Nilah Wild Rift Build with Highest Winrate - Guide Runes, Items, and Skill Order

Author: Son Acton

Imagine a whirlwind of blades and boundless energy – that's Nilah on the Wild Rift battlefield! This melee marksman isn't about long-range sniping; she thrives on diving into the fray.  Her shield makes her surprisingly resilient, letting you dash towards the enemy and unleash a devastating ultimate that swirls around her, turning close combat into a symphony of critical hits. Building the right items and runes will turn this whirlwind into a true force to be reckoned with.

Nilah Wild Rift

Nilah Wild Rift

Patch 5.0c

Marksman Marksman - Easy - Position: bot

Damage: Magic

Power Spike







Tier D
Win rate 47.86%
Pick rate 3.4%
Ban rate 1.1%
Nilah Wild Rift Build
Nilah: Wild Rift Build Guide

Nilah's Item Build & Runes

Nilah runes Win 50.23% and Pick 22.31%

Nilah runes Mid with Win 53.92% and Pick 24.45%



Last Stand

Legend: Bloodline

Sudden Impact

Build Nilah Wild Rift with the highest win rate

  • Item Gluttonous Greaves Gluttonous Greaves
  • Item The Collector The Collector
  • Item Bloodthirster Bloodthirster
  • Item Infinity Edge Infinity Edge
  • Item Mortal Reminder Mortal Reminder
  • Item Guardian Angel Guardian Angel

Nilah Wild Rift build second

  • Item  Quicksilver Quicksilver
  • Item  Immortal Shieldbow Immortal Shieldbow
  • Item  Infinity Edge Infinity Edge
  • Item  Phantom Dancer Phantom Dancer
  • Item  The Collector The Collector
  • Item  Bloodthirster Bloodthirster

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Nilah's Runes

Nilah's a force to be reckoned with – a whirlwind of blades and boundless energy. While she shines in the ADC role, her kit has the bite to make her a terrifying melee assassin too. That's where her runes come in, helping you tailor her power to the enemy team.

Conqueror: The Sustained Slugfest

If the enemy's sporting a beefy frontline, Conqueror's the way to go. You'll poke and weave, stacking Conqueror for that sweet lifesteal and ramping damage – up to a potent 36 extra attack power! This lets you duel even the toughest tanks.

First Strike: Burst and Bounty

Squishier foes? First Strike turns you into a whirlwind of gold and destruction. Land a clean combo, and that 9% bonus damage can be the difference between a kill and a frustrating escape. Play aggressively, and you'll be swimming in riches.

Rounding Out the Build

No matter your keystone, the rest of your runes should scream DAMAGE.  Prioritize those that turn Nilah into an unstoppable carry.

A Note on Style

I've tried to add some enthusiasm, using words like "whirlwind" and emphasizing Nilah's relentless nature. I've also shortened some sentences and broken the text into paragraphs for better readability.

Nilah position


Nilah's summoner spells

Flash + Thiêu đốt

Nilah Build Breakdown

Nilah's a whirlwind of blades and boundless joy, but her true power lies in a storm of critical hits.  Her passive rewards her for building full crit, not only boosting her damage but turning her into a life-stealing tempest!  Let's dive into the gear that'll have you dancing with death:

  • Death's Dance: This is your lifeline. Like Nilah, this item thrives in extended fights, turning incoming damage into a delayed bleed. It's perfect for those moments when you dive in a little too enthusiastically.
  • Infinity Edge: Now we're talking! This is where your crits become truly devastating. Massive attack damage and the power to turn a percentage of those crits into monstrous true damage? Sign me up!
  • Greaves of Gluttony: It's time to move! With enhanced movement speed and life-steal on your basic attacks, these boots help you stay in the fray and keep your health bar topped up.

A Note on Flexibility:  While this core build makes Nilah a force to be reckoned with, remember that every game is different.  Adapt if the enemy team is stacking armor or has tons of crowd control!

