Gwen Wild Rift Build Guide

Gwen Wild Rift: is a mage Fighter, if accumulated enough stacks, will give a large amount of true damage. Use "Snip Snip" between basic attacks to maximize animation and stack damage better. The way to build Gwen is the equipment for magic power, ability haste, attack speed. Here's a breakdown of how to build Gwen by situation.

Gwen Wild Rift

Gwen Wild Rift

Patch 4.4

Fighter Fighter Mage - Position:

Damage: Magic

Power Spike







Tier D-
Win rate 46.83%
Pick rate 2.5%
Ban rate 1.8%

Gwen's Item Build & Runes

Gwen Wild Rift Build>

Gwen Top runes Win 66.23% and Pick 66.31%


Sudden Impact        

Mark of the Weak        

Eyeball Collector        

Legend: Alacrity        

Gwen runes Mid with Win 53.92% and Pick 24.45%


Gathering Storm        

Giant Slayer        

Legend: Bloodline        


Build Gwen Wild Rift with the highest win rate

Nashor's Tooth        



Rabadon's Deathcap        

Infinity Orb        


Gwen Wild Rift China build

Nashor's Tooth        


Boots of Mana        

Rabadon's Deathcap        

Infinity Orb        

Liandry's Torment        

Build Gwen when the enemy AD team is strong

Nashor's Tooth        


Crystalline Reflector        

Banshee's Veil        



Best Picks vs Gwen

Worst Picks vs Gwen

Best Lane Counters vs Gwen

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Gwen's Runes

Conqueror Picking the Conqueror gem will suit Gwen's long-term trading dame style. The more you fight, the greater Gwen's healing ability from the passive. In the mid game when combining more healing equipment you will see how terrible Gwen's recovery speed is. Especially, Gwen's ultimate gives wide area damage, so accumulating a full stack for Conqueror gems will give more damage than choosing gems for single target damage.

Giant Slayer Giant Slayer when combined with passive will give tremendous output damage, increasing damage based on the target's maximum health. Very suitable for confronting generals possessing large amounts of health.

Backbone Because of the fighting style, being present in many hot spots, Gwen needs a certain amount of resistance.

Sweet Tooth Sweet Tooth, of course, the constant trade dame always pushes gwen's health down. This rune helps Gwen stay in lane better.

Gwen position

  • Top
  • Jungle

Gwen's summoner spells

Flash + Ignite 

Gwen Build Breakdown

Nashor's ToothThis is the equipment you have to get first. Grants 100 magic damage and 50% attack speed. With Nashor's Tooth the cooldown of Skip 'n Snip Snip will be near constant. Skip 'n Snip Snip is a skill that helps Gwen trade dame effectively. The constant Skip 'n Snip Snip spam ensures that the trade dame never loses.

Riftmaker Riftmaker is the most suitable equipment for Gwen. Perhaps that's why this item was also released on the same day as Gwen. Gwen's swinging style will make full use of the power of this equipment, stacking 2% of full damage continuously is 10%, after every second dealing damage. The special thing is that when full stacks, it will turn into true damage. Besides, it also gives the ability to suck blood. Combo Nashor's Tooth and Scepter of Evil are 2 must-have equipment for Gwen.

Void Staff As the 3rd equipment at this time you will need to consider. If the enemy team has a lot of magic resistance, this will be a useful item when up to 40% magic penetration.

Cosmic Drive In addition to the 200 bonus health, the skill cooldown will significantly reduce the cooldown of the ultimate. When on this equipment, you will hit in the style of continuously launching skills, ie getting the quantity to compensate for the quality.

Rabadon's Deathcap Rabadon's Deathcap hat is an equipment that helps to increase magical power. But the price is quite expensive, you will get this equipment when you are winning the road, if you have a lot of money, buy it.

Lich BaneLich Bane are also a great item for Gwen's fighting style. Deals bonus damage from basic attacks and bonus movement speed.

When you get to the late game on the 6th item, you'll head for defensive gear like psychic armor or randuin ice shield.

Gwen ability

Gwen's skill order

Gwen's skill order

You should raise a point in Crop skill first right from level 1 to get the advantage of trading damage with enemy champions. After that, it will raise Max Snip Snip to farm as well as poke.

Gwen's abilities

A Thousand Cuts Thousand Cuts

Attacks deal bonus magic damage equal to 1% (1% + 0.006% of the target's max health. Heals for 70% of the damage this ability deals to champions, up to 12 (12 + 7% ).

