Ornn Wild Rift Guide: Breakdown of Builds, Runes, Combos, and Strategies

Author: Son Acton

Ornn Wild Rift is a top lane tank. The best item build for him focuses on health and dealing damage based on the enemy's maximum health. The key to playing Ornn effectively is to utilize his multiple crowd control abilities to disrupt the enemy team.

Ornn Wild Rift

Ornn Wild Rift

Patch 5.0a

Tank Tank - Vị trí: top

Damage: Hỗn hợp

Power Spike







Tier A
Win rate 50.52%
Pick rate 5.7%
Ban rate 0.8%
Ornn Wild Rift Build
Ornn: Wild Rift Build Guide

Ornn's Item Build & Runes

Ornn Top runes Win 59.23% and Pick 52.31%

  • Grasp of the UndyingGrasp of the Undying
  • Courage of the ColossusCourage of the Colossus
  • Second WindSecond Wind
  • OvergrowthOvergrowth
  • DemolishDemolish

Ornn runes with Win 53.92% and Pick 24.45%

  • AftershockAftershock
  • Courage of the ColossusCourage of the Colossus
  • Bone PlatingBone Plating
  • PERSEVERANCEPerseverance
  • Cheap ShotCheap Shot

Build Ornn Wild Rift with the highest win rate

  • Item Gargoyle Gargoyle
  • Item Heartsteel Heartsteel
  • Item Sunfire Aegis Sunfire Aegis
  • Item Warmog's Armor Warmog's Armor
  • Item Randuin's Omen Randuin's Omen

Ornn Wild Rift China build

  • Item  Plated Steelcaps Plated Steelcaps
  • Item  Iceborn Gauntlet Iceborn Gauntlet
  • Item  Warmog's Armor Warmog's Armor
  • Item  Thornmail Thornmail
  • Item  Randuin's Omen Randuin's Omen
  • Item  Spirit Visage Spirit Visage

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Ornn Build Breakdown

Early Game:

  • Plated Steelcaps: Ornn is a tank champion with the ability to purchase items anywhere on the map. Therefore, I prioritize items that provide health regeneration. This allows Ornn to rarely recall to base and pressure the enemy to stay in lane. This gives Ornn a significant item advantage.
  • Heartsteel: This item provides health and health regeneration. It also allows Ornn to deal damage to enemies based on their maximum health. This gives Ornn both survivability and a decent amount of damage.

Mid Game:

  • Sunfire Aegis: This item is perfect for tank champions. The longer Ornn survives in a fight, the more damage he deals.
  • Warmog's Armor: This item is purchased as the third item because its passive regenerates health if Ornn has 950 bonus health. As you can see, the first items purchased all provide bonus health. By the time Ornn reaches this item, he will have enough bonus health to meet the requirements for Warmog's Armor's health regeneration.

Late Game:

  • Frozen Heart: I feel like Ornn lacks mana when playing him. Therefore, I buy this item to allow him to use his abilities multiple times in a fight. The item's passive also reduces the target's attack speed.
    This is especially useful against AD carries with high attack speed.
  • Thornmail: This item provides armor and magic resist. Its passive can stack up to 5 times, significantly increasing Ornn's survivability. The longer Ornn survives in a fight, the more his survivability increases.

Ornn's Runes

"Grasp of the Undying" is Ornn's most chosen gem. Allows Orrn to maintain and increase health compared to other top lane champions. On the other hand, because of being a tanker, Ornn's health is always very high, which will interact very well with this gem, allowing increased damage based on maximum health.

"Triumph" will be effective in teamfights. A tank general that doesn't do much damage just needs to stay in the fight for as long as possible. Besides, with a set of skills for wide area damage. So Ornn is very root to get support in teamfights and so activating this rune heals up to 10% of health instantly.

"Bone Plating" that regularly takes damage from this gem will increase Ornn's rigidity. Call it hearing and meeting is hitting. Don't be afraid to collide.

The first "Sweet Tooth" is a tank champion, so choose this gem to stay in the lane longer. Second, Ornn can cast items by himself, adding blood and gold will help Ornn minimize the time he has to go home to buy things.

