Zyra Counter Wild Rift

Easily counter champion Zyra in League of Legends: Wild Rift with the help of Kicdo's counter guide. Choose stronger champions, build items. Understand Zyra' weaknesses.

Zyra Wild Rift

Zyra Wild Rift

Update 4.4

Support Mage - Hard - Position:

Damage: Mage

Power Spike







Tier D-
Win rate 47.86%
Pick rate 3.4%
Ban rate 1.1%

How do you counter Syndra Wild Rift?

Zyra counter Wild Rift>

Before, I had never faced Zyra and didn't play or pay much attention to this champion. So when I have to confront Zyra, I always think this is a pretty weak champion.

But actually I was wrong. Not a single win against Zyra. It's almost impossible to farm minions during the laning phase. Leads to loss of items.

Thanks to the Jungle to help, the Forest also died. Because of the damn seed. Especially the dazzling skill. If you have the same problem as me, here is the solution.

How to counter Zyra Wild Rift?

Zyra will always find ways to place seeds in positions that can close the corner and limit your ability to last hit minions. Stepping on the seed will destroy it. But when is the right time to step on soldiers seeds?

Don't just see a seed and step on it. That wallet is a trap to lure you in. Choose a time when Zyra is out of reach before stepping on it, otherwise leave it alone. It will go away on its own.

Usually I will look to control an area of the lane. And often bushes. The control here is to not let Zyra have the opportunity to access this area to place seeds. If you try to set it, it will be out of reach.

Items that counter Zyra

Build magic resistance items in case Zyra is too strong. During the laning phase, you can build healing items.

What is Zyra' biggest weakness?

Wrong move, trying to place seeds without paying attention to how much health and mana are left. As long as she is controlled or damaged, Zyra will definitely die because she completely lacks the skills that allow her to run away.

Importantly, you must proactively attack Zyra as soon as the position she is standing in does not have many seeds. Or whenever she's under control. Low speed and resistance are points you can take advantage of to counter Zyra.

Champion Counter Zyra

I will choose champions with the ability to accelerate and dash quickly to get close and deal damage to Zyra. Usually the time to attack is when Zyra has used the skill "Grasping Roots".

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