Ornn Counter Wild Rift

Author: Son Acton

Ornn might seem like an immovable mountain, spitting fire and forging legendary armor in the top lane. But underneath that gruff exterior lies a forge with weaknesses just waiting to be stoked. Let's stoke those embers together, and turn this grumpy demi-god into a pile of smoldering ash.

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How to counter Ornn: in Wild Rift

How do you counter Pantheon Wild Rift?

Laning Phase: Chiseling Away His Power

Make Him Sweat: Picture yourself as a mosquito buzzing around a grumpy bear. Constant, twitchy movement makes it near-impossible for Ornn to land his Searing Charge (E). Champs like Vayne or Fizz, with their unpredictable dashes, will drive him absolutely bonkers.

Hijack the Flames: Did Ornn just use his Bellows Breath (W) to stop your all-in? Turn those flames against him! Herd your minions around him like a sheepdog, forcing him to ignite them and shove the wave against his will. That gives you room to breathe, poke, and maybe even set up a juicy gank.

The Duelist's Dance: Ornn hates, hates, HATES those slippery champs who can outmaneuver his lumbering attacks. Fiora, with her parries and pokes, or a relentless Olaf can make Ornn's lane a living nightmare.

Teamfights:  Quenching the Embers

The Sound of Defeat: Ornn's a big, talkative guy, but his true power comes from chaining his spells together. Silence from champs like Soraka or Garen can cripple his combos when it matters most. Bait that Bellows Breath, then slap him with the silence and watch his plans fall apart.

Too Hot to Handle: You see that shiny Sunfire Aegis and think, "Oh dear". Don't be fooled! Ornn players get cocky. Play scared, drag him too far from his team, then BAM! Burst him down when he's all alone.

Divide and Conquer: Ornn wants to be in the thick of the brawl. Don't let him! Flank him, disengage when he charges in, and force him to choose between protecting his squishy teammates or going for that glorious ultimate he's been saving up.

Ornn's Hidden Flaws

Empty Tank: Ornn loves to spam those abilities, but that big mana pool runs dry fast. Champs that can force him to shield constantly, then back off, will leave him gasping and less likely to start a fight.

Masterwork Meltdown: Track this grump's movements. Did he head into the jungle? Steal those camps! Deny him gold, delay those precious Masterwork items, and he becomes way less scary.

Ghost in the Machine: Ornn practically crawls across the map. Phantom Dancer, or champs like Kayn who can straight-up phase through walls, leave him sputtering in frustration.

Outwit, Don't Overpower

Ornn wants you to charge in headfirst, bashing against his shield like moths against a flame. Don't fall for it!  Think like a mischievous blacksmith's apprentice – nimble, clever, and always exploiting those moments when the forge runs a little too hot. Do that, and you'll send this grumpy demi-god back to the Freljord for repairs.

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