Wukong Counter Wild Rift

Author: Son Acton

Think you've seen Wukong dominate one too many Wild Rift matches? That reign of monkey business is about to end!  I've spent hours battling this pesky trickster, and I'm here to spill the secrets on how to outplay his clones, shut down his aggression, and turn him into a whimpering jungle reject.

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How to counter Wukong: in Wild Rift

How do you counter Ezreal Wild Rift?

Laning: Outsmart the Trickster

  • Beat the Clone Game: Wukong thinks he's so clever with that Decoy (W). But here's the deal: the real Wukong gives off a little shimmer when he casts it. Keep your eyes peeled, pounce on the real monkey, and watch him panic.
  • Early-Game Bully: Don't be fooled by the tough-guy act! Wukong is weak early on. Get in his face from levels 1-2, make him chug those health potions, and put him behind before he even gets rolling.
  • Tempt the Monkey: Wukong players get predictable when they see a low-health target. Bait that ult! Dance just out of reach, then either flash out with a sliver of health or have your team waiting to ruin his whole day.

Teamfights:  Defang the Monkey

  • Don't be Sheep: Wukong's dreaming of that perfect knock-up on your whole team. Deny him the satisfaction! Spread out, and he'll be forced to settle for measly damage or whiff his ultimate completely.
  • Close the Curtains: This sneaky monkey loves a dramatic flank. Choke out his favorite hiding spots with smart wards and watch his ganks fizzle before they start.
  • Burst the Bubble: Wukong dives into the backline? Focus him down hard! He's squishier than he looks, and if you shut him down fast, he'll be scampering back to the jungle.

Wukong's Worst Nightmare: These Champs

  • Ult-Blockers: Janna, Gragas, or Poppy laughing as they knock Wukong out of his spin. Teamfight setup? More like teamfight fail.
  • Armor Stacking Tanks: Watch Malphite, Rammus, or Galio shrug off Wukong's pathetic damage. Stack armor, counter his burst, and make him question his life choices.
  • Zone Control Mages: Orianna, Lux, or Ziggs make Wukong cry. Keep him at bay with long-range pokes, and he won't be able to get close enough to do a lick of damage.

Ready to Smack Some Monkey Sense?

Wukong wins when you're afraid, when you play into his tricks.  Take his early-game lunch money, predict his aggression, and don't be afraid to fight back when he oversteps. Follow this guide, and this mischievous monkey will regret picking a fight with you!

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