Ornn position


Ornn's summoner spells

Tốc biến + Thiêu đốt

Ornn ability

Ornn's skill order

Bảng kỹ năng Ornn

Ornn's abilities

Living Forge Living Forge

Gain 7% bonus health, armor, and magic resist from all sources.

Purchase items anywhere on the map. At level 7, forging items with Foundry grants your allies 5 stacks, allowing them to purchase items anywhere on the map.

With this passive, the longer the enemy stays in lane, the more Ornn benefits in terms of items.

Volcanic Rupture Volcanic Rupture

Deals damage and slows enemies. This ability has a long range and can be used to push the minion wave. One thing I don't like is that the rock pillars rise quite slowly.

In some situations, it can be difficult to use this ability in combination with Bellows Breath to create a damage combo. If the enemy has high movement speed, they can easily dodge the rock pillars.

Bellows Breath Bellows Breath

Breathes fire, dealing damage in an area. Enemies hit by the final wave of fire will be Brittle. The Immovable effect on Brittle targets is increased by 30%.

Basic attacks against Brittle targets will knock them back.

Searing Charge Searing Charge

Charges forward, dealing damage. If enemies are near terrain, they will be knocked up. This ability is often used with Q to deal a lot of damage and crowd control. However, it can be difficult to hit if the enemy has high movement speed.

Call of the Forge God Call of the Forge God

This ability has a long range and is definitely used to engage in a fight because it deals damage in an area and slows all targets hit. If the target is hit again, they will be knocked up.

How to play Ornn

I have played over 400 games with Ornn. Here are some key points to remember to play him effectively:


All Ornn's combos start with Volcanic Rupture. This ability slows the target, allowing Ornn to accurately use his other abilities on them.


The key to dealing high damage as a tank champion is to rely on the Brittle effect from Bellows Breath. This ability deals damage based on 10% of the target's maximum health.

Crowd Control:

As you may know, Ornn is a champion who can generate a lot of crowd control. Specifically, he can knock up enemies. In a combo, Ornn can knock up a target up to 3 times in a row.

Ornn's ultimate can be blocked by Braum or Yasuo.


Use Bellows Breath to avoid being stunned or crowd controlled.

Early game:

Play safe in the first levels. Only fight when there is a clear advantage.

Once you reach level 5, you can trade damage continuously. Ornn has the characteristic of exchanging moves with more and more profits, so always find a way to trade damage for as long as possible.

And if there is an ultimate that calls for the jungle to gank. Ornn can tank turrets, activate his ultimate to keep enemy champions in a passive position.

Between game:

Can go to push retail. Duel with any champion as long as you control the map, Avoid 1 vs 2.

End game:

Keep "Flames Summoning" for teamfights. There is a good thing that "Summoning Fire" will have a faster cooldown towards the end of the game so if there is a chance to catch someone, just use it.

Combo 1:

Cách chơi Ornn Combo 1

After using Q volcanic eruption wait a bit until the lava column rises then use E Searing Charge that will knock up and damage enemies this is a combo that you don't need to corner The opponent stands near the wall.

Combo 2:

Cách chơi Ornn Combo 2

Ornn pros and cons


The later the game, the stronger it gets.

Can upgrade items to increase the strength of teammates.

"Call of the Forge God" can be used to help gank the jungle. And especially can knock up the whole enemy team.


The early game is a bit weak and easy to be bullied by ranged generals.

If "Call of the Forge God" is missing before the teamfight. Ornn almost lost half of his power. And if there is Ornn in the normal team, the team will not pick champions that can open fights anymore, leading to Ornn being forced to have the ultimate before every teamfight, fighting for big goals.

In particular, the generals behind Ornn must possess damage to ensure the wombo combo destroys the enemy.

Ornn counters

Use champions with long arms, or maneuver to confront Ornn. Build armor piercing equipment. Don't stand too close together in teamfights. Especially, AD needs to keep the location secret because it will always be the first target of Ornn.


Ornn Wild Rift is a powerful tank champion who can be a valuable asset to any team. With his strong crowd control abilities and high damage output, he can easily disrupt the enemy team and turn the tide of a battle.

By following the item build and tips in this guide, you will be well on your way to mastering Ornn and becoming a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

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