Samira Counter Wild Rift

Author: Son Acton

Samira, with her flashy combos and whirlwind of blades, might seem unstoppable... but guess what? She's not. Her ego is bigger than her health bar, and with the right strategy, you'll send her back to the fountain in tears. Get ready to make life miserable for this trigger-happy ADC.

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How to counter Samira: in Wild Rift

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Best Lane Counters vs Samira

How do you counter Aurelion Sol Wild Rift?

Laning: Choke Her Style and Crush Her Confidence

  • Starve the Beast: Samira craves those Style stacks like a diva craves attention. Harass her relentlessly – make her burn mana to block your poke and tremble with fear every time she goes for a last hit.
  • Freeze the Wave, Freeze Her Out: Your tower is your best friend. Freeze that wave, and watch Samira squirm. One risky step for farm, and it's gank city or an all-in that'll have her flashing back to base.
  • Exploit Her Mistakes: That Whirlwind might block a few shots, but the cooldown is brutal. Bait it out, then pounce! Unleash your combos and make her regret wasting her only escape.

Teamfights: Shut Her Down and Watch Her Squirm

  • Chain Her Down: Samira's a slippery fish, but even fish get caught. Champs like Leona or Nautilus can turn her flashy dashes into a death sentence. One solid stun, and you've got an immobile target begging to be deleted.
  • Silence the Storm: Her ult is a symphony of destruction... if you let her play it. One well-timed stun or silence will cut the music, leaving Samira floundering and wasting her biggest play.
  • Outsmart the Dive: Isolated and feeling frisky? Let her dive, then turn the tables. Samira players love a flashy solo play, so let her dash right into a waiting ambush. Counter-engage, and watch her melt.

The Champs That Make Samira Sob

  • Poke from Afar: Caitlyn, Ezreal, and Varus outrange her pathetic attempts to fight back. Every auto-attack will keep her pinned down and starving for Style.
  • Protective Peeling: Janna, Lulu, and Braum laugh at Samira's aggression. Disengage her dives, shield your carries, and turn her combos into a sad whimper.

Ready for Samira to Learn Her Place?

Samira's strength lies in snowballing off of unchecked aggression. Shut down her early game, focus her in fights, and always be ready to counter her flashy plays. Master this, and you'll be the one styling in the victory screen.

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