Runes Wild Rift

Deeply understand the Wild Rift Rune to create your own Meta rune for the champion you play. The formula for creating Wild Rift Rune is extremely effective at Kicdo

List of Rune in Wild Rift:

Runes Wild Rift

Wild Rift rune table will be different from League of Legends rune table when you only have one large rune and add 3 small runes. And of course, they all have the effect of enhancing the strength of the champion you intend to play.


Keystone has 8 main gems

Domination has 5 gems to choose from

Resolve (Blood Gems, Armor...) has 5 gems to choose from

Inspiration (Jewel for Mana, Gold..) has 5 gems to choose from

  • Fleet FootworkFleet Footwork
  • Fleet Footwork

    UNIQUE – ENERGIZED: Moving and basic attacking generates Energize stacks, up to 100. FLEET FOOTWORK: When fully Energized, your next basic attack heals you for 15 - 85 (based on level) (+30% bonus AD) (+30% AP) and grants 20% bonus movement speed for 1 second. Against minions, the healing is (60% Melee / 20% Ranged) effective. Restore 8% missing mana or energy when triggered against a champion.

  • ElectrocuteElectrocute
  • Electrocute

    PASSIVE: Basic attacks and abilities generate stacks on enemy champions hit, up to one per attack or cast. Applying 3 stacks to a target within a 3 second period causes them to be struck by lightning, dealing them 40 - 194 (based on level) (+40% bonus AD) (+25% AP) Adaptive damage. ADAPTIVE DAMAGE: Deals either physical or magic damage depending on your bonus statistics, defaulting based on the origin of the effect. Cooldown: 20s

  • AeryAery
  • Aery

    PASSIVE: Basic attacks and abilities against an enemy champion signals Aery to dash to them, dealing 10 - 60 (based on level) (+20% bonus AD) (+10% AP) Adaptive damage. Healing, shielding, or buffing an ally signals Aery to dash to them, shielding them for 20 - 120 (based on level) (+40% bonus AD) (+20% AP) for 2 seconds. Aery lingers on the target for 2 seconds before flying back to the user, and cannot be sent out again until she returns. Aery is initially very slow, but gradually accelerates, and can be picked up by moving near her. ADAPTIVE DAMAGE: Deals either physical or magic damage depending on your bonus statistics, defaulting based on the origin of the effect.

  • Grasp of the UndyingGrasp of the Undying
  • Grasp of the Undying

    Entering combat generates one stack every second for the next 3 seconds. Additional stacks may be generated by re-entering combat after 2 seconds. After reaching 4 stacks, your next basic attack within 6 seconds against an enemy champion consumes all stacks to deal 3% of your maximum health in bonus magic damage, restore 2% of your maximum health, and permanently grant 5 bonus health. The empowered attack duration refreshes whenever going in combat. On ranged champions, all effects are reduced by 60%.

  • AftershockAftershock
  • Aftershock

    Immobilizing an enemy champion grants a static 50 (+50% bonus armor) bonus armor and 50 (+50% bonus magic resistance) bonus magic resistance for 2.5 seconds. After the duration, you release a shockwave that deals 12 - 110 (based on level) (+4% of your maximum health) magic damage to nearby enemies. Cooldown: 35s

  • KleptomancyKleptomancy
  • Kleptomancy

    After using an ability, your next ability hit or basic attack against an enemy champion will grant you a random item effect. Cooldown: 25s

  • ConquerorConqueror
  • Conqueror

    Basic attacks and abilities generate stacks of Conqueror on enemy champions hit, up to one per attack or cast. Each stack of Conqueror lasts 6 seconds and grants 2 - 6 (based on level) bonus (Adaptive) Attack Damage 4 - 12 (based on level) or Ability Power 3 - 9 (based on level), stacking up to 5 times, for a maximum of 10 - 30 (based on level) bonus Attack Damage or 20 - 60 (based on level) Ability Power (Adaptive). When fully stacked, deal 6-8% bonus Adaptive damage to champions. Adaptive Damage: Deals either physical or magic damage depending on your bonus stats, defaulting based on the origin of the effect.

