Syndra Wild Rift Build Guide

Syndra Wild Rift: is a mage with high magic damage, oneshot with only one combo, good control. Can interrupt enemy rush skills. However, there is a lack of mobility. How to build items and runes for Syndra Wild Rift according to the current Meta.

Syndra Wild Rift

Syndra Wild Rift

Patch 4.4

Mage - Easy - Position:

Damage: Magic

Power Spike







Tier A-
Win rate 50.86%
Pick rate 11.4%
Ban rate 8.1%

Syndra's Item Build & Runes

Syndra runes Win 69.93% and Pick 52.81%

First Strike        

Sweet Tooth        


Nimbus Cloak        

Bone Plating        

Syndra runes Mid with Win 43.42% and Pick 44.55%


Sweet Tooth        


Nimbus Cloak        

Bone Plating        

Build Syndra Wild Rift with the highest win rate

Boots of Mana        

Luden's Echo        



Crown of the Shattered Queen        

Infinity Orb        

Syndra Wild Rift China build



Rabadon's Deathcap        

Horizon Focus        

Cosmic Drive        

Infinity Orb        

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Syndra Wild Rift>

Syndra's Runes

There will be 3 gems that are very suitable for Syndra as follows

"Electric Shock" you should choose this rune when facing champions weaker than Syndra. No dash skill. This rune will bring a huge amount of damage 194 + 40% bonus. Guaranteed to be able to oneshot a target with low health.

"Speed Boost" choose this gem if the enemy team has too many champions who can glide and reach the target well. Often gets ganked a lot. Having 30-50% extra speed will help Syndra escape ganks or dangerous situations.

"Preemptive Strike" is also not a bad choice. And this is a highly chosen gem in the current Meta. With 9% bonus true damage. Champions with good healing abilities will certainly have a difficult time facing Syndra.

As I said above, all 3 gems will exert their power in each case when confronting specific champions. Just choose according to your instructions

Syndra position


Syndra's summoner spells

flash + thiêu đốt

Syndra Build Breakdown

It's definitely magic stat equipment. Besides, it gives energy and skill recovery points.

In case you are winning, equip "MEJAI'S SOULSTEALER". This is a cheap item, but if you kill many enemy champions, the bonus magic stat is equivalent to an expensive item. Of course, the condition is that you must keep your life.

In case you get ganked too much, get "Crown of the Shattered Queen" early to reduce damage when attacked by up to 70%.

Another extremely important stat is Magic Penetration. Choose equipment with this index to ensure Syndra's damage

Syndra ability

Syndra's skill order

Syndra's skill order

Syndra's abilities

Transcendent Transcendent

Collect powerful shards that power up other skills.

Dark Sphere Dark Sphere

Creates an orb and damages enemies in the affected area. The orb has a duration of 6 seconds and can be used in combination with other skills.

Tip: due to the short cooldown time, please take advantage of it to place as many orbs as possible. The purpose is to increase the maximum damage for the ultimate move "Unleashed Power".

Force of Will Force of Will

Grasp the target regardless of whether it is a monster, minion, orb, or target. Will slow down enemies.

I will often use this skill to grab large minions and throw them at enemy champions.

Scatter the Weak Scatter the Weak

Releases a cone of energy that deals magic damage and knocks back enemies.

Tip: Place the orb in front of the enemy and then use "Sweep away the weak". If the ball hits an enemy, it will be stunned for 1.25 seconds.

This is an important skill that helps Syndra repel champions who intend to attack her.

Unleashed Power Unleashed Power

Syndra will control all available orbs to target enemies. This is Syndra's terrible burst damage skill.

How to play Syndra

The correct way to play Syndra Wild Rift is to take advantage of the poke ability to harass enemies during the laning phase. In teamfights, try to poke at the enemy team as much as possible before entering the fight with "Dark Sphere" and "Force of Will".

But "Scatter the Weak" is Syndra's most terrifying skill. Almost any top Syndra player will play around this ability. Whether it's on the road or in teamfights. "Scatter the Weak" hits the target, the rest is just applying damage from "Unleashed Power".

Remember "Scatter the Weak" is strongest when used to actively attack, not to defend.

An important note before using the ultimate move "Unleashed Power", you should place as many balls first as possible. The damage of "Power Burst" increases with the number of balls present.

Combo Syndra

Combo 1:

Quả Cầu Bóng Tối + Quét Tan Kẻ Yếu + Tốc biến + Ý Lực + Ý Lực + Bùng Nổ Sức Mạnh

Combo 2:

Quả Cầu Bóng Tối + Ý Lực + Ý Lực + Quét Tan Kẻ Yếu + Tốc biến + Bùng Nổ Sức Mạnh

Combo 3:

Quả Cầu Bóng Tối + Bùng Nổ Sức Mạnh + Quét Tan Kẻ Yếu

Syndra pros and cons


High burst damage.

Good burst damage.

Has slowing and stunning skills.

Long attack range leads to quick minion clearing. And effectively press the opponent's lane.

Useful in combat with the skills "Scatter the Weak" and "Unleashed Power".


If you have to confront an opponent with many control skills, Syndra will be much weaker.

Missing skill "Sweep away the weak". Surely Syndra will be ganked by Jungle as soon as she has the chance.

If you push too high during the laning phase without controlling the map, your chances of being destroyed are very high.

Syndra counters

See how to counter Syndra Wild Rift.

Build Syndra effectively based on Kicdo's build analysis in the last 1000 matches. Win games easily with Syndra in League of Legends: Wild Rift with the help of Kicdo's build guide. The highest win rate Syndra build, from rune set to skill order to item.

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