Teemo Wild Rift Build with Highest Winrate - Guide Runes, Items, and Skill Order

Author: Son Acton

The best Teemo build in Wild Rift absolutely needs Nashor's Tooth and Liandry's Torment. This wicked combo is all about wearing enemies down with poison damage, boosting your attack speed, and making those basic attacks pack a serious punch.  After all, Teemo's whole game is about littering the map with those sneaky Noxious Traps – and then watching his enemies suffer!

Teemo Wild Rift

Teemo Wild Rift

Patch 5.0c

Mage Mage - Lane: jungle support top

Damage: Magic

Power Spike







Tier A
Win rate 50.32%
Pick rate 3.0%
Ban rate 3.0%
Teemo Wild Rift Build
Teemo: Wild Rift Build Guide

Teemo's Item Build & Runes

Teemo Top runes Win 75.53% and Pick 75.31%

  • ConquerorConqueror
  • ScorchScorch
  • Empowered AttackEmpowered Attack
  • Hunter - GeniusHunter - Genius
  • Bone PlatingBone Plating

Teemo Mid runes with Win 48.92% and Pick 31.45%

  • ElectrocuteElectrocute
  • BrutalBrutal
  • Coup de GraceCoup de Grace
  • Legend: AlacrityLegend: Alacrity
  • Bone PlatingBone Plating

Teemo Support runes with Win 47.92% and Pick 24.45%

  • AeryAery
  • ScorchScorch
  • Cheap ShotCheap Shot
  • Eyeball CollectorEyeball Collector
  • Bone PlatingBone Plating

Build Teemo Wild Rift top lane with the highest win rate

  • Item Liandry's Torment Liandry's Torment
  • Item Boots of Mana Boots of Mana
  • Item Riftmaker Riftmaker
  • Item Rabadon's Deathcap Rabadon's Deathcap
  • Item Infinity Orb Infinity Orb
  • Item Crown of the Shattered Queen Crown of the Shattered Queen

Teemo Wild Rift China build

  • Item  Nashor's Tooth Nashor's Tooth
  • Item  Liandry's Torment Liandry's Torment
  • Item  Stasis Stasis
  • Item  Rabadon's Deathcap Rabadon's Deathcap
  • Item  Morellonomicon Morellonomicon
  • Item  Infinity Orb Infinity Orb

Teemo Wild Rift build Support

  • Item  Nashor's Tooth Nashor's Tooth
  • Item  Liandry's Torment Liandry's Torment
  • Item  Cosmic Drive Cosmic Drive
  • Item  Crown of the Shattered Queen Crown of the Shattered Queen
  • Item  Rabadon's Deathcap Rabadon's Deathcap
  • Item  Stasis Stasis

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Teemo Build Breakdown

Early Game:

  • Sorcerer's Shoes: These boots pack a magical punch! They'll give Teemo the extra damage and magic penetration he needs to make his mark early in the game.
  • Liandry's Torment: Teemo gets a boost in health, damage, and magic penetration with this one. Plus, its lingering burn effect works like a charm with Teemo's passive poison. Those enemies won't know what hit them, even after Teemo darts back into the shadows.

Mid Game:

  • Nashor's Tooth: Time to ramp up those basic attacks! This item gives Teemo attack speed and makes those little darts sting even harder. Since his basic attacks are his bread and butter, this item is a no-brainer.
  • Rabadon's Deathcap: Get ready for some serious magical firepower! This hat dramatically boosts Teemo's damage. With the attack speed he's already built up, he'll be a force to be reckoned with.

Late Game:

  • Crown of the Shattered Queen: Things get a bit hectic in the late game, so Teemo needs some defense. Team fights are no place for a squishy scout, and his sneaky guerrilla tactics become tougher to pull off. This item gives him an extra layer of protection so he can survive long enough to dish out some damage.
  • Oceanid's Trident: Not only does this item give Teemo health and other useful stats, but it's perfect for busting through those pesky enemy shields. Who needs to hide when you can blast your foes head-on!

