Aatrox Wild Rift Build Guide

Aatrox Wild Rift: is a fighter with the ability to heal and deal terrible damage. The way to create the greatest damage is to smash the long sword "The Darkin Blade" so that the enemy is at the brightest edge of the sword. How to build, rune and detailed gameplay "The Darkin Blade".

Aatrox Wild Rift

Aatrox Wild Rift

Update 3.4B

Fighter - Position:

Damage: Physical

Power Spike







Tier S-
Win rate 51.07%
Pick rate 14.0%
Ban rate 21.0%

Aatrox's Item Build & Runes

Aatrox Top runes Win 50.23% and Pick 22.31%



Second Wind        

Hunter - Genius        

Aatrox runes Mid with Win 53.92% and Pick 24.45%


Hunter - Vampirism        

Bone Plating        

Hunter - Genius        

Build Aatrox Wild Rift with the highest win rate

Divine Sunderer        

Black Cleaver        

Gluttonous Greaves        

Serylda's Grudge        

Death's Dance        

Maw of Malmortius        

Worst Picks vs Aatrox

Best Lane Counters vs Aatrox

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Aatrox Wild Rift Build>

Aatrox's Runes

Conqueror Conqueror is the best gem for Aatrox. Optimized healing and damage in combat. At max stacks, grants 8% more lifesteal.

Triumph Often in the front line in teamfights, it takes a lot of damage, so it's not small to recover 10% of the lost health after killing a champion. Especially "Triumph" will increase damage by 5% when confronting a champion with less than 35% health.

Second Wind "Second Wind" increases Aatrox's healing every time he takes damage. Suitable when facing the likes of Quinn, Malphite, Vayne.

Bone Plating Suitable when facing opponents like Garen, Darius, Jax.

Hunter - Genius Hunter - Genius grants 3 skill cooldowns.

With the way to build runes on Aatrox will be added with better resistance healing and cooldown to be able to freely spam skills.

Aatrox position


Aatrox's summoner spells

Flash + Ignite

Aatrox Build Breakdown

Aatrox needs to build equipment for health, damage, cooldown reduction. to freely spam skills that deal damage and heal to help you stay longer in teamfights.

Divine Sunderer This item is suitable when facing high health champions because the amount of healing as well as the increased damage from this item is based on the enemy's health.

Serylda's Grudge The ability to slow from revenge will make it easier to hit the Q edge for the biggest damage.

Black Cleaver Black Ax is an armor-breaking item that increases movement speed and provides a CDR for Aatrox.

Claws will give a lot of health and insurance. Passive deals more damage and heals more.

Maw of Malmortius used against mage generals with the ability to quickly stack damage like Akali, Katarina. This item's passive also provides 10% lifesteal.

Aatrox ability

Aatrox's skill order

Aatrox's skill order

Aatrox's abilities

Deathbringer Stance Deathbringer Stance

Always keep the yellow passive bar below the health bar. Each time it is full will give greater damage. In particular, the passive bar will heal faster if every hit Q them enemies.

The Darkin Blade The Darkin Blade

This is the most important skill Aatrox has. Both deal massive damage increasing after each hit of the longsword, heal, poke, fly kite, CC and also AOE damage. Can be combined with " Infernal Chains" and "Umbral Dash" to change the position of enemy champions so that they enter the edge of the sword to take the greatest damage.

Note that in exchange for words, you must knock up the enemy after each hit Q knocks up the enemy.

Infernal Chains Infernal Chains

In addition to the effect of pulling enemy champions, it can also be used to last hit minions. So when pulling the most effective enemy champion. Use for sword smash in Q2 or Q3. Because the attack range at these 2 Q is quite short.

Umbral Dash Umbral Dash

Being able to pass through a few thin walls gives Aatrox quick access to hot spots or to flee. Can surf while using other skills. Can lead to increased attack range. Of course you can also use it to dodge attacks.

In addition, "Umbral Dash" also cancels the animation between normal attacks.

World Ender World Ender

This skill increases Aatrox's lifesteal greatly. So if you have some blood left or get bats in a 1 vs 2 situation, don't rush to run away. Take advantage of AOE damage and lifesteal to outplay enemies.

One more thing, the ultimate has the same cooldown as Master Yi's, if you enter a teamfight or solo 1 vs 1, don't rush to turn it on too soon. The longer it takes to kill an enemy champion, the longer it takes to use the ultimate.

How to play Aatrox

The way to play is to push the road, causing strong pressure. Multi-target damage. Spam skills. Build health, healing, and massive damage early in the game are always strong in the laning phase.

Early game:

Prick and avoid lengthy trades in the first levels. Use "Demon Sword Darkin" when you can last hit minions and poke enemy champions. Because if used at the wrong time, when "Demon Sword Darkin" is on cooldown Aatrox is very vulnerable. At level 3, Aatrox will be stronger than enemy champions. You can play more aggressively, looking for solo kill points.

Between game:

If you have equipment and a few kills, Aatrox is already very strong, you can go support to eat a big target, invade the enemy team's jungle. And always keep "Apocalypse Warrior" before teamfights.

End game:

At this point, the enemy team has a lot of equipment to counter Aatrox. Play around with your team

Combo Aatrox:

The Darkin Blade Infernal Chains Umbral Dash World Ender Flash

Combo 1:

The Darkin Blade + Umbral Dash

Combo 2:

The Darkin Blade + The Darkin Blade + The Darkin Blade + Umbral Dash + AA

Combo 3:

Infernal Chains + Umbral Dash + The Darkin Blade + AA + The Darkin Blade + AA + The Darkin Blade

Combo 4:

World Ender + The Darkin Blade + Infernal Chains + Umbral Dash + AA + The Darkin Blade + AA + The Darkin Blade

Combo 5:

Infernal Chains + Umbral Dash + The Darkin Blade + AA + The Darkin Blade + AA + The Darkin Blade + Umbral Dash

Aatrox pros and cons


Champions suitable for all types of formations.

The champion type is quite comprehensive with almost everything, damage, CC, speed, poke, AOE.

Can play 1vs2.

Can keep enemy champions to set gank.


The main damage skill requires mastery practice and is easy to dodge.

Aatrox counters

On equipment that reduces healing.

Avoid taking damage when Aatrox casts his ultimate.

Avoid the brightest edge every time Aatrox slams his longsword especially to dodge the final hit.


Aatrox Wild Rift: also known as QQQtrox, it has such a nickname because the main source of damage to the brand is "The Darkin Blade". You can learn more about this champion from challengers like Xiao Chao Meng. With this Guide and Build for Aatrox Wild Rift, hope you will master Aatrox Wild Rift.

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