Irelia Wild Rift Build with Highest Winrate - Guide Runes, Items, and Skill Order

Author: Son Acton

Irelia Wild Rift: is an assassin fighter, the damage dealt increases gradually due to resonance with the passive. How to build Irelia focuses on equipment for attack speed. Useful in teamfights with his ult that slows a wide area. The way to play Irelia revolves around accumulating passive, when enough 4 inner ear "The Blade Dancer" will give explosive attack speed and damage.

Irelia Wild Rift

Irelia Wild Rift

Patch 5.0c

Fighter Fighter - Lane: top mid

Damage: Mixed

Power Spike







Tier D
Win rate 48.92%
Pick rate 4.3%
Ban rate 18.6%
Irelia Wild Rift Build
Irelia: Wild Rift Build Guide

Irelia's Item Build & Runes

Irelia runes Win 54.43% and Pick 24.31%

  • Kraken SlayerKraken Slayer
  • TriumphTriumph
  • Giant SlayerGiant Slayer
  • Legend: AlacrityLegend: Alacrity
  • Bone PlatingBone Plating

Irelia runes Mid with Win 52.92% and Pick 22.45%

  • Lethal TempoLethal Tempo
  • BrutalBrutal
  • Coup de GraceCoup de Grace
  • Legend: BloodlineLegend: Bloodline
  • Sudden ImpactSudden Impact

Build Irelia Wild Rift with the highest win rate

  • Item Trinity Force Trinity Force
  • Item Wit's End Wit's End
  • Item Mercury's Treads Mercury's Treads
  • Item Spear of Shojin Spear of Shojin
  • Item Mortal Reminder Mortal Reminder
  • Item Death's Dance Death's Dance

Irelia Wild Rift China build

  • Item  Trinity Force Trinity Force
  • Item  Blade of the Ruined King Blade of the Ruined King
  • Item  Quicksilver Quicksilver
  • Item  Sterak's Gage Sterak's Gage
  • Item  Wit's End Wit's End
  • Item  Death's Dance Death's Dance

Irelia Wild Rift item build third

  • Item  Trinity Force Trinity Force
  • Item  Sterak's Gage Sterak's Gage
  • Item  Stasis Stasis
  • Item  Dead Man's Plate Dead Man's Plate
  • Item  Spirit Visage Spirit Visage
  • Item  Randuin's Omen Randuin's Omen

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Irelia Build

Irelia is a gladiator champion that can solo 1-1. And the indispensable item for general Irelia is Blade of the Ruined King  for attack speed as well as lifesteal ability. Normally, the top lane champions will have health and armor items. With the passive of Blade of the Ruined King the 3rd attack, it deals magic damage. Isn't that extreme absorbent or not. Well, the damage level is based on 6% of the enemy's health inferring the more health the greater the damage.

The key to exploiting Irelia's maximum damage is to accumulate 4 passive stacks, the next attacks will deal more damage. From there, the more you dance, the greater the damage value. Hit the earn button as soon as you have enough.

Tam hợp kiếm This is an item that gives Irelia the ability to dance like Yasuo as well as the ability to last longer in difficult matches. Did you notice that with just 2 items on Irelia already owns 75% attack speed, even added at least 30% movement speed in combat.

Deaths Dance The advantage of delaying the damage taken is obvious. But the main advantage is 15 skill recovery points. Irelia is able to dodge all attacks thanks to her Đâm kiếm continuous gliding and is extremely fast. Quick cooldown is the way to create that, if there is a mistake, it can still be corrected quickly.

móng vuốt sterak You must have also dimly guessed how having to dance among the heroes makes the opponent itch your eyes. The release of CC, taking damage to the mouth is like a small gift that the enemy team favors for Irelia. Not to mention because of his fast speed, he often had to rush into the middle of the enemy team to weigh 2 pounds 3 at a time. Therefore, in order to satisfy that wild pleasure, Irelia needed a lot of protective gear. móng vuốt sterak Extremely useful with melee champions.

Giáp thiên thần If there is an overdose, this is the corrector. Or sometimes the enemy team sees it Giáp thiên thần and doesn't bother to rush in with you.

Irelia position



Irelia summoner spells


Irelia ability 

Irelia ability order

skill order Irelia Wild Rift

Đâm kiếm The main damage skill needs to max the first tree. It also helps Irelia to reach her goal fast and healthy. As well as for the ability to heal.

Irelia abilities

Nội tại Ý chí Ionia IONIAN FERVOR


  • Unleashes a flurry of attacks upon hitting enemies with abilities, stacking up to 4 times.
  • At max stacks, adds bonus magic damage to attacks.
  • Refreshes duration when attacking enemy champions.


