Sett Counter Wild Rift

Easily counter champion Sett in League of Legends: Wild Rift with the help of Kicdo's counter guide. Choose stronger champions, build items. Understand Sett' weaknesses.

Sett Wild Rift

Sett Wild Rift

Update 4.4

Fighter Fighter - Lane:

Damage: Physical

Power Spike







Tier C-
Win rate 49.38%
Pick rate 4.6%
Ban rate 1.8%

How do you counter Darius Wild Rift?

Sett counter Wild Rift>

How to counter Sett Wild Rift:

Always proactively attack first, then during the cooldown, keep your distance from Sett. Because Sett's punch speed is fast but his attack range is short.

The skill "HAYMAKER" will give the greatest damage when the yellow bar is below the full health bar. That means when Sett's "Grit" point is full, one punch will be very painful. Because it creates true damage.

But the weakness of this skill is that the "Grit" score will decrease after 4 seconds after receiving damage. Therefore, to effectively counter Sett, you must not fight for too long. Only trade for a short time. Whenever you see your "Grit" internal bar full, you have to step back immediately.

Another weakness of this skill is that it only gives the greatest damage when the enemy is in the center, if the enemy at the outer edge only receives physical damage. So if you can't retreat in time, try to get to the edge of the attack.

Besides, you can use CC or silence skills to interrupt Sett's skills.

Ultimate move "THE SHOW STOPPER" if during the laning phase your health is quite low. Stand near the pillar. Partly creating pressure makes Sett reluctant to use his ultimate attack.

Of course, for expert Sett players, they can use flash or "Protobelt" to glide behind you and pick you up. But it requires players to be really skilled to do it.

During the general combat phase if you are an AD general. If the team is not really stronger, don't rush to appear in Sett's vision. Sett will always find a way to use his ultimate to catch your team's tank and cause widespread damage to your entire team.

Items that counter Sett

Build the item "Quicksilver" to counter Sett's ultimate attack.

Champion Counter Sett

Sett's strength comes from being proactive in attack. Close to the target and punch continuously. Therefore, champions with long-range poke capabilities like Jayce, Vayne, and Lucian will be effective champions to counter Sett in Wild Rift.

What is Sett' biggest weakness?

The attack range is short so it is easy to be kited.

Hopefully this article on Sett  counter Wild Rift will help you win against this champion.

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