Syndra Counter Wild Rift

Author: Son Acton

The champion is stronger and can counter Syndra in most stages of the match. Here are some details on building items to counter Syndra.

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How to counter Syndra: in Wild Rift

How do you counter Kindred Wild Rift?

If you have to face someone who knows how to play Syndra. This will be an extremely difficult match. Syndra Wild Rift's attack range is very long. Good burst damage ability, strong poke.

After 30 confrontations and even playing Syndra, I have concluded an effective countermeasure as follows.

How to counter Syndra Wild Rift?

Syndra is at his weakest when he uses the move "Scatter the Weak". Therefore, if you are a Jungle champion, choose this time to attack. If you are a champion facing the same lane and have better health, go allin at this time.

Do not try to fight Syndra when his health is low because his ultimate "Unleashed Power" can deal enough damage to destroy you.

Whenever you see too many "Dark Orbs" in the lane, step back and avoid fighting Syndra. This is the time when the damage of "Unleashed Power" is at its highest level.

In team fights, do not stand near teammates. Because Syndra can use "Scatter the Weak" which can stun a large area. And find a way to destroy Syndra as soon as possible. Avoid being poked by Syndra.

You should also not fight while in the Forest. The narrow terrain makes it difficult to avoid "Scatter the Weak".

Items that counter Syndra

Use Zhouya's Hourglass, Yasua's Wind Wall or Braun's Dark Resilience at the right time to prevent the damage of "Unleashed Power".

And of course you have to use magic resistance items like "Spiritual Armor" and "Natural Armor" if Syndra is too strong.

What is Syndra' biggest weakness?

To counter Syndra Wild Rift is to approach and quickly deal damage to Syndra. In a team fight, kill Syndra first, avoid letting Syndra create many orbs that can cause great damage.

Champion Counter Syndra

Choose champions with many control skills to confront Syndra. When she uses the "Scatter the Weak" move, attack because this move takes a lot of time to cool down.

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