Ezreal Wild Rift Build with Highest Winrate - Guide Runes, Items, and Skill Order

Author: Son Acton

Ezreal Wild Rift is a mixed-damage sniper with good damage stacking. Ezreal’s build focuses on items that deal extra damage on hit , because “Mystic Shot” is considered a normal hit. To play “The Prodigal Explorer” , you should always poke enemies with high frequency

Ezreal Wild Rift

Ezreal Wild Rift

Patch 5.0c

Marksman Marksman - Lane: bot

Damage: Mix

Power Spike







Tier D
Win rate 48.04%
Pick rate 15.7%
Ban rate 2.6%
Ezreal Wild Rift Build
Ezreal: Wild Rift Build Guide

Ezreal's Item Build & Runes

Ezreal Wild Rift Build

Ezrea Bot runes Win 88.23% and Pick 82.31%

  • Kraken SlayerKraken Slayer
  • BrutalBrutal
  • Giant SlayerGiant Slayer
  • Legend: BloodlineLegend: Bloodline
  • Bone PlatingBone Plating

Ezrea runes Mid with Win 53.92% and Pick 24.45%

  • ConquerorConqueror
  • Gathering StormGathering Storm
  • Coup de GraceCoup de Grace
  • Legend: AlacrityLegend: Alacrity
  • Sweet ToothSweet Tooth

Build Ezreal with the highest win rate

  • Item Manamune Manamune
  • Item Trinity Force Trinity Force
  • Item Plated Steelcaps Plated Steelcaps
  • Item Riftmaker Riftmaker
  • Item Serylda's Grudge Serylda's Grudge
  • Item Guardian Angel Guardian Angel

Ezreal item build second

  • Item  Manamune Manamune
  • Item  Iceborn Gauntlet Iceborn Gauntlet
  • Item  Stasis Stasis
  • Item  Blade of the Ruined King Blade of the Ruined King
  • Item  Mortal Reminder Mortal Reminder
  • Item  Guardian Angel Guardian Angel

Ezreal item build Third

  • Item  Manamune Manamune
  • Item  Trinity Force Trinity Force
  • Item  Boots of Mana Boots of Mana
  • Item  Riftmaker Riftmaker
  • Item  Blade of the Ruined King Blade of the Ruined King
  • Item  Serylda's Grudge Serylda's Grudge

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Ezreal Build Breakdown

Ezreal's strength comes from a series of annoying constant pokes and spams during the laning phase. Therefore, your items will be items with skill and mana recovery points.

With "Manamune" to ensure the amount of Mana to help Ez freely unleash the poke skill. Spam a lot of skills will level up "Sword Muramana" faster.

"Trinity Force" will be an item that increases Ez's attack speed.

"Blade of the Ruined King" for lifesteal and speed gain.

All 3 of the above items are important items that increase Ezreal's power on each attack. Up to these 3 items is also in the middle of the game, the strongest phase of Ezreal. This is the time when Ezreal bursts of power. Each shot of "Mystic Shot" can take at least 1/3 of the enemy main's health.

"Iceborn Gauntlet" create discomfort that slows champions hit. 

Ezreal possesses a mixture of AD and AP damage, so you can depending on the situation to equip.

Ezreal position

Ezreal Wild Rift is an AD carry who is often played in the Dragon lane as a Carry. Ezreal deals mixed damage. Good mobility is considered an easy champion to play.

The fast damage discharge rate and the ability to escape is extremely difficult to catch but comes with the disadvantage of mana shortage, with the way to increase the rune and how to build at Kicdo will overcome that weakness.

Ezreal summoner spells

flash + Hồi máu

Ezreal ability 

Ezreal ability order

skill order Ezreal

You raise Max MYSTIC SHOT  Mystic shot last hist farm Ez's main minion skill

Then points are left for ARCANE SHIFT Archaeological Teleportation and  ESSENCE FLUX Essence Flux.

Ezreal abilities



  • Significantly increases attack speed (13%) for 8 seconds after using an ability.
  • Stacks up to 4 times, turning Ezreal into a damage machine in extended fights.


  • Short duration (8 seconds) requires constant ability usage to maintain effectiveness.
  • Effectiveness depends on skill accuracy; missing abilities reduces its impact.

How to use:

  • Use Mystic Shot (Q) on minions to activate the passive before engaging in a fight.
  • Use E + Q + W + E + Q to quickly burst down a target in a fight.
  • Use the passive to quickly clear waves after a fight.



