Teemo Counter Wild Rift

Easily counter champion Teemo in League of Legends: Wild Rift with the help of Kicdo's counter guide. Choose stronger champions, build items. Understand Teemo' weaknesses.

Teemo Wild Rift

Teemo Wild Rift

Update 4.4

Mage Mage - Lane:

Damage: Magic

Power Spike







Tier A-
Win rate 50.32%
Pick rate 3.0%
Ban rate 3.0%

How do you counter Aatrox Wild Rift?

Teemo counter Wild Rift>

How to counter Teemo Wild Rift?

Assuming you are not using a champion with the ability to dash quickly. So the 1vs1 solo bet will be extremely difficult for you.

First, you must control the minion position, always keep the minion in the middle or as close to your tower as possible. Just try to last hit minions. If soldiers are in the middle, try to stay in the bushes. The purpose is to avoid being constantly teased by Teemo. All you have to do in the laning phase is farm minions.

You will certainly be poked by "Blinding Dart" but the vast majority of champions with short attack range will be able to recover health well. Teemo, in addition to trying to poke you from afar, cannot go all in with you.

When hit by the "Blinding Dart" skill, use the skill to farm minions or return damage. Regular hitting has no effect.

Remember Teemo can poke you a lot, if you back off in time you will still be okay. Just one good chance to approach with low health and low resistance will definitely kill Teemo.

When level 5 Teemo has "Noxious Trap" which will definitely always place mushrooms on the path and in the dust. If you're sure you can take Teemo's life, go allin, otherwise don't. Buy a scanner to avoid stepping on mushrooms.

A small tip: always walk a little behind the soldiers so they can search for mushrooms for you.

The later the game gets, the weaker Teemo becomes. And you will be stronger.

Items that counter Teemo

Of course it will be magic resistance equipment. "Spirit Visage", "Force of Nature", "Mercury". "Protobelt Enchant" to quickly access Teemo.

Buy "Control Eyes" regularly.

Champion Counter Teemo

Choosing champions that can close quickly and deal good damage is the best way to counter Teemo. For example, Akali, Irelia, Malphite...

In particular, do not choose a champion that deals main damage with normal attacks. Because Teemo's "Blinding Dart" skill will cause normal attacks to miss for 1.25 seconds.

What is Teemo' biggest weakness?

Poor resistance.

In conclusion, the best way to counter Teemo Wild Rift is to choose a champion with the ability to quickly approach and deal good damage. Avoid trading early in the match. Buy a scanner to destroy fungi and detect stealth. If you're close, allin because Teemo can sprint for 3 seconds from the skill "Move Quick".

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