Kayle Wild Rift Build with Highest Winrate - Guide Runes, Items, and Skill Order

Author: Son Acton

Guide and build Kayle Wild Rift and latest Runes. How to play combos, skills, pros and cons, and counter this champion in the current meta.

Kayle Wild Rift

Kayle Wild Rift

Patch 5.0c

Fighter Fighter - Lane: top

Damage: Mixed

Power Spike







Tier A
Win rate 50.07%
Pick rate 3.3%
Ban rate 1.7%
Kayle Wild Rift Build
Kayle: Wild Rift Build Guide

Kayle's Item Build & Runes

Kayle runes Win 58.23% and Pick 28.31%

Kayle runes Mid with Win 53.92% and Pick 24.45%



Coup de Grace

Giant Slayer

Eyeball Collector

Build Kayle Wild Rift with the highest win rate

  • Item Nashor's Tooth Nashor's Tooth
  • Item Gluttonous Greaves Gluttonous Greaves
  • Item Riftmaker Riftmaker
  • Item Rabadon's Deathcap Rabadon's Deathcap
  • Item Infinity Orb Infinity Orb
  • Item Lich Bane Lich Bane

Kayle Wild Rift China build

  • Item  Nashor's Tooth Nashor's Tooth
  • Item  Quicksilver Quicksilver
  • Item  Riftmaker Riftmaker
  • Item  Rabadon's Deathcap Rabadon's Deathcap
  • Item  Crown of the Shattered Queen Crown of the Shattered Queen
  • Item  Lich Bane Lich Bane

Build Kayle as a critical strike marksman

  • Item  Quicksilver Quicksilver
  • Item  Blade of the Ruined King Blade of the Ruined King
  • Item  Wit's End Wit's End
  • Item  Solari Chargeblade Solari Chargeblade
  • Item  Essence Reaver Essence Reaver
  • Item  Infinity Edge Infinity Edge

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Kayle position



Kayle summoner spells

FlashDịch chuyển

Kayle Build

Possessing mixed damage, Kayle can build items in the direction of full magic or full critical strike speed. This is the advantage you just need to let the enemy on magic resistance, you will crit item and vice versa if you go to the tank, you will get full magic.

Kayle ability 

Kayle ability order

skill order Kayle

Kayle abilities


The passive enhances Kayle’s strength. You just need to remember the following level milestones: 1, 5, 10, 15. At level 10, Kayle starts to deal large AOE damage.


I will use this skill first before entering a fight. I don’t need to care about the damage that this skill causes. The main effect of this skill is to slow and reduce the enemy’s armor. This means this skill is used to combine with other damage skills.


Heal and increase movement speed. I use this skill to help Kayle escape from situations where she is attacked. A weak champion like Kayle would have a hard time staying in lane without this skill.


This skill is what makes Kayle powerful. It deals large AOE damage. All you need to do is choose a safe position to deal damage to as many enemies as possible at the same time.


Immune to damage for yourself or an ally and deal damage to an area. You can use this skill depending on the situation. The most effective use is when the champion is taking the most damage and there are many enemies around.

How to play Kayle

I have played Kayle for 30 matches. And here is everything you need to know to play Kayle well in Wild Rift.

Kayle in Wild Rift is a champion who has huge AOE damage. She uses attack speed with mixed AD and AP damage to pressure the enemy team. She gets stronger over time. Her weakness is durability and mobility. Therefore, Riot built two skills for her: one is to heal to stay longer in the laning phase. The other is to be immune to damage in the team fight if she is the first target and also have a chance to continue playing.

At the beginning of the game, accept the disadvantage. Play very safely. Even losing a few minion stats is fine. Kayle is a late game champion. Just dodge the attacks and use the skills to deal long-range damage to farm.

In the mid and late game, follow your teammates. Choose a good position to avoid being targeted by the assassins. Kayle can definitely deal a lot of damage to the entire enemy team.

Pay attention to the passive bar. When it is full, the damage is very strong.

Combo Kayle:

Combo Kayle

Kayle pros and cons


Countering assassins with the ultimate.

Damage increases over time.


Extremely weak at the beginning of the game.

Depends a lot on stuff.

Weak when being ganked.

Kayle counters

Any champion can beat Kayle in the early game. Arms are short, damage is weak, so this is your only chance to counter Kayle.

Other Fighter

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