Samira Wild Rift Build with Highest Winrate - Guide Runes, Items, and Skill Order

Author: Son Acton

Samira, Wild Rift's daredevil marksman, thrives in the heart of the fight. Unlike traditional marksmen, her damage soars when she's up close and personal. To unleash her full potential, build critical strike items like The Collector, with its brutal execute effect, and the life-saving Immortal Shieldbow. Master a rhythm of basic attacks and swirling abilities to stack Samira's passive, swiftly achieving S rank and leaving enemy champions in awe.

Samira Wild Rift

Samira Wild Rift

Patch 5.0c

Marksman Marksman - Lane: bot

Damage: Physical

Power Spike







Tier S
Win rate 50.53%
Pick rate 11.2%
Ban rate 21.4%
Samira Wild Rift Build
Samira: Wild Rift Build Guide

Samira's Item Build & Runes

Samira Wild Rift Build

Samira Bot runes Win 89.23% and Pick 82.31%

  • ConquerorConqueror
  • TriumphTriumph
  • Giant SlayerGiant Slayer
  • Legend: BloodlineLegend: Bloodline
  • Sudden ImpactSudden Impact

Samira Bot runes Mid with Win 53.92% and Pick 24.45%

  • ConquerorConqueror
  • Gathering StormGathering Storm
  • Coup de GraceCoup de Grace
  • Legend: BloodlineLegend: Bloodline
  • Eyeball CollectorEyeball Collector

Build Samira with the highest win rate

  • Item The Collector The Collector
  • Item Gluttonous Greaves Gluttonous Greaves
  • Item Immortal Shieldbow Immortal Shieldbow
  • Item Infinity Edge Infinity Edge
  • Item Mortal Reminder Mortal Reminder
  • Item Guardian Angel Guardian Angel

Samira with China build

  • Item  The Collector The Collector
  • Item  Immortal Shieldbow Immortal Shieldbow
  • Item  Stasis Stasis
  • Item  Infinity Edge Infinity Edge
  • Item  Nỏ Thần Dominik Nỏ Thần Dominik
  • Item  Guardian Angel Guardian Angel

Samira Wild Rift item build third

  • Item  Infinity Edge Infinity Edge
  • Item  Death's Dance Death's Dance
  • Item  Phantom Dancer Phantom Dancer
  • Item  Stasis Stasis
  • Item  Mortal Reminder Mortal Reminder
  • Item  Guardian Angel Guardian Angel

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Samira Build

Early Game:

Gluttonous Greaves: Like many marksmen, Samira lacks the raw power to dominate early fights. To compensate, I pick up these boots; their lifesteal lets her outlast opponents in those tense early skirmishes.

The Collector:  This item is an absolute must for Samira. Sure, the extra damage and critical strike chance are nice, but that 'Execute' passive is the real prize.  With it, anyone teetering below 5% health is as good as dead.

This works wonders with Samira's ultimate, Inferno Trigger.  Picture this – an enemy barely survives the initial blast, only to be finished off by The Collector. Suddenly, you're ready to take on their whole team.

Mid Game:

Immortal Shieldbow: This is another core item. Think of it as Samira's lifeline. Drop below 35% health, and it throws up a shield. This is huge, considering she thrives on diving into the thick of battle. That extra survivability means more chances to unleash her ultimate, causing absolute mayhem.

Infinity Edge: Samira's abilities are built to deliver devastating critical strikes. The Infinity Edge takes that to the next level, packing a massive critical strike boost. There's nothing quite like watching her obliterate foes with a few well-placed shots!

Late Game:

By now, you're building to counter the enemy team.

Mortal Reminder: Too much enemy armor? This item will shred through it.

Maw of Malmortius: Powerful enemy mages giving you trouble?  This is your answer.

Guardian Angel: Sometimes, the most powerful weapon is the potential for a comeback.  The Guardian Angel forces enemies to think twice about focusing Samira, buying you precious time.

Samira Runes

Conqueror Samira excels at wiping out entire teams with the devastating area-of-effect damage from her ultimate. Conqueror amplifies this power, stacking with her relentless attacks to unleash explosive damage. 

Triumph Triumph makes it even easier for Samira to secure those thrilling pentakills. Each kill restores a bit of her health, letting her survive those chaotic teamfights long enough to finish the job. 

Nullifying Orb Nullifying Orb is vital –  it grants a protective shield when her health drops, which is inevitable as she dives into the fray to unleash her ultimate. 

Sweet Tooth Finally, Sweet Tooth helps her through the early laning phase, which can be rough before she reaches her late-game power spike.

Samira position


Samira summoner spells

Flash + Hồi máu

Samira ability 

Samira ability order

skill order Samira

You need to max Ứng Biến to stay on lane longer thanks to the lifesteal ability. This is also Samira's main skill to farm as well as deal damage. Especially Ứng Biến with a very fast cooldown.