Teemo position

Mid, Baron

Teemo summoner spells


Teemo ability 

Teemo ability order

skill order Teemo Wild Rift

Teemo abilities


Teemo's basic attacks might seem small, but they pack a deceptively nasty punch.  Each hit poisons his target, dealing bonus damage that grows stronger with every passing second. This sneaky DoT (damage over time) is where Teemo's true power lies.


A well-placed dart not only deals a burst of damage but leaves the enemy temporarily blinded.  They'll be unable to fight back, making this the perfect way to start one of Teemo's hit-and-run attacks.

Teemo's blinding attack becomes a guerrilla tactic: shoot the enemy with Blinding Dart, then vanish back into the shadows.  With his natural speed boost and the enemy unable to see, Teemo can make a clean getaway.


Teemo's small size makes him surprisingly nimble. He gains a burst of movement speed whenever he's not taking damage. When activated, this ability turns into a short roll, letting him sprint away from danger or reposition quickly.

Nội tại - Chiến Tranh Du Kích GUERRILLA WARFARE

Teemo has mastered the art of ambush. With this ability, he can become completely invisible, gaining a burst of attack speed when he breaks stealth. This makes him the perfect ganker, able to sneak up on unsuspecting targets before unleashing his toxins.

Chiêu cuối - Bẫy Độc Noxus NOXIOUS TRAP

Never underestimate the power of a well-placed mushroom. These explosive traps detonate when enemies walk over them, dealing damage over time and slowing their movement. Noxious Trap is Teemo's most versatile tool – use it for traps, controlling vision, or even zoning enemies away from important objectives like Dragon and Baron.

The true terror of Noxious Trap lies in its area-of-effect damage. In the chaos of a teamfight, a few well-placed mushrooms can swing the battle in your favor before the enemy even knows what hit them.

How to play Teemo


Teemo thrives on a mischievous hit-and-run playstyle, whether he's lurking top lane or sneaking through the mid.  Picture a woodland ambush: a quick strike from the shadows with his poison darts, then a vanish back into the brush. Rinse and repeat!

This style is perfect for Teemo's kit. He's a master of nasty surprises, and let's be honest, he's squishy as a ripe berry. Get caught out in the open, and he's toast.

Early Game:

Your laning phase hinges on the enemy matchup. Melee champ with stubby arms? You're likely to dominate with those poisonous darts. But facing a ranged powerhouse with tons of crowd control? Time to shift focus – leave your lane and help gank elsewhere to turn the tide.

Mid Game:

This is where those mushrooms get fun.  Think strategically: plop shrooms along your escape routes and where the enemy's likely to path.  We call this the "sting in the front, sting in the back" strategy.  Chasing Teemo becomes a nightmare – they'll be slowed by shrooms, scared, and less likely to push the attack.

Now's when you really get to play hide-and-seek, ambushing unsuspecting foes with a flurry of poisoned attacks.

Late Game:

Teamfights are coming? Get your mushroom mines ready! Predict the rumble zone and plant those babies for maximum impact. Then, during the chaos, if you see a chance, toss a few shrooms right into the enemy crowd. The area damage and slow can sow absolute havoc.

Combo Teemo Wild Rift:

Combo Teemo Wild Rift 1

Combo Teemo Wild Rift 2

Combo Teemo Wild Rift 3

Teemo pros and cons


  • Painful Poke: Teemo packs a surprising punch with his basic attacks and abilities, especially that nasty Blinding Dart. Landing it can really ruin an enemy's day.
  • Sneaky Shrooms: Teemo's Noxious Trap lets him scatter mushrooms that damage and slow his foes. These little traps also make him a master of map vision.
  • Master of Ambush: Teemo's Guerrilla Warfare passive lets him vanish into the brush, making it easy to surprise enemies or scout them out safely.


  • Squishy Scout: Teemo is incredibly fragile. Assassins and burst-damage champions can take him down in an instant if he's caught out.
  • Not a Team Player: Teemo lacks any strong crowd control, leaving him less helpful in big brawls compared to other champions.
  • Easily Trapped: His mushrooms can be spotted and destroyed, severely limiting their usefulness if the enemy team is careful.


Teemo thrives on a sneaky, hit-and-run playstyle. He excels when built for magic damage and nasty on-hit effects. I hope this guide helps you decide if he's the right champion for you!

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