Corki Wild Rift Build Guide

Corki Wild Rift: is a mixed damage sniper. So there are two ways to build Corki, one is pure magic and the other is critical. Strong in teamfights thanks to AOE damage, fast lane push. "VALKYRIE" when there is "supply" will create a lot of pressure when it is possible to completely separate the enemy squad.

Corki Wild Rift

Corki Wild Rift

Patch 4.4

Marksman Marksman - Lane:

Power Spike







Tier C-
Win rate 46.42%
Pick rate 1.4%
Ban rate 0.2%

Corki's Item Build & Runes

Corki runes Win 57.73% and Pick 27.37%



Giant Slayer        

Legend: Alacrity        

Nullifying Orb        

Corki runes Mid with Win 53.92% and Pick 24.45%

First Strike        


Mark of the Weak        

Eyeball Collector        

Legend: Bloodline        

Build Corki Wild Rift with the highest win rate

Essence Reaver        

Solari Chargeblade        


Infinity Edge        

Rapid Firecannon        

Guardian Angel        

Corki Wild Rift China build

Trinity Force        


Rapid Firecannon        

Infinity Edge        

Guardian Angel        


Corki Wild Rift item build third

Essence Reaver        

Solari Chargeblade        


Navori Quickblades        

Blade of the Ruined King        

Serylda's Grudge        

Best Picks vs Corki

Worst Picks vs Corki

Best Lane Counters vs Corki

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Corki Wild Rift Build>

Corki Build

I prefer the crit Corki Wild Rift build over the reason it outputs more damage in a shorter amount of time. In particular, Corki has a lot of skills for wide area damage and dashing skills. The skill "GATLING GUN" also reduces the enemy's armor for 2 seconds, which is too good to use for stacking damage.

The most important and powerful activation equipment of Corki Wild Rift is the Three Hop Sword. Mandatory equipment required.

The second most important item is the Rapid Firecannon, which when combined with the Directional Missile, increases the poke more fun than the much better combat.

Earning Manamune helps you have more mana and more bullets to shoot to avoid the situation when you have not gone to the market and have run out of money to fish for half of the sisters' disdain.

The remaining options are depending on the situation when you turn on the music you dance to, if you want big dame, then go to Infinity Sword and want to break armor, then go to Death Reminder.

Corki position


Corki summoner spells


Corki ability 

Corki ability order

skill order Corki Wild Rift

Corki abilities


Hextech Shrapnel: Attacks deal 11 physical damage (20% 42 magic damage (80% ).

The Package: After 4 minutes, The Package is delivered to Corki's base. Corki can pick it up to gain the ability to cast Special Delivery, which grants him 35% Movement Speed out of combat for 60 seconds. A new Package arrives every 150 seconds,


Cooldown:  8s

Cost: 70

Fires a bomb, dealing 75 magic damage (75 + 70% bonus 50% 2.) and granting vision of the area.


Cooldown: 22s

Cost: 100

Dashes forward, leaving a flaming zone that deals 60 magic damage (60 + 40% per second for 3 seconds.

Special Delivery: Enemies are knocked aside and the zone deals 27 magic damage (27 + 150% bonus + 20% ) per second for 5 seconds and slows by 90%.


Cooldown: 16s

Cost: 50

Fires his gatling gun, dealing 16 physical damage (16 + 20% bonus ) plus 16 magic damage (16 + 20% bonus per second for 4 seconds. Shreds up to 8 Armor and Magic Resist for 2 seconds.

Fires toward Corki's current target.


Cooldown: 2s

Cost: 20

Fires a missile, dealing 93 magic damage (80 + 25%+ 20%).

Big One: Every third missile fired deals 186 magic damage (160+ 50% + 40% ?) and has increased range and blast radius.

How to play Corki

How to play Corki in stages in the game:

The goal is to earn a lot of money to pay filial piety to your parents, if you have furniture, you can force the road and roam. Combat, keep shooting from afar. If you see a delicious, sweet, and delicious product, turn on the shock combo in your mouth.

Avoiding the illusion of power alone, he pursued the Fire Carpet and rushed into the middle of the enemy squad to steam and fry as he ordered.

Be strong at the beginning of the game and be aggressive from the beginning, rest assured that you don't have to be afraid of father and son Farm, poke to force the enemy not to Farm. Having enough money to go home right away for shopping offers a huge advantage in terms of items.

Mid and Late Game thanks to Missile Direction, just standing in the right place to eat and look at the pot, you will be extremely useful.

The Machine Gun will be to reduce the enemy's armor, so shoot first to make it easier for your team to work.

Combo Corki:

Combo Corki Wild Rift

Combo Corki Wild Rift 2

Combo Corki Wild Rift 3

Corki pros and cons


Confused enemy damage on items against Corki.

Can both stack damage and remember to break the armor of the Machine Gun and can poke long range from the ultimate.

The Fire Carpet both has the effect of pressing the lane and can be used to escape.


Needs a lot of mana so it needs to give green buff.

The cooldown of Fire Carpet is quite long so if Corki doesn't know how to play, losing this ability will be a great opportunity to gank.

AD carry gunner of course then paper blood and clamor for CC control effects.

Corki counters

CC to the face, Time to finish the Fire Carpet and rush into the meat.

With detailed instructions on how to choose the latest Corki Wild Rift rune. And how to build a Corki Wild Rift that gives synergistic damage. Corki will create long-range pokes with the ability to shock damage to break the fearsome magic resistance.

The Brave Pilot often ventures out of Bandle City to pursue the revolutionary aircraft technology innovation that can only be found in the innovative city of Piltover. As the leader of Roaring Yipsnake, Corki is the defense of the sky here.

Please leave a comment about the Meta Corki Wild Rift and the Meta you are using for this champion at Kicdo.

Build Corki effectively based on Kicdo's build analysis in the last 1000 matches. Win games easily with Corki in League of Legends: Wild Rift with the help of Kicdo's build guide. The highest win rate Corki build, from rune set to skill order to item.

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