Vladimir Counter Wild Rift

Author: Son Acton

Easily counter champion Vladimir in League of Legends: Wild Rift with the help of Kicdo's counter guide. Choose stronger champions, build items. Understand Vladimir' weaknesses.

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How to counter Vladimir: in Wild Rift

Best Picks vs Vladimir

Worst Picks vs Vladimir

Best Lane Counters vs Vladimir

How do you counter Sivir Wild Rift?

Really bitter. Just go into total combat. Suddenly Vladimir appeared. Rush into the middle of the squad with "Sanguine Pool". It's impossible to CC or attack him. Next is the combo chain "Hemoplague" and "Tides of Blood" that causes damage to the entire team.

Very annoying because he heals extremely quickly. When you're about to die, use "Stasis Enchant" and then the entire enemy team rushes in to destroy the remaining team members.

Every time, I finally figured out how to counter Vladimir in Wild Rift with an extremely high success rate.

How to counter Vladimir Wild Rift?

No matter which lane Vladimir chooses, the other lanes will be quite comfortable because Vladimir doesn't have any scary gank tools in the early stages of the match.

Again, Vladimir was very weak in the early stages of the match. This is also the best stage for you to block the lane and not let Vladimir have many resources.

"Sanguine Pool" has a very long cooldown time of 25 seconds. Therefore, playing aggressively forces Vladimir to use "Sanguine Pool" continuously. Once you lose the "Sanguine Pool" Vladimir has nothing left to use against you.

Pay attention to Vladimir's "Bloodthirsty" passive bar. Whenever it's full, step back.

Personally, when facing Vladimir, in the early game, I just attack Vladimir whenever possible. If you see "Tides of Blood", retreat near the tower. Continuously attacking and clicking Vladimir will definitely lose a lot of minion stats and build items very slowly.

The ultimate move "Hemoplague" is quite scary, best in team fights so stand apart. So that as few people as possible get damaged.

Surely Vladimir will always find a way to flank him in a team fight. Warding and controlling vision capture the moment Vladimir attacks.

And of course, weak in the early game will be very strong in the late game. You should increase the pace of the match and end the game early.

Items that counter Vladimir

The ability to restore health is Vladimir's scary point. The best way is to build items for deep wounds, reducing healing. Liandry's Torment, Morellonomicon, Mortal Reminder

Use the "Burn" modifier. And build magic resistance items in the late game. Early game is not necessary.

Champion Counter Vladimir

Based on the last 100 matches. The champions that win the most lane when facing Vladimir are Twisted Fate, Annie, Zoe, Swain, Irelia.

Or use ranged champions to poke from afar like Caitlyn, Jinx, Ezreal.

What is Vladimir' biggest weakness?

Vladimir is weakest when lacking the skill "Sanguine Pool". He runs slowly, has poor resistance and has no surfing skills.

In short, the best way to counter Vladimir in Wild Rift is to play aggressively, poke at long range, and trade continuously. Accelerate to avoid damage. And allin when Vladimir lacks the skill "Sanguine Pool".

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