Garen Wild Rift Build with Highest Winrate - Guide Runes, Items, and Skill Order

Author: Son Acton

The best way to build items for Garen Wild Rift is to use items that give health, armor, attack damage and especially extra movement speed. Here is the guide on how to play Garen most effectively at Kicdo.

Garen Wild Rift

Garen Wild Rift

Patch 5.0c

Fighter Fighter - Lane: bot jungle top mid

Damage: Physical

Power Spike







Tier A
Win rate 50.51%
Pick rate 5.6%
Ban rate 2.3%
Garen Wild Rift Build
Garen: Wild Rift Build Guide

Garen's Item Build & Runes

Garen runes Win 59.99% and Pick 29.39%

Garen runes with Win 43.92% and Pick 21.45%

Grasp of the Undying

Nullifying Orb

Second Wind



Build Garen Wild Rift with the highest win rate

  • Item Black Cleaver Black Cleaver
  • Item Sterak's Gage Sterak's Gage
  • Item Glorious Glorious
  • Item Dead Man's Plate Dead Man's Plate
  • Item Thornmail Thornmail

Garen Wild Rift China build

  • Item  Hullbreaker Hullbreaker
  • Item  Black Cleaver Black Cleaver
  • Item  Gargoyle Gargoyle
  • Item  Sterak's Gage Sterak's Gage
  • Item  Death's Dance Death's Dance
  • Item  Guardian Angel Guardian Angel

Garen Wild Rift item build third

  • Item  Black Cleaver Black Cleaver
  • Item  Sterak's Gage Sterak's Gage
  • Item  Glorious Glorious
  • Item  Randuin's Omen Randuin's Omen
  • Item  Spirit Visage Spirit Visage
  • Item  Dead Man's Plate Dead Man's Plate

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Garen Build Breakdown

Black Cleaver will be a must-have item for Garen. Garen will mostly face champions with a lot of armor, so the armor reduction passive of Black Cleaver is very useful every time he has to face them. Besides, the good thing about this item is that it also gives Garen movement speed. It helps Garen easily approach the enemies with long range attack.

Sterak’s Gage is also an item that I often buy in the second position. The reason is that this item will give a shield when low on health and also resistance to effects. It is very good for a champion who has to play aggressively like Garen.

Dead Man’s Plate is of course besides health and armor, it also gives Garen more speed. Imagine a tank rushing at high speed chasing the enemy, no enemy can stand it.

The next items I will depend on the situation. If you like to push solo, you can buy Hullbreaker. If the enemy team has strong AP, you can buy AMARANTH TWINGUARD. Or Guardian Angel.

Garen position


Garen summoner spells


Garen ability 

Garen ability order

Thứ tự nân kỹ năng Garen

Garen abilities


Simply put, just retreat when you reach the dangerous health threshold to avoid damage and heal. This passive is very useful to help Garen stay in the lane longer than other opponents. I always go into the bushes to avoid vision and heal.


This skill has 2 ways to use. One is to attack and chase the enemy. It also helps to counter the dangerous ultimates of some champions. Two is to run away.

Lòng Dũng Cảm COURAGE

A tanky champion like Garen needs this skill. When entering a dangerous area, you need a layer of protection to reduce damage. Courage is a powerful damage reduction skill, which helps Garen be more confident in teamfights and increases his survivability. I will usually use it as soon as I see the enemy trying to attack me.


This skill is very annoying and makes any enemy want to stay away. Remember to position Garen so that the edge of the sword touches the enemy for the most damage.


This is the ultimate skill and definitely the final move for every combo of Garen. From rushing to attack, spinning continuously to deal damage. And finish off the enemy with the ultimate.

How to play Garen

Basically, Garen is the easiest champion to play among the champions of Wild Rift. I will note a few points below so that you can play Garen well in Wild Rift.

Garen is a type of champion that has a very good ability to heal. Therefore, even if you are attacked a lot in the laning phase, it is normal.

The solution is just to retreat and heal. It is also a way to make the enemy waste a lot of skills on you. The Courage skill used at the right time will help Garen be safe in many situations of being controlled.

Garen can also push solo and take advantage of it to destroy the structures. Take advantage of the ability to rush into the target quickly to approach and catch the enemy.

Always aim for the enemy with low health and then use the ultimate to kill the enemy.

In the early laning phase, I use the Decisive Strike skill quite a lot. I hit normally once and then use Decisive Strike right away and then retreat immediately.

The purpose is to silence the enemy. Do not let them use skills to attack me back. Leading to a better health advantage. Besides, when I go out to the lane, I also use it to increase the running speed.

Decisive Strike can also be used to attack the turret. Usually when I have a better health advantage and the enemy only has half a health bar. You can immediately all-in because you just need a little more damage plus the ultimate and Ignite to surely kill the enemy.

Garen pros and cons


Extremely durable.

Can take a lot of damage but heal very quickly.

Very good at facing low-health champions.

Can disrupt the enemy team’s formation in teamfights.


Weak when facing opponents with long range, knockback, and kite ability.

If detected by vision, Garen can hardly surprise the enemy.

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In summary, Garen Wild Rift is a fighter. He has durability, strong teamfighting. Especially he has a high win rate against champions with physical damage. He is weak when facing long-range champions. With the item build for Garen Wild Rift always updated according to the new Meta, I hope you will master this champion.

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