  • Low cooldown (4 seconds) allows for frequent use.
  • Reduces the cooldown of other abilities (1.5 seconds) on hit, encouraging constant combos.


  • Accuracy is key to maximizing its effectiveness.
  • Lacks utility compared to other ADCs' Q abilities.

How to use:

  • Use Q repeatedly to poke the enemy in the laning phase.
  • Start combos with Q to activate the passive and reduce W's cooldown.
  • Use Q in combination with E to reposition and burst down targets.



  • Deals damage and provides zone control with its lingering effect.
  • Deals significant magic damage when activated.
  • Restores mana on hit, allowing for efficient mana management.


  • Requires accuracy to optimize damage and mana refund.
  • Has a moderate cooldown, use it carefully.

How to use:

  • Use W to poke and slow enemies in the laning phase.
  • Combine W + Q to burst down targets.
  • Use W to lock onto a high-priority target in teamfights.



  • Smoothly dashes, allowing for flexible movement and repositioning.
  • Prioritizes targets hit by Essence Flux, aiding in target selection.
  • Cooldown decreases with level, increasing mobility in the late game.


  • Consumes a lot of mana, requires careful management.
  • Deals low damage, primarily used for mobility.

How to use:

  • Use E to dodge enemy skillshots.
  • Use E to move through walls and chase targets.
  • Use E to reposition in teamfights and stay safe.



  • Possesses immense damage potential with both AD and AP builds.
  • Global range allows for ganks, finishing off targets, and pressuring the entire map.
  • Clears waves and pushes lanes quickly.


  • Long cooldown and high mana cost require careful consideration before use.
  • Damage is reduced by 50% against non-epic monsters and minions, limiting its effectiveness in certain situations.

How to use:

  • Use R to assist teammates with ganks.
  • Use R to finish off low-health targets from afar.
  • Use R to pressure side lanes and force enemies to respond.
  • Use R to clear waves quickly 

How to play Ezreal

Benefit from continuous fighting thanks to the passive stack that increases attack speed and damage. Find a way to poke enemy champions continuously in the early game to snowball early.

The hit MYSTIC SHOT also helps Ezreal reduce the cooldown of all other skills. So there is also a trick when laning Ezreal can temporarily fire on monsters to speed up the cooldown.

When you reach level 5 to unlock TRUESHOT BARRAGE the last skill, you always need to keep an eye on the small map looking for opportunities TRUESHOT BARRAGE to shoot to different locations on the map. Support teammates, and check vision. Don't worry because the cooldown is relatively fast.

Mid-game is the strongest phase of Ezreal, it is completely possible to stop flying half of the opponent's health tree with just a simple combo. Now is the time to play more aggressively.

Tip: pay attention to stacking 4 times under the mana bar, at this time Ezreal's damage is the strongest.

Always keep ARCANE SHIFT it in all situations, only really useful when you need allin because this is Ezreal's escape tool against unexpected ganks.

At the end of the game in the combat phase, always choose a good position without having to be too greedy to stand near the position of the champion that supports your team. Simply if you are caught alone, your team will lose a huge source of damage, only a broken combat phase can cost the whole game.

Ezreal Combos:

Combo 1:


Maximize DPS by canceling your basic attack's animation with MYSTIC SHOT

Combo 2:


ARCANE SHIFT will come first and get an immediate cooldown reduction due to the skill's passive MYSTIC SHOT

Combo 3:


This combo is quite basic, allowing for long-range energy recovery and also explosive damage.

Combo 4:


Combo 5:


Combo 6:


Ezreal pros and cons


  • Mobility.
  • Fast attack speed.
  • Low cooldown.
  • Good damage stack.
  • Can be on both AD and AP.
  • Ezreal will be stronger than champions that can't run and have low mobility.


  • Skills are mostly oriented that require players to master.
  • The skill consumes a lot of mana.
  • Ezreal will be weaker than champions with escape abilities and his ancient teleport CC ability.
  • Depends on equipment

Ezreal counters

Stand behind soldiers to avoid MYSTIC SHOT. If Ezreal has lost ARCANE SHIFT this is the best time to destroy him. Poke and play aggressively in the first levels.


Ezreal Wild Rift is a very fun champion to play. Even in addition to pure AD, you can also build very strong AP. The more Ezreal's attack speed increases, the more poke speed increases. If you are a player with good directional skills. You can completely crush the enemy with your poke speed.

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