Annie Wild Rift Build with Highest Winrate - Guide Runes, Items, and Skill Order

Author: Son Acton

Annie Wild Rift is a formidable mid lane mage who excels at bursting down enemies. The optimal item build for Annie focuses on maximizing her magic damage and magic penetration to suit her aggressive playstyle. To effectively play Annie, players should utilize her crowd control abilities and area damage to devastate the enemy team.

Annie Wild Rift

Annie Wild Rift

Patch 5.0c

Mage Mage - Lane: mid

Damage: Magic

Power Spike







Tier B
Win rate 50.63%
Pick rate 1.4%
Ban rate 0.3%
Annie Wild Rift Build
Annie: Wild Rift Build Guide

Annie's Item Build & Runes

Annie Wild Rift Build

Annie runes Win 53.23% and Pick 23.31%

  • ElectrocuteElectrocute
  • Sweet ToothSweet Tooth
  • TRANSCENDENCETranscendence
  • Nimbus CloakNimbus Cloak
  • Bone PlatingBone Plating

Annie runes with Win 50.92% and Pick 24.45%

  • First StrikeFirst Strike
  • ScorchScorch
  • Mark of the WeakMark of the Weak
  • Eyeball CollectorEyeball Collector
  • TRANSCENDENCETranscendence

Build Annie Wild Rift with the highest win rate

  • Item Luden's Echo Luden's Echo
  • Item Protobelt Protobelt
  • Item Rabadon's Deathcap Rabadon's Deathcap
  • Item Infinity Orb Infinity Orb
  • Item Banshee's Veil Banshee's Veil
  • Item Crown of the Shattered Queen Crown of the Shattered Queen

Annie build second

  • Item  Rod of Ages Rod of Ages
  • Item  Rabadon's Deathcap Rabadon's Deathcap
  • Item  Protobelt Protobelt
  • Item  Infinity Orb Infinity Orb
  • Item  Morellonomicon Morellonomicon
  • Item  Crown of the Shattered Queen Crown of the Shattered Queen

Annie item build third

  • Item  Infinity Orb Infinity Orb
  • Item  Morellonomicon Morellonomicon
  • Item  Stasis Stasis
  • Item  Rabadon's Deathcap Rabadon's Deathcap
  • Item  Liandry's Torment Liandry's Torment
  • Item  Crown of the Shattered Queen Crown of the Shattered Queen

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Annie Build Breakdown

Early Game:

  • Boots of Mana: Annie starts the game with mana issues, so this is the perfect starting item for her. It provides damage and mana sustain. Later on, you can upgrade it to Protobelt. Annie's playstyle is aggressive. Therefore, being able to quickly dash to targets that need to be eliminated is essential.
  • Luden's Echo: is a must-buy item for Annie. It provides a significant amount of mana. More importantly, its passive deals damage to 3 nearby targets. It is useful for clearing minion waves. It also pokes enemy champions from a distance. And of course, in teamfights, the area damage is even more useful.

Mid Game:

  • Rabadon's Deathcap: I want to make sure that my damage is high enough to kill targets every time Annie bursts them down. So I buy this item early. It provides a large amount of magic damage along with magic penetration.
  • Infinity Orb: provides additional movement speed and magic penetration. It also grants critical strike chance when the enemy is below 35% health.

Late Game:

  • Crown of the Shattered Queen: provides damage and magic penetration. It also creates a shield. At this stage, Annie will be targeted by many champions, so she needs to be tanky.
  • Oceanid's Trident: If the enemy team has a lot of shields.

Annie position

Annie is a mage and can also be used to support AD thanks to her ability to stun AOE. Deals magic damage with a passive that stuns and summons Tibbers to deal damage with a stun effect.

Annie plays in mid lane.

Annie summoner spells


Annie ability 

Annie ability order

Annie ability order

Annie abilities


After casting 4 abilities, Annie's next basic attack will stun the target. This passive is very important to keep track of, as the timing of the stun can be very impactful in teamfights.


Annie throws a fireball that deals magic damage and refunds mana if it kills the target. This is Annie's main damage ability. It has long range and a short cooldown. If the fireball kills a target, it will refund all mana and halve the cooldown.


Annie creates a ring of fire around her, dealing magic damage to enemies in the area. This ability deals damage in an area, but has a short range. It is best used when you are close to enemies.


Annie summons a shield that blocks a certain amount of damage. The timing of the shield is crucial to maximize its effectiveness.


Annie summons Tibbers, a giant fire bear, who deals magic damage and stuns enemies in the area. Annie can control Tibbers to attack targets. Targets hit by Tibbers will be knocked up. This is a high-damage ability that allows Annie to control the target. It is often used in combination with other abilities to deal massive damage.

How to play Annie

I've played Annie over 600 games. She's a beginner-friendly champion that's easy to pick up. To master her, there are a few key things you need to know.

Annie's stun:

Annie's passive ability stuns enemies after she casts 4 abilities. To know if you're ready to stun, look below your energy bar. If it's full and has a purple bar, your next basic attack will stun.


Before heading to lane, I usually pre-stack my 4 ability uses by spamming DISINTEGRATE or INCINERATE since I have mana regen at home. By the time I reach lane, my abilities will be refreshed.

Early game:

Annie is relatively strong in the early game. I just need to reach level 2 to start aggressively attacking my opponent. Every time I stun an enemy, it's an opportunity to burst them down.

The only thing you need to watch out for is the enemy jungler. Avoid facing assassins. I've faced them many times, and no matter how strong Annie is, she can't survive an assassin's burst combo.

Mid game:

Annie is great in teamfights because of her AOE damage. Remember, the timing of Tibbers's pounce is crucial. If the enemy is chasing Annie, this is the perfect time to use it. After the pounce, the target will be knocked up.

Focus on low-health targets to burst them down. I always start bursting with Tibbers - the crowd control and high damage will surely take them down.

Late game:

I use MOLTEN SHIELD to increase my movement speed and then summon Tibbers to hit as many targets as possible. This is how I engage in teamfights.

Be proactive in attacking and creating crowd control.



Combo 1


Combo 2


Combo 3


Annie pros and cons


  • Simple and easy to use: Annie's ability kit is straightforward, making her beginner-friendly.
  • High burst damage: Annie can deal significant damage in a short period of time.
  • Crowd control: Annie has crowd control abilities such as stuns and knock-ups.
  • AOE damage: Annie can deal damage to multiple enemies at once.


  • Squishy: Annie is a frail mage and can be easily killed if focused.
  • Skillshot reliant: Annie's abilities are skillshots, which require accuracy to hit.
  • Immobile: Annie lacks mobility and can be easily caught out of position.


Annie Wild Rift is a perfect choice for new players. With her simple skillset and high damage output, Annie can easily dominate the mid lane. Check out our detailed Annie Wild Rift Build guide to optimize this champion's power!

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