Nilah ability

Nilah's skill order

Nilah's skill order

Nilah's abilities

Joy Unending Joy Unending

Feel the rush of battle: Every critical strike doesn't just hurt, it heals. Excess healing transforms into a protective shield, turning your aggression into an ironclad defense.

Build for the brawl: The more crit chance you stack, the more potent your healing becomes. Plus, that crit chance gets converted into armor-shredding power, making your blows sting even harder.

Formless Blade Formless Blade

Cut a swathe: A blade of pure energy slices forward, damaging enemies and leaving a lingering cone of destruction in its wake. But that's not all – it also amps up your attack speed and gives your strikes incredible reach.

Ride the Slipstream: When you're flowing with Slipstream, Formless Blade gets supercharged – dealing bonus damage and blasting out a wave of energy for crowd control.

Jubilant Veil Jubilant Veil

Dance with danger: With a burst of speed, you and a nearby ally become shimmers of untouchable light, shrugging off magical attacks and even dodging basic attacks for a heart-pounding moment.

Strength in unity: Jubilant Veil isn't just about survival – sharing the buff makes it last even longer, bolstering your team's defenses.

Slipstream Slipstream

Unpredictable as the wind: Dash through your enemies, leaving a trail of damage. Hitting anything with attacks (especially empowered ones) slashes the cooldown, letting you Slipstream again with dizzying speed.

Weave and strike: Chain Slipstream with Formless Blade for a quick cooldown reset, then weave in and out of the fight, leaving chaos in your wake.

Apotheosis Apotheosis

A whirlwind of healing: Become an unstoppable force, swirling into the enemy team. Their blows land, but their impact is lessened – your wounds heal, and the overflow becomes a shield to weather the storm. Allies caught in the vortex get the same surge of vitality!

Turn the tide: Apotheosis is meant for the thick of the fight. It pulls enemies in, heals your team, and gives you the staying power to outlast your opponents.

How to play Nilah

Imagine her second move rippling outward like a joyous splash – that long range lets her team kick off a clash!  Don't worry, she's not all offense – Nilah's swirling form helps her weave through basic attacks and softens the blow of magical damage too.

Early on, her shorter reach can be a challenge – the other team might try to keep her at a distance. But Nilah's not stuck; that dash of hers is like a quick, powerful tide. Master the timing of that double dash, weaving in and out of the fray, and you'll unlock Nilah's true potential.

Early game is all about patience. Farm those minions, level up, and don't be tempted to brawl until you've got some power behind you. Nilah's a force once unleashed, but a tad vulnerable at the start.

Combo Nilah:

Combo 1:

Thủy Giáp Bảo Hộ + Lướt Trên Mặt Nước + Thủy Kiếm Vô Dạng + AA + AA + AA

Combo 2: 

Lướt Trên Mặt Nước + Thủy Kiếm Vô Dạng + AA + Thủy Giáp Bảo Hộ + AA + AA + AA + Lướt Trên Mặt Nước + Thủy Kiếm Vô Dạng

Combo 3:

Lướt Trên Mặt Nước + AA + Lướt Trên Mặt Nước + Thủy Kiếm Vô Dạng + Vũ Điệu Hân Hoan

Nilah pros and cons


AOE Powerhouse: Nilah thrives in chaotic fights. Her damage spreads like wildfire, and if she stays topped off on health, she gains a potent shield. The more enemies trying to bring her down, the harder she is to take out!

Team Protector: Her ability to create a swirling zone of protection isn't just for herself. With good timing, she can give an ally a vital shield against magic bursts and nullify a flurry of auto-attacks.

Deceptively Damaging: Don't let her simple kit fool you – Nilah can rack up huge damage numbers, especially if she gets amongst a cluster of foes.

Surprisingly Beginner-Friendly: Mastering her takes practice, but new players can grasp her basics quickly, allowing them to focus on the frenzy of teamfights.


Risky Range: Compared to other marksmen, Nilah needs to get up close and personal. This makes her less forgiving if you're caught out of position.

Game PlayGame play.

Other Marksman: