Nilah Wild Rift Build Guide

Nilah Wild Rift: is a versatile ADC, increases damage over time and can support teammates. Build Nilah Wild Rift items and runes.

Nilah Wild Rift

Nilah Wild Rift

Patch 4.4

Marksman Marksman - Easy - Position:

Damage: Magic

Power Spike







Tier D-
Win rate 47.86%
Pick rate 3.4%
Ban rate 1.1%

Nilah's Item Build & Runes

Nilah runes Win 50.23% and Pick 22.31%

First Strike        

Gathering Storm        

Last Stand        

Legend: Alacrity        

Sudden Impact        

Nilah runes Mid with Win 53.92% and Pick 24.45%



Last Stand        

Legend: Bloodline        

Sudden Impact        

Build Nilah Wild Rift with the highest win rate

Gluttonous Greaves        

The Collector        


Infinity Edge        

Mortal Reminder        

Guardian Angel        

Nilah Wild Rift build second


Immortal Shieldbow        

Infinity Edge        

Phantom Dancer        

The Collector        


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Nilah Wild Rift>

Nilah's Runes

Nilah is an aggressive champion who is an ADC but can also be a gladiator assassin. Because he possesses many skills that cause widespread damage.

So if the enemy squad has many tank generals. I often choose the "Conqueror" gem. On the contrary, if the enemy squad has many champions with low resistance, I will choose the "First Strike" gem.

With "Conqueror" you will play in a poke style to accumulate points for the "Conqueror" gem. Gains 5% lifesteal and increases damage by 36.

With "First Strike", the target audience is weak health champions and use the surfing skill, taking advantage of the 9% standard damage of the "First Strike" gem to defeat them.

For the remaining gems, you will prioritize choosing gems for more damage.

Nilah position


Nilah's summoner spells

Flash + Thiêu đốt

Nilah Build Breakdown

Crit, you guys have full crit for yourself. Simply because Nilah's passive heals and drains blood on critical attacks. So to make the most of this passive, go for the full critical item which is the strongest.

"Death crossbow" is the most suitable equipment for champions who tend to rush into combat.

"Rage Boots" is a must-have item.

Nilah ability

Nilah's skill order

Nilah's skill order

Nilah's abilities

Joy Unending Joy Unending

Passive Heal

After an attack crits, Nilah heals herself for 20% of the damage dealt. Excess healing is converted into an equivalent amount of shield that lasts 6 second(s).

Formless Blade Formless Blade


Cooldown: 4s

Passive: Gains 35% Critical Rate as Armor Pen.

Active: Nilah cracks her whip-blade in a straight line, dealing 63 physical damage (10+90%) to enemies hit. Every 1% Critical Rate increases damage by 1%. After Formless Blade hits an enemy, Nilah gains 10% Attack Speed () and 125 bonus attack range. Her attacks also deal 100% physical damage to enemies in a cone for 4 second(s), reduced by 80% against non-champions.

When Formless Blade is cast during Slipstream, Nilah leaves behind a wave that is sent towards her at the end of the dash, dealing the same damage to enemies hit. Deals 60% damage to monsters.

Jubilant Veil Jubilant Veil


Cooldown: 21s

Nilah envelops herself in mist for 1.75 second(s), during which she gains 15% Movement Speed, reduces incoming magic damage taken by 25% and becomes immune to non-turret attacks. If there are allied champions nearby, the nearest allied champion gains the same effects, and the duration of the effects Nilah gained is also extended by 1 second(s).

Slipstream Slipstream

Mobility Physical

Cooldown: 18s

Nilah dashes forward for a fixed distance, dealing 82 physical damage (70 + 20%) to any enemies that she passes through. Empowered attacks reduce the cooldown of this ability by 1 second(s). Cooldown is further reduced by 1 second(s) after hitting a champion. Hitting any unit will also refresh this ability's cooldown.

Cooldown cannot be refreshed again within 10 second(s).

If no unit was hit, immediately enters cooldown.

Apotheosis Apotheosis

Physical Heal

Cooldown: 80s

Nilah whirls her whip-blade, dealing 60 physical damage (60+140% bonus continuously over 1 second(s) and reducing the enemy's Movement Speed by 10% for 3 seconds.

When pulling back her whip-blade, Nilah also deals 125 physical damage (125+ 120% bonus) and pulls nearby enemies toward her. Nilah also heals herself and nearby allied champions by 20% of the damage (20% +30%) that she dealt to enemy champions. Excess healing is converted into a shield that lasts 6 seconds. Non-champion units are healed for 10% instead.

How to play Nilah

The range of move 2 is quite far. So you can use support champions to open fights very well. Buffs the ability to dodge normal attacks and reduces magic damage.

It is certain that short-range attacks will cause difficulties during the laning phase. But in return, Nilah has the ability to surf and can also surf twice. A person is considered to know how to play Nilah when they know how to take advantage of the surfing ability to both attack and defend.

At the beginning of the game, play slowly and focus on leveling up to avoid being poked

Combo Nilah:

Combo 1:

Thủy Giáp Bảo Hộ + Lướt Trên Mặt Nước + Thủy Kiếm Vô Dạng + AA + AA + AA

Combo 2: 

Lướt Trên Mặt Nước + Thủy Kiếm Vô Dạng + AA + Thủy Giáp Bảo Hộ + AA + AA + AA + Lướt Trên Mặt Nước + Thủy Kiếm Vô Dạng

Combo 3:

Lướt Trên Mặt Nước + AA + Lướt Trên Mặt Nước + Thủy Kiếm Vô Dạng + Vũ Điệu Hân Hoan

Nilah pros and cons


The beauty of Nilah is that the damage spreads and also creates armor if it restores full health. This leads to the more targets it attacks, the stronger Nilah becomes.

Effective in general combat. Thanks to the ability to create a protective area that reduces magic damage and avoids basic attacks for both yourself and your allies.

Creates a lot of damage in combat.

Easy to play


The attack range is much shorter than other ADC.

Nilah counters

Build Nilah effectively based on Kicdo's build analysis in the last 1000 matches. Win games easily with Nilah in League of Legends: Wild Rift with the help of Kicdo's build guide. The highest win rate Nilah build, from rune set to skill order to item.

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