Wild Rift Tier List

In patch 5.0, with the introduction of the new items Titanic Heart and Titanic Hydra, you get more health and deal more damage based on your current health. These are two items that go well together, and immediately the meta of this season is definitely the fighter, tank, and durable champions with a lot of health.

Another new item is Spear of Shojin, the two champions that benefit the most are Renekton and Jax. These are champions that have ultimate skills that buff the power of their other skills. Thus, the durable champions will have both health and damage.






In each update, there will be champions with power buffs. Or a special item for a champion with a discount will be very beneficial for that champion. Playing a champion who has an advantage in strength or equipment will help you easily climb the rank.

In the article Wild Rift Tier List will summarize and divide the power rank of all champions regardless of the position of that champion. If you need to check the Tier List in each specific location. Click on the corresponding filter. For example top, bottom, mid, jungle, support.

If you are a new player or you have never played a hot champion Meta, you will inevitably be surprised because you do not understand how to play the champion. Click on that champion and you will find all the useful information on how to play a Wild Rift champion.

Wild Rift Tier List will be updated continuously with each update and patch of Wild Rift. Please always come back to follow to update the tier list of champions.

Author Son Acton