Deals a max of 5 magic damage (5 + 5%) against monsters.

Snip Snip! Snip Snip!

Cooldown: 6.5s

Cost: 40

Passive: Gains 1 stack per attack hit (max 4, lasts 6 seconds).

Active: Snips her scissors twice, snipping an extra time for each stack consumed. Each snip deals 10 magic damage (10 +-5% ) with the final snip dealing 50 magic damage (50 + 25% ), instead.

The center of each strike deals true damage instead and applies Thousand Cuts.

Hallowed Mist Hallowed Mist

Cooldown: 20s

Cost: 60

Summons the Hallowed Mist, making Gwen untargetable to enemies outside the zone while inside. Gwen gains 11 (11 + 5% 2) Armor and Magic Resist inside the Mist.

The Mist will move to Gwen the first time she attempts to leave.

Skip 'n Slash SKIP 'N SLASH

Cooldown: 12s

Cost: 35

Dashes and enhances her attacks for 4 seconds. Enhanced attacks gain 20% Attack Speed, 10 magic damage (10 + 15 on-hit and 100 Range.)

The first enhanced attack to hit an enemy refunds 20% of this ability's cooldown.

Needlework Needlework

Cooldown: 75s

Cost: 100

First Cast: Hurl a needle that deals 30 magic damage (30 + 8% 2), slows by 30% for 1.5 seconds, and applies Thousand Cuts to all enemies hit. Needlework can be re-cast 2 additional times,

Second Cast: Fires 3 needles, dealing a total of 90 magic damage (90 + 24% ).

Third Cast: Fires 5 needles, dealing a total of 150 magic damage (150 + 40% ).

How to play Gwen

To create the greatest damage you need to accumulate enough stacks before launching the Snip Snip skill. Notice how the stack bar has 4 purple bars below the health bar. When accumulating full or trade damage with enemy champions.

Early game:

Will be strong at level 1 and you have to raise Cropping first. In the next levels, it is not strong anymore. So you can hide in the dust and find a way to surprise enemy champions at level 1, but when it comes to the next levels, it's safe to play. All you need to do is farm, keep the soldier position. Control vision to avoid ganking.

Between game:

Once he got the second item, Gwen was quite strong. Can solo 1-1 with many champions. Split push before teamfight. There are 2 important milestones, level 9 Snip Snip will be optimized for damage. And level 11 The needle threader will gain strength.

End game:

At this time, Gwen is really strong, relatively equipped with the necessary equipment. Kill champions with a lot of health relatively quickly. Go with teammates, quickly approach and destroy enemy gunner generals

Combo Gwen Wild Rift:

Combo 1:

Needlework + AA + Skip 'n Slash + AA + Needlework + Snip Snip! + AA + Hallowed Mist + Needlework + Tốc biến

Combo 2: 

AA +  Skip 'n Slash + AA +  AA +  AA +  Snip Snip! + Tốc biến + AA

Combo 3:

Needlework + Skip 'n Slash + AA + Needlework + AA + Needlework + Tốc biến

Combo 4:

Hallowed Mist + Skip 'n Slash + Tốc biến

Combo 5:

Needlework + Skip 'n Slash + AA + AA + Needlework + AA + AA + Needlework + Snip Snip! + AA

Combo 6: 

AA + Skip 'n Slash + Hallowed Mist + AA + AA + AA + Snip Snip! + AA

Combo 7:

AA + Skip 'n Slash + AA + Snip Snip! + AA

Gwen pros and cons


Not afraid of heroes with a lot of blood.

Good healing ability.

When you get 2 important items, you can solo 1-1 with any enemy champion.

Fast cooldown time.


Disadvantage against ranged champions.

Gwen counters

Find a way to kill Gwen at levels 2-6. Avoid trade damage every time she has enough passive. Use ranged champions to poke Gwen.


Just learning to play Gwen can be a bit difficult, but if you practice Gwen well, especially when using the skill "Snip Snip!", practice so that the enemy champion is always in the center of the attack, will give true damage. Choose Gwen Wild Rift when the enemy team has a lot of heroes with a lot of health. With this Guide and Build for Gwen Wild Rift, hope you will master Gwen Wild Rift.

Thank you for reading the article.

Build Gwen effectively based on Kicdo's build analysis in the last 1000 matches. Win games easily with Gwen in League of Legends: Wild Rift with the help of Kicdo's build guide. The highest win rate Gwen build, from rune set to skill order to item.

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