Volibear Counter Wild Rift

Author: Son Acton

Let's be honest – that thunderous roar, those lightning claws... Volibear can feel like an unstoppable force, tearing through your team and ruining your day. But guess what? There's a way to tame this beast, and it starts with understanding how he plays and where his weaknesses lie.

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How to counter Volibear: in Wild Rift

How do you counter Yone Wild Rift?

Taking Control: Shutting Down the Ganks

Volibear in the early game is like a hungry bear looking for a picnic basket.  He's sniffing around for those easy kills, so how do you starve him out?

  • Eyes on the Prize: Ward up those jungle paths! If you see him coming, his ganks lose half their punch.
  • Dragon Drama: Don't let that early Dragon become his all-you-can-eat buffet. Keep those river entrances warded and ready to rumble if he tries to snag a snack.
  • Don't Feed the Bear!: See a teammate low on health with Volibear nearby? Ping them back under tower! Denying him those easy kills is key.

The Takedown: Strategies for Winning the Fight

  • Healing Hurts: Ever tried fighting a bear that just won't stop regenerating? Yeah, it's annoying. Grievous Wounds items (Executioner's Calling, Morellonomicon) put a serious dent in his survival.
  • Space Invaders: Volibear loves a good mosh pit. Don't get clumped up! Spread out a little during teamfights, and his ult suddenly has a lot less bite.
  • Don't Overstay Your Welcome: Mid-game Volibear excels at picking off stragglers. Wandering into those unwarded jungle paths? That's asking for trouble.

Power Spikes and Weaknesses

Level 3: The Gank Begins: Once he unlocks that Thundering Smash, he's ready to rumble. Be on high alert!
Beware the Shiny Toy: Completed jungle item? That means more damage and survivability – pick your fights carefully.

Level 5: DANGER. That ult makes his tower dives a nightmare. Get those warning pings flying if he hits 5!

Volibear Really Doesn't Like...

Poke and Prod: Ranged champs can make his early laning phase absolute misery.

Getting Locked Down: Stuns, roots, snares... anything that keeps him from reaching you is golden.

The True Damage Special: Vayne, Camille, champs like that who shred through his health bar.

Running on Empty: His mana pool isn't huge. If you drag the fight out, he might run out of steam.

Bonus Tips

Bait and Switch: That chain lightning on his W? Predictable. Make him waste it on a minion wave, and you avoid a nasty chunk of damage.

The Art of the Kite: If you lack hard CC, practice kiting. Use your movement skills and the map to keep him at arm's length.

The Power is Yours

See? Taming this Freljordian fury is possible!  Put these tips into practice, choose your champs carefully, and you'll find Volibear ain't so scary after all.

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