Draven Wild Rift Build Guide

Guide and build Draven Wild Rift and latest Runes. How to play combos, skills, pros and cons, and counter this champion in the current meta.

Draven Wild Rift

Draven Wild Rift

Update 3.4B

Marksman - Lane:

Damage: Physical

Power Spike







Tier S-
Win rate 50.19%
Pick rate 8.0%
Ban rate 31.1%

Draven's Item Build & Runes

Draven runes Win 60.23% and Pick 32.31%

Kraken Slayer        


Nullifying Orb        

Sweet Tooth        

Draven runes Mid with Win 56.92% and Pick 27.45%


Gathering Storm        

Nullifying Orb        

Pack Hunter        

Build Draven Wild Rift with the highest win rate




Rapid Firecannon        

Infinity Edge        

Mortal Reminder        

Yasuo Draven Rift build second


Infinity Edge        


Rapid Firecannon        

Phantom Dancer        

Mortal Reminder        

Draven Wild Rift item build third

Infinity Edge        

Rapid Firecannon        


Phantom Dancer        


Mortal Reminder        

Best Picks vs Draven

Worst Picks vs Draven

Best Lane Counters vs Draven

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Draven Wild Rift Build>

Draven position

Draven Wild Rift is a gunner with a long range that deals physical damage, high mobility, and the ability to suck blood is extremely annoying. Good snowball ability, Draven and Jhin are the two marksmen with the best damage from normal attacks Wild Rift. But to play Draven requires players to practice for hours.

Draven Wild Rift will go Dragon lane or double lane.

Draven summoner spells

FlashHồi máu

Draven Build

The Draven Wild Rift build needs damage, crits to increase attack range, especially the ability to suck blood to stay on the road longer. The first item you need to get is Blood Sword which is a core for Draven.

Armor Break comes from the Reminder of Death. Ma Vu Song Sword shocks the damage of assassins. Draktharr night sword provides lethality. Statikk Electric Knife increases attack speed and AOE shocks.

Draven ability 

Draven ability order

skill order Draven

Q is for farming and is the primary damage tool you raise first and max as soon as possible.

Draven abilities

Liên minh Draven LEAGUE OF DRAVEN

Killing a unit or catching a Spinning Axe grants a stack of Adoration.

Killing champions consume all Adoration stacks and grant 80 bonus gold plus 4 per stack of Adoration.

When Draven dies, half of Adoration stacks are lost,


Cooldown: 10s

Cost: 45

Gains a Spinning Axe, causing his next attack within 6 seconds to deal an additional 45 physical damage (45 + 100% bonus ).

The Spinning Axe bounces off the target, allowing Draven to catch and regain it.

Draven can hold two Spinning Axes at once,


Cooldown: 10s

Cost: 40

Gains 20% Attack Speed for 3 seconds and 50% decaying Movement Speed for 1.5 seconds.

Catching a Spinning Axe refreshes Blood Rush's cooldown.


Cooldown: 15s

Cost: 70

Throws his axes, dealing 75 physical damage (75 + 50% bonus and knocking enemies aside, slowing them by 25% for 2 seconds.


Cooldown: 70s

Cost: 100

Hurls two massive axes, dealing 200 physical damage (200 + 130% bonus ). The axes return to Draven when they reach the edge of the map, hit a champion or upon reactivation.

Deals 8% less damage as it damages targets, minimum 60%. Upon reversal, the reduction is reset to deal full damage.

How to play Draven

Judgment if Draven is about to pick up the ax and the ax's drop direction is in the attack range of an enemy with CC you won't need to pick it up to get it. Sometimes letting go is also a success.

If you have accumulated a large amount of Admiration points, call the specific cousin here a jungle kill to convert Threshold one into money.

The ax always falls in the direction you run to practice to be proficient to choose the right turn every time you trade dame, the main situation of losing the ax is losing your life.

As long as he has the item, Draven can fly the roof so don't hesitate to be ready to change lives just to get coins.

Draven pros and cons


Draven is stronger than champions with low mobility damage and no CC ability.


Draven will be weaker than champions with the ability to stun, blind.

Draven counters

Champions in the same Dragon lane as other Wild Rift Carry Marksman:

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