Wild Rift Tier List

Author: Son Acton

Patch 5.0c dropped, and you know what that means – the meta is about to get shaken up!  Let's dive into the new top picks and the surprise champs making a comeback...

Top Lane Titans

  • Urgot: The Unkillable Machine Forget losing lane as Urgot. This guy's a mix of tankiness and insane damage, ready to melt anyone foolish enough to fight him.  If teamfights are your jam, he's your man. (Build tip: Heartsteel | Plated Steelcaps | Titanic Hydra | Black Cleaver | Mantle of the Twelfth Hour | Amaranth's Twinguard)
  • Wukong: Monkey King Revamped Wukong's rework has him crushing it top lane now. He's built for brawling – tons of damage, but with the survivability to last in extended fights. (Build Tip: Trinity Force | Gargoyle | Heartsteel | Spirit Visage | Titanic Hydra | Guardian Angel)

Jungle Jungle Kings

  • Talon: Still a Ganking God  Sure, his jungle clear took a hit, but ganking? Talon's still a nightmare. Snowball early with those assassin moves, and you'll be unstoppable. (Build Tip: Protobelt | Youmuu's Ghostblade | Duskblade of Draktharr | Edge of Night | SERPENT’S FANG | Serylda's Grudge)
  • Hecarim: The Early Game Terror Movement speed, check. Crushing damage, check. If you can conquer the early game with Hecarim (and Conqueror rune!), it's basically GG.  (Build Tip: Trinity Force | Plated Steelcaps | Spear of Shojin | Death's Dance | Spirit Visage | Amaranth's Twinguard)

Mid Lane Mages

  • Jayce: Shape-Shifting Menace  Jayce buffs got him thriving in the mid lane now! Poke, burst, and the flexibility to adapt on the fly – he's a handful.
  • Syndra: One-Shot Queen Nerfs couldn't take away her edge. Land that combo right, and it's lights out for your squishy opponents.

ADC Powerhouses

  • Kai'Sa: Crit is Back, Baby!  Stormrazor buff? Kai'Sa says thank you!  Get ready for some serious crit builds and the hypercarry potential we love.
  • Varus: Tank Shredder  If they're stacking health, Varus is your answer. That percentage damage build is brutal with the right setup.

Support Saviors

  • Yuumi: Assassin's Best Friend  Full AP Yuumi remains a terror, especially with a bursty teammate. Prepare for some frustratingly quick kills.
  • Seraphine: Buffed and Better More than just heals now – Seraphine's extra armor makes her surprisingly durable!






Wild Rift Tier List
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Think of the Wild Rift meta like a raging river – it's always shifting! One patch, a champion is washed up on the shores, forgotten... Then bam! A sneaky buff or shiny new item propels them to the top.  Knowing who's riding the wave (and who's drowning) is your key to crushing it on the ranked ladder.

That's where our Wild Rift Tier List comes in – your trusty surfboard to navigate these crazy waters. We break down the power rankings of every champion, no matter their role. Want to dominate top lane? We've got the filter for that.  Crushing it in the jungle? We've got you covered.

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