Pantheon Counter Wild Rift

Author: Son Acton

Pantheon's a force to be reckoned with – that spear, those bruising early trades, and the way he can appear out of nowhere to turn a teamfight. But legends are made from shattering the unbreakable, and that's what we're here for. Let's turn your fear into a carefully honed counter-strategy.

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How to counter Pantheon: in Wild Rift

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Laning Phase: Taming the Spartan

A War of Attrition: Pantheon wants to win with big, bold strikes. Deny him that satisfaction. Champions like Teemo, Jayce, or Vayne can make his life miserable with ranged poke. Every dart, every laser blast forces him to back off or risk a losing fight.

Baiting the Aegis: That shield of his (Aegis Assault) is intimidating, but it's got a hefty cooldown early on. Smart, quick attacks can force him to waste it on defense. Once that shield's down, pounce – he's vulnerable.

Jungle Backup: Pantheon likes to push hard. That's the perfect time to ping your jungler. A well-timed gank can make him pay dearly – he hasn't got the escapes to get out of trouble early on. Deep vision in his jungle makes these jungle ambushes even easier to set up.

Teamfights:  Breaking the Charge

Focus the Dive: Pantheon's great at starting a fight, less so at sticking around. Once he's committed his leap and his shield, unload on him. Burst him down fast, and the rest of their team fight falls apart.

The Sky is Falling: Grand Starfall, his ultimate, lets him gank from afar. If he goes missing, warn your teammates ASAP. Until he shows up again, play it safe in those side lanes.

Itemize to Survive: Zhonya's Hourglass can buy you time against his opening combo. Phantom Dancer helps you weave out of his skill shots. If you're not a juicy target (like with Guardian Angel), he'll move on to someone else.

Counter Strategies for Winning and Losing Lanes

Ahead of the Game: If you've got the upper hand, don't let up. Pantheon gets weaker as the game goes on. Choke him out – take his jungle camps, push for objectives.

Behind the Curve: Hunker down, focus on farming, and look to outscale him. Avoid those risky fights – he outshines you early, but his power wanes later on.

Exploiting His Weaknesses

The Cooldown Game: Once Pantheon's blown his key abilities (especially that shield), he's exposed. Keep an eye on those timers, then strike when he's weak.

Gank Magnet: His aggression makes him a prime target early on. His only escape tool is usually Flash. Burn it, and he's a sitting duck for your jungler.

Outsmart the Dive: He may fly in from the heavens, but his path is predictable. Ward up, watch for his ult, and sidestep his aggression.

Victory Through Strategy

Pantheon wants you to play scared, to react to his aggression. Flip the script. Harass him relentlessly, outmaneuver him, deny him kills. A Pantheon without momentum is a far less terrifying foe.

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