Urgot Counter Wild Rift

Author: Son Acton

Picture this: you're facing Urgot, that hulking, shotgun-toting monstrosity in top lane. His menacing laugh fills the air, his ultimate's chains rattle... but instead of dread, a sly grin spreads across your face. You know his weaknesses, and you're about to play him like a fiddle.

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How to counter Urgot: in Wild Rift

How do you counter Gwen Wild Rift?

Laning Phase: Turn His Size Against Him

Master the Minion Dance: Urgot might be big, but that makes him the perfect target for minion aggro. Duck and weave behind your little soldiers, watch his shots go astray, and laugh as those shotgun knees tickle the creeps instead of you.

Break the Chain: Watch for that telltale charge – that's his E (Disdain). A flash of your boots, a perfectly timed stun, and his whole combo falls apart. Now he's the one left wide open.

Bleed Him Dry: Urgot's a mana hog, especially early on. Make him waste those abilities clearing waves under tower, and soon he'll be too weak to try any of his bully tactics.

Teamfights: Outwit the Brute

The Ultimate Bait: Got a tanky teammate with a dash or Quicksilver Sash? Watch Urgot's eyes light up as they charge in... then vanish right as he fires his ult. Talk about wasting his deadliest weapon!

Smoke and Mirrors: Urgot's all about those skill shots, but what if he can't see you? Ward up those sneaky flanking routes, disappear into the fog of war, and his attacks become a desperate gamble.

Cripple the Monster: Those shotgun knees pack a punch, but what if they never fired? Nasus and Malphite, with their attack speed slows, can turn him into a lumbering joke.

Unconventional Items: The Tools of His Downfall

Serpent's Fang: Laugh in the face of his measly shield. This little gem makes him vulnerable, a wannabe tank without the defenses.

Mikael's Blessing: Surprise! This support item can cleanse that initial pull from his ult, saving your carry from an embarrassing execution.

Phantom Dancer: Who says you can't be a slippery eel? The movement speed and cheeky shield will make Urgot tear his mechanical hair out.

Champions to Crush His Spirit

Singed: Imagine Urgot getting tossed around like a ragdoll. Singed's your guy for maximum annoyance and disruption.

Vayne: Nimble and packing true damage, she'll shred through Urgot like he's made of paper. Her Condemn will send him crashing into walls, ruining his day.

Anivia: The Ice Queen shuts him down. Her wall stops his charge dead, and she can safely chip away at his health while he fumes helplessly.

The Power of Misdirection

Urgot's strength comes from brute force. You counter him not with power, but with cleverness. Make him miss, punish his greed, and always stay one step ahead. Soon enough, that booming laugh will turn into a whimper, and the mighty Dreadnought... well, he won't seem so mighty anymore.

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