  • Font of LifeFont of Life
  • Font of Life

    Hitting an enemy champion with an attack or ability marks them. When you or allies damage marked champions, heal those allies and yourself. Each ally can trigger this healing once per mark.

  • BrutalBrutal
  • Brutal

    Gain 7 bonus attack damage or 14 ability power (adaptive)

  • Gathering StormGathering Storm
  • Gathering Storm

    Every 3 min, gain 2 AD or 4 AP / 5 AD or 10 AP / 9 AD or 18 AP / 14 AD or 28 AP [...] (Adaptive)

  • Hunter - VampirismHunter - Vampirism
  • Hunter - Vampirism

    Gain 2% physical vamp or 2% magic vamp. (adaptive) Unique champion takedowns grant 2 AD with 1% physical vamp or 4 AP with 1% magic vamp. (adaptive)

  • TriumphTriumph
  • Triumph

    Champion takedowns restore 10% missing health. Deal 5% more damage to enemies below 35% health

  • ChampionChampion
  • Champion

    Gain 8% damage against champions. Lose 4% each time you die until the bonus disappears.

  • WeaknessWeakness
  • Weakness

    Slowing or Immobilizing an enemy champion marks them for 5 seconds, while marked they take 5% increased damage.

  • BackboneBackbone
  • Backbone

    Gain 10 AR or 10 MR, based on whichever stat you have less of.

  • ConditioningConditioning
  • Conditioning

    Gain 5 bonus AR and MR after 3 minutes of game time. Every 2 minutes after this gain 2 bonus Armor and Magic Resist.

  • Hunter - TitanHunter - Titan
  • Hunter - Titan

    Gain 20 max health. Unique champion takedowns grant 20 max health and 3% tenacity.

  • RegenerationRegeneration
  • Regeneration

    Every 3 seconds, regen 2% missing heath or mana based on whichever percentage is lower.

  • Spirit WalkerSpirit Walker
  • Spirit Walker

    Gain 50 max health and 20% slow resistance.

  • LoyaltyLoyalty
  • Loyalty

    You gain 2 AR and 5 MR. Your closest ally champion gains 5 bonus armor and 2 bonus magic resistance, which can be stacked.

  • PathfinderPathfinder
  • Pathfinder

    When out-of-combat, gain 9% bonus movement speed in brush, jungle and river.

  • MastermindMastermind
  • Mastermind

    Deal 10% bonus adaptive damage to Epic Monsters. Earn an extra 100 gold upon taking or assisting in taking epic monsters kills.

  • Hunter - GeniusHunter - Genius
  • Ingenious Hunter

    Gains 20 Item Ability Haste. Gains a bonus 5 item Ability Haste after each unique enemy champion takedown. Stacks up to 5 times.

  • Sweet ToothSweet Tooth
  • Sweet Tooth

    Increases Honeyfruit healing by 20%, each fruit eaten by you a nearby ally also provide 15 gold.

  • Pack HunterPack Hunter
  • Pack Hunter

    While neary ally champions, gain 2% bonus movement speed. For each unique ally you participate in a takedown with, you gain 50 gold and the ally gains 50 gold.

  • Manaflow BandManaflow Band
  • Manaflow Band

    Hitting an enemy champion with an ability or empowered attack permanently increases your max mana by 30, up to 300 mana.

  • Phase RushPhase Rush
  • Phase Rush

    Hitting a champion with 3 separate attacks or abilities within 3 seconds grants a large burst of Movement Speed and resistance to slows.

  • Bone PlatingBone Plating
  • Bone Plating

    After taking damage from a champion, the next 3 champion abilities or attacks against you deal reduced damage.