Samira abilities

Daredevil Impulse Daredevil Impulse

Samira's all about flair and flashy moves. Each unique ability or basic attack earns you Style points, boosting your movement speed with every rank (up to a snappy 3.5% bonus per rank!).  Think of her rhythm like Lucian's: weave in those basic attacks to keep the style meter climbing.

Passive:  Basic attacks and melee abilities pack an extra punch, dealing bonus magic damage based on how hurt your target already is.  Want to really make it sting? Soften them up with some ranged attacks before closing in for the kill.

Samira automatically dashes into attack range whenever an enemy is immobilized. This can be a double-edged sword. If you're gunning for a high-priority target, it helps close the gap fast. But in the chaos of a teamfight, be careful – Samira might zoom towards the wrong foe, leaving you dangerously exposed.

She takes flashy combos to the next level with enemies knocked airborne, extending their airtime for an extra 0.5 seconds! 

Flair Flair

This is Samira's main poke – a projectile that packs a punch.  Just watch out for minions, they'll block it if they can.  Up close and personal? She'll unleash a devastating cone slash instead. Everyone caught in the cone takes a hit, but it hurts extra when paired with her ranged attack. 

Blade Whirl Blade Whirl

Think of this less as a block, more like a whirlwind of steel. Samira spins her blade, damaging nearby enemies twice. The timing here is key – use it right, and you'll deflect incoming damage and stack your passive. 

Wild Rush Wild Rush

This is your gap closer. Dash right through your foes, damaging anyone in your path, and get a sweet 25% attack speed boost on the other side. Samira might be a marksman, but she's got a brawler's heart.  Oh, and take down an enemy? This ability resets instantly, so always focus those low-health targets. 

Inferno Trigger Inferno Trigger

This is where Samira shines.  A whirlwind of bullets and blades, dealing massive damage and critical strikes in a huge area – it doesn't get more devastating.  To unlock this beast, you'll need to hit that S rank Style though, and it'll slow you down while channeling. Pro tip: you can use both Inferno Trigger and Wild Rush together! It's got a quick cooldown, so if it's ready, let loose.

How to play Samira

To build your style points quickly, weave different skills between your basic attacks. The key is learning Samira's combos for maximum flair. But remember, don't chase those style points at the expense of your health! Dive into the action when you've got at least an 'A' rank, or ideally, when those pesky crowd control abilities have been used up. Avoid rushing champions overflowing with CC.

In the early game, focus on safe leveling to unlock Samira's full kit – that's when her true power kicks in. Remember, you unlock the devastating Inferno Trigger at level 5.

Lean on your support to avoid unnecessary fights. Long-range enemy champions can make it tough for Samira to farm and trade damage early on.

Use your gun for ranged minions, your sword for melee. Flair lets you snag minions from a distance while avoiding poke damage, so don't worry about mana. Need to push a wave fast? Your sword deals wide, sweeping damage.

When an enemy gets stunned, capitalize on your passive! Knock them up and unleash a flurry of attacks.  This is why Samira shines alongside supports with strong crowd control.

Save Wild Rush for those desperate escapes when you get ganked.

Once you're brimming with style points and ready to pounce, don't hold back! Mid-game is Samira's time to dominate.

Late game, let your tanky allies initiate the fight and soak up some of the enemy's control abilities.  Then, make your grand entrance!

Combo Samira:

Samira's fastest passive combo:

AA + Ứng Biến + AA + Lốc Kiếm + AA + Đánh Liều + Hỏa Ngục Liên Xạ

Combo 1:

AA + Lốc Kiếm + Đánh Liều + Ứng Biến + AA

Combo 2:

AA + AA + Ứng Biến + Đánh Liều + Flash + Đánh Liều + Lốc Kiếm

Combo 3: 

Lốc Kiếm + Đánh Liều + Lốc Kiếm + AA

Combo 4:

AA + Ứng Biến + Ứng Biến + Đánh Liều + Đánh Liều + Lốc Kiếm + Hỏa Ngục Liên Xạ

Samira Pros and Cons


  • Built-in Lifesteal: Samira's abilities give her a natural edge in extended fights, allowing her to stay healthy.
  • Massive Damage Potential: If she can unleash her combos, Samira can decimate enemies.
  • Showstopper Ultimate: When used well, her ultimate can singlehandedly wipe out an entire team.
  • Defensive Finesse: Samira has a skill that blocks projectiles and lets her dash, giving her some outplay options against ranged opponents.


  • High Skill Ceiling: Mastering Samira's combos and knowing when to strike takes a lot of practice.
  • Support Synergy: She truly shines when paired with champions that have crowd control, setting up her engages.
  • Cancellable Ultimate: Enemy stuns and other crowd control can interrupt Samira's ultimate, negating its power.
  • Item Dependent: Samira needs the right gear to truly reach her full potential.

Samira Counters

When Samira charges into battle, lock her down with crowd control (CC). Killing her before she can build her style meter will shut her down.


Kicdo's Meta build for Samira in Wild Rift emphasizes rapid target elimination and improved survivability. If you master this build, you might just find yourself scoring those satisfying Pentakills. I hope this guide helps you conquer the Rift with Samira!

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