Kassadin Wild Rift Build with Highest Winrate - Guide Runes, Items, and Skill Order

Author: Son Acton

Kassadin, in Wild Rift, is a force to be reckoned with –  a mage who teleports across the battlefield, unleashing bursts of devastating Ability Power in the blink of an eye.  Sounds fun, right? But mastering his power takes patience. In the current meta, you'll want to focus on stacking those key stats: Ability Power, for potent spells, magic penetration, to shred enemy defenses, and most importantly, mana, to fuel Kassadin's relentless assaults. Ready to unleash the Void Walker's potential? Here's how to play him effectively

Kassadin Wild Rift

Kassadin Wild Rift

Patch 5.0c

Assassin Assassin - Lane: mid

Damage: Magic

Power Spike


Tier B
Win rate 52.05%
Pick rate 5.8%
Ban rate 9.1%
Kassadin Wild Rift Build
Kassadin: Wild Rift Build Guide

Kassadin's Item Build & Runes

Kassadin Mid runes Win 69.24% and Pick 96.22%

Kassadin SP runes Mid with Win 53.92% and Pick 24.45%


Sudden Impact

Mark of the Weak

Eyeball Collector


Build Kassadin with the highest win rate

  • Item Luden's Echo Luden's Echo
  • Item Stasis Stasis
  • Item Rabadon's Deathcap Rabadon's Deathcap
  • Item Infinity Orb Infinity Orb
  • Item Morellonomicon Morellonomicon
  • Item Crown of the Shattered Queen Crown of the Shattered Queen

Kassadin item build second

  • Item  Rod of Ages Rod of Ages
  • Item  Archangel's Staff Archangel's Staff
  • Item  Stasis Stasis
  • Item  Rabadon's Deathcap Rabadon's Deathcap
  • Item  Crystalline Reflector Crystalline Reflector
  • Item  Crown of the Shattered Queen Crown of the Shattered Queen

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Kassadin position


Kassadin summoner spells

Flash + Ignite hoặc Dịch chuyển

Kassadin Build Breakdown

Picture this: you're Kassadin, ready to wreak havoc in the Rift. But first, you need fuel! Archangel's Staff is your trusty energy drink – it massively boosts your mana and amps up your damage potential with extra ability power. It's the key to keeping those teleports flowing.

Still thirsty? Rod of Ages is your all-in-one power-up. More mana, sure, but also a hefty dose of damage and a side of health restoration. It's the difference between fading quickly or dominating a chaotic team fight.

Now, for the knockout punch: maximize your burst with items like Rabadon's Deathcap, Infinity Orb, or Lich Bane. Imagine the sheer force you'll unleash with a stockpile of ability power!

But in today's wild meta, survival is just as important as dishing out damage. Crown of the Shattered Queen gives you that crucial shield, a shimmering force field that'll help you weather any enemy assault.

Kassadin ability 

Kassadin ability order

skill order Kassadin

You need to raise max Áp Suất Hư Không first. This is a skill for AOE damage that helps you farm faster.

Kassadin abilities

Đá Hư Không Void Stone

Picture this: a shimmering shield flashes around Kassadin just as he unleashes a crackling blast of energy. That shield, born from his Void Stone passive, is the key to his daring playstyle. Kassadin needs to strike first – wait for the enemy to engage, and you've missed your chance!

This shield is his lifeline, especially early on. Young Kassadin is fragile, a whisper away from defeat. But that shield? It buys him the seconds he needs to unleash his true potential.

Quả Cầu Hư Không Null Sphere

This searing orb isn't just about damage. Sure, it hurts, but its real sting is the silence. A mage robbed of their spells, a charging fighter cut short – that's the power of the Null Sphere.  It's his laning phase ace-in-the-hole: poke from safety and shut down those pesky enemy combos.

Lưỡi Kiếm Âm Ti Nether Blade

The Nether Blade subtly shifts Kassadin's stance, extending his reach. Think of it as his precision scalpel – a last touch on a distant minion, or a quick jab to harass his lane opponent from afar.

Áp Suất Hư Không Force Pulse

Force Pulse unleashes a wave of chilling energy. It's more than just damage; it's control. A slowed enemy is a perfect target for the rest of Kassadin's devastating kit. That's why Force Pulse usually leads the charge.

Hư Vô Bộ Pháp Riftwalk

The name says it all – Kassadin tears through the fabric of reality itself. This is pure, unpredictable mobility –  use it to close the distance in a flash, or blink away from danger.  Just remember, good positioning is everything, and watch that mana bar!  With its short cooldown, each Riftwalk packs a growing punch.

How to play Kassadin

Let's be real: those first few matches as Kassadin are rough. I've been there – short range, flimsy defenses, feeling like you're hitting enemies with wet noodles. If you're nodding along, know that you're not alone!  But with a little understanding, Kassadin reveals a hidden power.

Early on, this champ's a slow burn. Forget flashy kills – your job is to farm like crazy.  Every gold coin means you're that much closer to his killer core items. I tried the aggressive early gank, but trust me, it ain't pretty.  Focus on staying alive and stacking gold.

The magic happens late game, or around the three-item mark. Suddenly, Kassadin's ult morphs him into this teleporting menace. It's your key to disrupting teamfights, diving in and out like a mage-y ninja. Prioritize those squishy targets – mages, ADCs, anyone without magic resistance. Burst them down, then poof,  you're back in the shadows, ready to strike again.

Remember, Kassadin ain't about dueling tanks. He's about calculated strikes and decisive retreats. Play smart, pick your targets wisely, and you'll carry your team to a hard-fought victory.

Combo Kassadin:

Quả Cầu Hư Không Lưỡi Kiếm Âm Ti Áp Suất Hư Không Hư Vô Bộ Pháp Flash

Combo 1:

Hư Vô Bộ Pháp + Flash + Lưỡi Kiếm Âm Ti + AA + Áp Suất Hư Không + Quả Cầu Hư Không

Combo 2:

Quả Cầu Hư Không + Áp Suất Hư Không + Flash + AA + Lưỡi Kiếm Âm Ti

Combo 3:

Hư Vô Bộ Pháp + AA + Lưỡi Kiếm Âm Ti + AA + Áp Suất Hư Không + AA + Quả Cầu Hư Không + AA + Hư Vô Bộ Pháp + AA

Combo 4:

Áp Suất Hư Không + Quả Cầu Hư Không + Hư Vô Bộ Pháp + AA + Lưỡi Kiếm Âm Ti

Combo 5:

Quả Cầu Hư Không + Áp Suất Hư Không + Lưỡi Kiếm Âm Ti + Hư Vô Bộ Pháp + AA

Combo 6:

Hư Vô Bộ Pháp + Áp Suất Hư Không + AA + Lưỡi Kiếm Âm Ti + Quả Cầu Hư Không

Kassadin pros and cons


  • Riftwalk across the battlefield: Kassadin's signature ability lets him blink in and out of combat, making him a slippery target.
  • Spells on tap: With short cooldowns, you'll be throwing out slows and disruptive silences all game long.


  • Needs the right gear to shine: Kassadin becomes terrifying when he builds the right items, but he's vulnerable early on.
  • Glass cannon: Don't expect to face-tank the enemy team. Kassadin needs to strike from the shadows, not stand in the spotlight.

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