  • Second WindSecond Wind
  • Second Wind

    Gain 5 health every 5 seconds. After taking damage from an enemy champion regenerate 6 (+2% of your missing health) over the next 5 seconds. This effect is doubled for melee champions.

  • Adaptive CarapaceAdaptive Carapace
  • Adaptive Carapace

    Gain bonus max health, and also gain increased defense when below 50% health.

  • Lethal TempoLethal Tempo
  • Lethal Tempo

    When attacking enemy champions, gain a stack of Attack Speed. For melee champions, these grant 6-12% (based on level) Attack Speed per stack. For ranged champions, these grant 3-9% (based on level) Attack Speed per stack. 6 maximum stacks. When maximum stacks, gain additional 30% bonus Attack Speed Additional bonus Attack Speed buff lasts 6 seconds, buff is refreshable.

  • Giant SlayerGiant Slayer
  • Giant Slayer

    Deal bonus damage based on the enemy champion’s bonus health, up to 10% bonus damage when the enemy champion has 1000 bonus health.

  • ScorchScorch
  • Scorch

    Dealing ability damage to a champion deals an additional 21-35 magic damage after 1 second. (10 second cooldown)

  • DemolishDemolish
  • Demolish

    When within 550 range of a turret, change an attack over 3 seconds. Attacking the turret discharges the attack dealing 200 (+ 25% maximum health) bonus Adaptive Damage. (30 second cooldown)

  • Nimbus CloakNimbus Cloak
  • Nimbus Cloak

    Casting a Summoner Spell grants 5% - 35% (based on Summoner Spell cooldown) bonus movement speed for 2 seconds.

  • Kraken SlayerKraken Slayer
  • Kraken Slayer

    Every third attack on a champion deals [28-70 (based on level) + 30% bonus AD + 20% AP] bonus true damage. Kraken Slayer does not have a cooldown. On-hit effects do not add a stack, but can trigger the full-stack damage. Stacks lasts for 3 seconds.

  • Ultimate ShieldUltimate Shield
  • Ultimate Shield

    After casting your ultimate, gain a shield for 90-300 for 3 seconds. (45 second cooldown)

  • Nullifying OrbNullifying Orb
  • Nullifying Orb

    If you take damage from a champion that causes your health to fall below 35%, gain a shield that absorbs 80 + 50% bonus AD + 30% AP for 4 seconds. (60 second cooldown)

  • TRANSCENDENCETranscendence

    Gain bonuses upon reaching the following ranks: At level 1, gain 6 skill haste At level 6, additionally gain 6 skill haste At level 11, after the actively released basic skill hits the target, the cooldown time of the skill is reduced by 15% (8s cooldown time)

  • PERSEVERANCEPerseverance

    This will be a more suitable pick for most builds and grant some extra resistances when you get in a bind. Gain 10% tenacity While immobilized, gain 16-30 armor and magic resistance for 1.5 seconds. Refresh duration when immobilized multiple times

  • Glacial AugmentGlacial Augment
  • Glacial Augment

    Landing an attack on an enemy champion reduces their Movement Speed by 20% for 1.5s. This effect only affects each champion up to a maximum of 1 time(s) within 10s. Immobilizing an enemy champion triggers 3 glacial rays that radiate toward you, creating a frozen region that lasts for 3s. Movement Speed of enemies within the region is reduced by (1.5% of the champion's Max Health +20)%. The damage that they deal is also reduced by 12%. Upon leaving the frozen region. Movement Speed reduction will continue to persist for 1.5s. (20s cooldown)

  • Zombie WardZombie Ward
  • Zombie Ward

    After removing an enemy ward, spawns a zombie ward in its place, granting vision of the surrounding area for 120 seconds. Also gains 3 Attack Damage and 6 Ability Power. Stacks up to 5 times. Gives a bonus 10 Attack Damage or 20 Ability Power upon reaching 5 stacks.