Shines brightest when fully charged.


  • Core to Irelia's damage, prioritize stacking before engaging in fights.
  • Whip out Bladesurge to rapidly fuel your frenzy, and combo with other abilities to maintain stacks.
  • Use Bladesurge on minions to stack Ionian Fervor before a fight.
  • Utilize Defiant Dance to stack Ionian Fervor while mitigating damage.
  • Combine Flawless Duet with Bladesurge to quickly stack and unleash your ultimate.



  • Dash through enemies, dealing physical damage and healing based on AD.
  • Cooldown refresh on marked or killed targets.


Requires precision in targeting to maximize effectiveness.


  • Essential for mobility and stacking Ionian Fervor.
  • Dive, dodge, or dance around enemies to outplay them.
  • Resets on kills or marked targets, enabling agile gameplay.
  • Use Bladesurge to engage or disengage from fights.
  • Bladesurge through multiple enemies to maximize damage and healing.
  • Use Bladesurge to chase down low-health enemies.

Vũ điệu thách thức DEFIANT DANCE


  • Absorbs blows like a whirling dervish while holding and releases for AoE damage.
  • Cannot be interrupted during the holding phase.


Requires proper timing and prediction.


  • Use for damage reduction in duels or team fights.
  • Can last-hit minions at range, aiding in challenging matchups.
  • Combos well with Bladesurge to maximize passive stacking.
  • Defiant Dance to mitigate damage from a burst of enemy abilities.
  • Use Defiant Dance to last-hit minions under enemy turret fire.
  • Combine Defiant Dance with Bladesurge to stack Ionian Fervor quickly.

Bước nhảy hoàn vũ FLAWLESS DUET


  • Your maestro's baton for controlling the stage, sending blades to target location, dealing magic damage and stunning.
  • Marks enemy champions for Ionian Fervor stacking.


  • Set up kills with the stun or use it to disengage.
  • Mark enemies for bonus attack speed and damage from Ionian Fervor.
  • Combine with Bladesurge for a quick follow-up.
  • Use Flawless Duet to set up a gank with your jungler.
  • Flawless Duet to stun an enemy carry and burst them down.
  • Use Flawless Duet to escape from a dangerous situation.

Thanh kiếm tiên phong VANGUARD'S EDGE


  • Orchestrate a whirlwind of blades, dealing magic damage and marking enemies.
  • Blades explode into a wall upon hitting an enemy champion.


  • Engage or disrupt enemies in team fights with significant AoE damage.
  • Synergizes well with Flawless Duet for a devastating combo.
  • Use the wall to split the enemy team or trap them in a kill zone.
  • Use Vanguard's Edge to start a team fight and deal massive damage.
  • Split the enemy team with the wall and focus down priority targets.
  • Use Vanguard's Edge to secure objectives like Baron or Dragon.

How to play Irelia

Bước nhảy hoàn vũ Toss 1 in the face of the champion before rushing into dry blood. The second shot continues to face it or guesses the direction. That is, I will control the enemy champion first and then deal damage.

Marking or killing will grant Đâm kiếm a cooldown. So if you use it to farm soldiers, hit it or wait for a small amount of weak soldiers like that to continuously squirm it to be happy. Or you can essentially take advantage of the fact that a weak minion you are sure will Đâm kiếm  kill when using, aligning the enemy champion in the middle and the combo is almost like Renekton's.

Early game

Very strong early game, take advantage of the passive to get early. That is, find a way to trade damage when there are 4 intrinsics. "Sword stab" can also be used to farm minions. Basic attack the minions first to take advantage of the "Sword" cooldown every time the last hit is successful.

Mid game

Can be used for shoveling. Always control the map and be at the big targets when there is a fight.

Late game

Look for an opportunity to unleash the ultimate "Pioneer Sword" on the entire enemy squad.


Irelia pros and cons


Can solo very well.

Resistant to both AD and AP damage.

Generate good mutations.

Close to the target quickly.

Corner press.


Extremely difficult to play, requires hands faster than a skilled brain to play this dish.

Often have to rush into the middle of the enemy squad.

Must accumulate 4 passives to maximize Irelia's power.

Irelia counters

Find a way to CC when Irelia is standing alone with no minions around. Aggressive when next to Irelia the soldiers are still full of blood and retreat when the soldiers are low on health.


Irelia Wild Rift can stack damage very quickly, control a large area, but requires each attack to have the right combo. If the tempo is wrong, Irelia will not be as strong. With a build that gives a lot of attack speed and health, enough armor for Irelia to forcefully rush into the enemy squad and pull it out safely.

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