Miss Fortune Counter Wild Rift

Author: Son Acton

Okay, I get it – Miss Fortune can be a total pain. Those bouncing bullets, that ridiculous, screen-filling ultimate... it's enough to make you want to give up and let her pillage your LP. But hold on a second, matey! I've cracked the code on this salty sea dog, and I'm about to make you her worst nightmare.

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How to counter Miss Fortune: in Wild Rift

Best Picks vs Miss Fortune

Worst Picks vs Miss Fortune

Best Lane Counters vs Miss Fortune

How do you counter Varus Wild Rift?

Laning: Make Her Walk the Plank

  • Dance with the Devil (and win): Her 'Double Up' (that's the bouncing bullet, for the newbies) is how she makes her gold. Master the sidestep, and suddenly she's the one who's bleeding. Miss = your time to strike back with a quick combo!
  • Freeze, Scallywag! Don't let her push you around. Master the wave freeze near your tower – now, every last-hit she wants is a gamble. Perfect setup for a gank... or for you to get aggressive.
  • Mana overboard! Miss Fortune chugs mana like it's rum, especially early on. Pressure her, make her waste those spells, and soon that fancy pistol will be firing blanks.

Teamfights:  Sink Her Flagship

  • Cut the show short: Miss Fortune's ult is flashy, yeah, but she's a sitting duck while she channels it. One well-timed stun or silence, and poof! – her teamfight just went bust. Time to focus fire, or force her to scramble.
  • Spread out, me hearties! A tight group is a dream target for her ult (and her pesky Q). Smart positioning robs her of that sweet, sweet AOE damage.

Champions That Make Her Surrender

In yer face! Malphite, Irelia, Vi...anyone who can close the gap fast and stick to her has got the upper hand. She's got no escape tricks, so once you're on her, it's lights out.

The sound of silence: Garen or Soraka can shut down that flashy ult with a button press. Makes her a whole lot less scary, wouldn't ya say?

Ready to Teach This Pirate a Lesson?

Miss Fortune wants to scare you, to poke you down from afar. Don't give her the satisfaction!  Deny her space, make her pay for every mistake, and watch her mobility weakness sink her ship. Now get out there and show this fancy captain who the real terror of the seas is!

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