  • Legend: BloodlineLegend: Bloodline
  • Legend: Bloodline

    Gain 1% omnivamp, up to bonus 7% of omnivamp when engaging in taking down monsters, enemy champions and minions.

  • First StrikeFirst Strike
  • First Strike

    In 0.25s after engaging an enemy champion in combat, dealing damage to them grants 5 gold and a First Strike effect that lasts 3s to you, allowing you to deal 9% bonus true damage to the enemy champion. Once the effect has ended, gain gold according to the bonus damage dealt (melee: 100%/ranged: 85%) during the effect. (20-13s cooldown)

  • Sudden ImpactSudden Impact
  • Sudden Impact

    After exiting stealth or using a dash, leap, blink or teleport effect, damaging an enemy champion grants 13 Armor Penetration and 13 Magic penetration for 4 seconds (4 second cooldown).

  • Legend: TenacityLegend: Tenacity
  • Legend: Tenacity

    Gain 3% tenacity and 3% slow resist, up to bonus 15% tenacity and 20% slow resist when engaging in taking down monsters, enemy champions and minions.

  • OvergrowthOvergrowth
  • Overgrowth

    When 1 monster or 2 minions are killed nearby, permanently gain 3 Max Health. Max Health can be increased indefinitely. Gains bonus 3.5% Max Health upon reaching 30 stacks.

  • Cheap ShotCheap Shot
  • Cheap Shot

    Deals 10 - 45 bonus true damage to enemies whose movement is impaired. (7 seconds cooldown).

  • RevitalizeRevitalize
  • Revitalize

    Gains a 5% amplification effect when casting heal or shield. If the target’s health is lower than 40%, amplifies its effect by an additional 10%.

  • Hextech FlashtraptionHextech Flashtraption
  • Hextech Flashtraption

    Replaces this item with Hex Flash when Flash is still on cooldown. You can blink to a new location after channeling for 1.5 seconds. (20 seconds of cooldown)

  • Legend: AlacrityLegend: Alacrity
  • Legend: Alacrity

    Gain 3% bonus attack speed when engaging in taking down monsters, enemy champions and minions, up to 20% at maximum stacks.

  • Mark of the WeakMark of the Weak
  • Mark of the Weak

    Using abilities to deal damage to enemies will mark them as weak, increasing damage taken by them by 4 - 7%, the mark disappears after they take ability damage 3 times or after 7 seconds have passed. (15 seconds cooldown).

  • Last StandLast Stand
  • Last Stand

    When health is lower that 60%, attacks launched at enemy champions deal 5-11% bonus adaptive damage.

  • Coup de GraceCoup de Grace
  • Coup de Grace

    When an enemy has less than 40% health, deals 7% bonus adaptive damage.

  • Shield BashShield Bash
  • Shield Bash

    After receiving a healing or shielding, your next attack against an enemy champion will be empowered, dealing bonus 15-50 + 15% bonus Attack Damage + 10% Adaptive Ability Power (7s cooldown).

  • Future's MarketFuture's Market
  • Future's Market

    You can purchase items on credit. Credit limit: 145+7/minutes. Credit purchase is available 2 minutes in game.

  • Item CraftingItem Crafting
  • Item Crafting

    Gains a chance to buy 1 item outside of the fountain every 3 minutes but it will cost 150 bonus gold.

  • Courage of the ColossusCourage of the Colossus
  • Courage of the Colossus

    Gains a shield that absorbs up to 25-45+1% max health for 3 seconds when immobilizing an enemy. (10 seconds cooldown)

  • Eyeball CollectorEyeball Collector
  • Eyeball Collector

    Gains 1 Attack Damage or 2 Ability Power when an enemy is taken down, up to 20 stacks, and gains a bonus 10 Attack Damage or 20 Ability Power reaching 20 stacks.

  • Empowered AttackEmpowered Attack
  • Empowered Attack

    Every 10 seconds, the next attack will be reinforced, dealing 35 - 50 bonus adaptive damage.

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