malphite or Rammus simply laugh off his puny damage attempts.
  • Invade and Exploit: If you spot Yi on the map, pounce with a counter-jungle attack. He's a weakling early on, and denying those precious camps sets him back significantly.
  • Vision is Key: Wards are your best friend! They prevent surprise ganks with Alpha Strike and help track his movement so you can set up brutal ambushes.

Teamfights:  Contain the Chaos

  • Focus Fire = No Resets: Master Yi thrives on getting multiple kills in a chaotic fight. Instead, unleash a blistering burst of damage to bring him down fast, denying those crucial resets and reducing his threat to a whimper.
  • Disengage is Key: When he pops his ultimate (Highlander), don't be a hero! Back off and deny him targets, so he wastes those precious seconds and gets no value from the speed boost.
  • Exhaust his Patience: Hard CC (stuns, knock-ups) can interrupt his blade flurry and that oh-so-annoying Meditate. Timed right, it can make him utterly useless in a crucial moment.

Exploiting Master Yi's Weaknesses

Bait the Alpha Strike: Fake aggression and trick him into using Alpha Strike defensively, or to dodge that one skillshot that could change everything. Then, punish him while it's on cooldown!

Targeted CC: Champions like Lissandra can freeze him solid even mid-Alpha Strike. Others like Morgana can snare him even if he tries to play tricks and dodge.

Weak Before Items: Master Yi's early game is surprisingly squishy. Harass him relentlessly before he builds up attack speed and power to really turn dangerous.

Counter-Building Master Yi's Fury

  • Grievous Wounds are Essential: Executioner's Calling, Morellonomicon, or Ignite cripple his healing from Meditate, making him far less of a threat in those long, drawn-out fights.
  • Exhaust his Assault: This summoner spell slashes his attack speed and movement, making him less dangerous and more importantly, less able to stick to targets.
  • Zhonya's Hourglass: A well-timed Zhonya's buys you precious time, denies his resets, and forces him to back off. It can ruin his entire engage!

Remember: Master Yi relies on momentum and snowballing. Deny him those early kills, masterfully bait his key abilities, and use CC wisely.  Do this, and that annoying swordsman will end up the one looking for a Master!

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